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Predictions of Doom, Russians say 'Economic Apocalypse' will Strike in September

Predictions of Doom, Russians say 'Economic Apocalypse' will Strike in September

Last Friday was Wall Street’s worst day since 2011. Christian leaders advise caution, while the Russian media predicts doom for the American economy. Financial experts worry that fiscal disaster will begin as early as next month.  Monday continued on the down path to be one of the worst two day drops in history.   Do this morning’s futures indicators foretell some relief, or just “dead cat bounce” as the market continues to fall.

While the American media has virtually ignored these predictions, Russia’s sate-run media warns of an “economic apocalypse” as the result of a culmination of ominous events including UN decisions, biblical cycles, and the blood moon of tetrad.  

Sputnik, a Russian news service that offers a “non-mainstream take on world events,” reports that disaster will strike America in September and predicts a “collapse of historic proportions will happen within a few months, starting in the U.S.” 

“With the onslaught of predicted ominous events scheduled to occur in or around September of this year,” says pastor and former police officer Carl Gallups, “as well as the actual scheduled events possessing possible prophetic overtones, a lot of people certainly are tuned in to the end of this year with a laser focus.”

Gallups laments the need to rely on Russian media to tell the truth while the American media rejects any news considered Christian or biblical. 

Mark Biltz, pastor of El Shaddai Ministries, believes that we may enter a “seven-year cycle of famine” starting September 14th. He cited the UN decision to impose a Palestinian state as one of many warning signs. 

The founder of Trends Research predicts a stock market crash that will “send reverberations around the world.” Analyst Larry Edelson agrees, saying that we’re in for a “rollercoaster ride through hell” that will begin on October 7th and last for five years. 

Considering all this talk of doom and apocalypse, it’s not surprising that public confidence in the American economy dropped to an all-time low in July. With less than a week until September, all that remains for us to do is keep our eyes open and prepare for a potential crash. 


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