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President Joe Biden’s Direct Financial Gain from Chinese Links via Hunter Biden’s Business Deals

President Joe Biden’s Direct Financial Gain from Chinese Links via Hunter Biden’s Business Deals

In a groundbreaking development, House Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair, James Comer, R-Ky., has released damning evidence suggesting President Joe Biden’s direct involvement in receiving monetary benefits from Chinese-linked sources. This revelation, emerging from subpoenaed bank records, indicates that Hunter Biden’s business entity, Owasco PC, was not merely a family enterprise but a channel for funneling Chinese money to the President.

Direct Payments from China to President Biden: The Owasco PC Link

Central to this accusation are the transactions from Owasco PC, Hunter Biden’s business account, to President Biden. These payments occurred after significant funds flowed into Owasco PC from entities connected to the Chinese state and other foreign companies. This pattern of transactions starkly contradicts President Biden’s previous statements of non-involvement and suggests a covert operation to benefit financially from Chinese interests.

DOJ Investigation and Biden Family’s Deep Financial Web

The Department of Justice is intensively scrutinizing Hunter Biden for using the Owasco PC account for potential tax evasion and other grave crimes. This scrutiny forms part of an expansive inquiry, revealing a sophisticated web of over 20 shell companies used in transactions netting the Bidens and their associates over $24 million from 2015 to 2019, significantly implicating President Biden in potential influence peddling schemes.

The Biden-China Financial Nexus: A Calculated Scheme

The House Oversight Committee’s investigation reveals a systematic pattern of influence peddling, with direct payments from Hunter Biden’s corporate account to President Biden. This pattern is not just a financial irregularity but suggests a calculated, potentially criminal scheme involving the President’s direct benefit from Chinese financial sources.

A Closer Look: The $40,000 Check and Chinese Funding

A particularly incriminating piece of evidence is a 2018 email highlighting concerns about a $40,000 check to President Biden, allegedly funded by Chinese money. This check appears to be part of a complex financial network involving initial funding of $5 million from Northern International Capital Holdings, an affiliate of CEFC China Energy linked to the Chinese government, and subsequent erratic payments to Hudson West III, Hunter Biden’s joint venture with a Chinese national, and Owasco PC. This complex trail of money from China, funneled through various entities, directly links to President Biden, raising serious legal and ethical flags.

Conclusion: Grave Implications and the Need for Immediate Action

The evidence presented paints a disturbing picture of President Joe Biden’s direct financial gain from Chinese sources, facilitated through his son’s business dealings. This situation is not just a political controversy but raises grave legal and ethical questions about the President’s conduct and the extent of foreign influence in his financial affairs. The American public deserves a full and transparent investigation into these alarming revelations to determine the legality of these transactions and the full scope of President Biden’s involvement.

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  1. Frank stetson

    Wasn’t this groundbreaking in May of 2023 or earlier before it was debunked as a personal, no interest loan?

    Or do you really believe Biden sold America out for a mere $40 grand with a paper trail leading to his brother’s wife and the check noted as such?

  2. Frank stetson

    Here we go again. In May, same story, $200k this time, debunked as loan repayment.

    This time, $40k, vp’s brothers wife’s check, noted as loan repayment, it’s the same story for less.

    It’s 2017; Biden is not in office.

    Comer chumming for the impeachment inqury vote. It’s starting to look like Mueller all over again.

    • Jim lucas

      He’s worse then Trump

      • Frank stetson

        Is that the metric, mr lucas? The Trump bar of grift?

        Trump charges secret service $1,200 a night. He can have up to 75 agents on detail.

        His DC hotel sold right after he left office and foreigners wanting access left his DC hotel.

        Trump Tower started losing money right after he entered office and all the Russians left NYC.

        He flipped a fla mansion to a Russian for 100% profit on a totally inflated ridiculous price.

        His club members include all sorts of foreign hanger ons hoping to listen for Don’s open sharing of secrets that are magically not secrets once he blabs them at mar a loser. It’s $200k one time to listen, plus $14k dues each year.

        Trump’s daughter got 18 chinese trademarks fast-tracked worth millions

        Jared got $2b from the saudi prince to invest.

        While President, Trump pulled over $160m from foreign business deals.

        So yeah, according to Trump, $40k is chump change

        But Don-ate today, give as much as you can, his court campaign for President needs your hard earned cash. Credit cards accepted.

        • Jim lucas

          Your president is a crook and sex pervert. He’s also too stupid to be president. But weak minded idiots like you will line up and kiss his retarded ass

          • Frank stetson

            Mr Lucas; can you really be this blind to the truth? Are you even American?

            Trump has been held liable as a sexual abuser who performed a digital rape. he is co-conspirator number one in a case where his conspirator was found guilty of paying hush money to a porn star for sex while Trump’s communist wife is giving birth.

            His company has been found guilty on. I think about 17 counts of fraud and find millions.

            Trump has been adjudicated and found either liable or guilty for cheating and business, cheating on his wife, and cheating on our election system. He’s been found Bible as a sex abuser.

            Biden has not been found guilty of anything that you suggest except your allegations.

            Donate today to Trump. Spend until it hurts.

  3. Jim lucas

    The truth is that Trump is being persecuted by Marxist shitheads. It’s the only way you assholes can beat him. And no, brainless retard Biden didn’t beat him. The proof is there. The chicken shit courts refused to act. Wow!!!! You people would suck anything for power

    • James H. Morgan


  4. Frank stetson

    You haven’t proved any of it. He’s been through the court system and he lost. He will lose again. Republican and Democratic judges and juries.

    You can play the victim, you can shine it’s unfair, but you should face the truth about this man. He’s criminal as adjudicated in a numbers of courts. Soon, four more cases will conclude. He will not fare well.

    If you’re answer is to ignore the facts in belief of his lies, you just can’t face facts. 1.6.2021 happened. He watched it unfold for over three hours and did nothing. He tried to extort Ukraine. He tried to extort Georgia. He tried to pussy-shame Pence.

    No one is persecuting him; his actions are being adjudicated. He brought it on himself.

    • Just for All

      Are you afraid to admit to the truth about the Biden’s? Trump’s mess will play out in the courts. As far as the Biden’s are concerned, you don’t create that many shell companies if your transactions are legitimate. Take off your blinders! Joe needs to go! He’s destroying America! He’s a danger to our national security! He doesn’t have a functioning brain! And yet, people like you would vote for him anyway! How brain dead can you get?

  5. Darren

    HMMMM, just wondering what the Biden’s did to make 24 MILLION in 4 years?
    Enlighten us Frank!
    Oh yea, I believe they paid less in taxes than You probably did!

    Lets see if Biden made 190K and everyone in his family made 190K = 10 people @ 190K = 1,900,000.00
    X 4 = $7,600,000.00
    This would include the grandchildren on a Payroll as well @ $190K Ea.
    Do you know the name of their private pre K school?

    • frank stetson

      Darren, Comer is teasing out new “factoids” every day as he scurries to try to get his impeachment inquiry vote for an inquiry into impeachment he already conducting. The 24 million was 20 million a short while ago and the first key word is “associates.” You know when you see that, there’s a rat in the cup cakes.

      About 70% went to Hunter’s associates who are not Bidens. About a third went to Hunter and some chump change to James, current Comer data of the day is about $200K but that’s murky considering it came from a Hunter LLC.

      But clearly not 24 million, it would be polite to say it’s fucking spin. It’s a lie.

      And no ties to Joe except a 40K loan repayment where I believe the loan is documented to. Plus, there is again no absolute trail to China, just to an LLC account for a James Biden business.

      Hope Comer has more. Today he magically unveiled a $1,400 and change monthly payment from Hunter to Joe. Time will tell on that MEGA THEFT. But it appears Comer is playing Queen for a Day teasing out a new factoid of low dollar amounts proving Joe needs to be impeached as the HUGEST crook in American history. $16K a year —– oh, the horror of it all.

      Trump burns the Secret Service over $1,200 a night; there can up to 75 agents on his detail. Do the math.

      I hope Comer comes up with something because I just don’t know how many more times the guy can call wolf.

      Hunter said he would testify live and Comer demurred. Guess this Comer-dog don’t Hunter. P U S S Y.

  6. Mike f

    If any word of this was true, you would have republicans rushing to impeach Biden. Instead you hear republicans whispering that there is no there there in comers investigation. None of the information has been made public-only allegations. Quite a bit different from the ‘perfect’ phone call we heard trump make when he tried to intimidate Zelenskyy into bringing dirt about Biden, or how trump encouraged his sheep to head to the Capitol and block the congressional session.

  7. frank Stetson

    Much of the purported $24M, which was $20M last month, comes after 2017 so the Chinese are paying Joe out of office I guess knowing he would cheat and become President 4 years later. Wonder why they paid after he left office, or more importantly, stopped.

    Then there’s the newest Comer wet dream, $1,400 a month from Hunter to Joe. This looks to be repayment of an auto loan from Joe to Hunter as Hunter was having some issues with credit, aka sex fiend crack addict tends to lower one’s credit rating. Although you would think all those Chinese bucks would float that credit line boat.

    Or China is buying Joe off for $1,400 a month, $16,800 a year, after he left office again. Seems like Comer has a lot of wet dreams about Joe and the tsunami of Chinese cash falling into his lap.

    You guys have to know this has all the signs of heading for a BUSTED. The thing that gets me is that they can see it coming but they just can’t stop. The only thing that matters is that they get the press for having an Impeachment INQUIRY Vote for an INQUIRY that’s already been underway since 2020. Can you say Benghazi? Those were fun. Or how about EmailGate? Or even RussiaGate.

    But where the Republicans failed the worst was ruining the holidays for all kids across the globe by saying there is no Santos-clause anymore…. He’s been expelled as an election miscarriage. Too bad we didn’t have a day-after pill.

  8. Robin W Boyd

    Since Bidens’ wealth has increased by millions since he was made president, there can be no doubt he is obtaining money by hook or by crook.