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Portland Jury Sides with Antifa Against Assaulted Journalist

Portland Jury Sides with Antifa Against Assaulted Journalist

While the liberal-run cities are infested with street crimes by gangs, victims of violence face another challenge – denial of justice. In Portland, Oregon, for example, a jury found Antifa not liable for damages to independent journalist Andy Ngo, who was assaulted by the leftist group violently and repeatedly.

Last week, the Portland jury in Andy Ngo’s civil lawsuit seeking about $1 million in damages against Antifa for multiple assaults on him between 2019 and 2022 gave its verdict that found Antifa not liable for damages. The “shock verdict” – as BizPac Review called it – came despite clear video evidence of Antifa’s assaults on Ngo on multiple occasions while he reported live from downtown Portland, one of Antifa’s strongholds. One of these attacks landed Ngo in hospital for a brain hemorrhage

And if ignoring the video evidence wasn’t enough for the jury members, Defense attorney Michelle Burrows was cited telling jurors, “I am Antifa.” Ngo told Laura Ingraham the same on her show on Fox News on August

 On top of it all, the attorney representing Antifa reportedly posed the jurors with a direct threat: “I will remember each one of your faces.” The jury even told the judge that they were concerned about being doxxed. 

While this travesty of justice played against Ngo in the court, Antifa didn’t wait for the hearing to end to terrorize a journalist who went to cover the court hearing. Videos of Antifa’s attack on The Post Millennial journalist Katie Daviscourt’s car, which was not parked near the courthouse, were shared on special media the same day as the hearing. Daviscourt herself was reportedly threatened by Antifa inside the courthouse amidst the proceedings.

Conservative news and commentary platform The Blaze called it “Portland’s joke of a justice system” that failed Ngo. “After this ruling, get the hell out of Portland,” commented Glenn Beck, the lead anchor at The Blaze

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  1. frank stetson

    NOTE: IMO, and according to law, anyone who assaults another should be investigated, arrested, adjudicated, and punished if found guilty. Any American under our laws. This was not the justice that the Ngo case was about. Mr. Dempsey is very good at copy/paste and not so much so for critical thinking and investigative journalism. The truth is not what his story is about.

    What Conservatives are losing sight of, and the SCoTUS is not helping them regain it given their strange decisions of late, is that generally you need two parties to a lawsuit, the accused and accuser with some level of harm, usually referenced in dollar terms.
    This was a civil case where Ngo went after an entire organization for the acts of a few and then he went after a few for the acts of many. Two weeks before this trial, his RICO suit against Rose City Antifa was dismissed since he sued an entity, not individuals. That didn’t work basically because it’s a group.

    In this second case, the one Dempsey is not covering well, Ngo, a known journalist, asshole, and public figure, went after two people, by the names of Hacker and Richter, for outing a well-known, infamous to some, famous to others, who is a provocateur by trade, and claimed harm when others did damage. He said it was their fault for naming him, from the guy who names himself, and that he got assaulted by others because of their naming. The jury said, nah, everyone knows who you are buddy, bugger off…..
    And that was that.

    Meanwhile the ex-twice-impeached sexual assault adjudicated charity foundation fraudster gets away with this by doxing folks every day, folks who are not public figures, not in the limelight, not looking for fame, nor trying to make their bones by outing others of the opposite political vantage point. People are threatened, people are dying. Dempsey can’t even draw that connection, above his paygrade.

    It’s a strange world, but in it, Mr. Ngo’s case was a stretch to begin with, he was swinging for the fences. And not because people who harmed him deserved to be punished. They do. But because he was stupid in constructing his case and tried to punish those he claimed did what he does, as his supposed job, every hour of every day. I think it’s actually a good fence to swing for. Enough of doxing, outing, and stalking people we don’t agree with. Laws should protect us from such foolish and potentially dangerous activities. But, according to law, Ngo constructed his case poorly and it did not go the way he wanted it.

    What does anyone see in that where Portland might be different than any other venue?

  2. Dexter Wilson

    Pass this on to those in these governmental jobs. you tube: Raised from the Dead by Reinhard Bonnke (all six segments) and remind them that judgement begins at the house of God and then outwards to those who will not obey Him. By the way this is not the only example of God Raising the dead through the name of Jesus not any other faith or religion, see other you tube examples.

  3. JoeyP

    MISCARRIAGE of JUSTICE! . . . Plain and simple. Then these people WONDER why they have the government that they DO.

  4. K Sny

    “It’s a strange world, but in it, Mr. Ngo’s case was a stretch to begin with, he was swinging for the fences.”
    NO! It is a strange world where an organization can LOOT, BURN, ATTACK and KILL a then have the
    defense lawyer claim he is a part of the same organization, then intimidate the jury, threating them with
    harm if they don’t vote his way. THAT IS THE STRANGE PART, If I was on the jury I’d tell him IF ANYONE
    in your organization steps foot on my property, I will feel threatened and will defend myself. The Judge
    should have admonished the Defense Attorney and instructed the jurors to ignore his threats. Antifa
    needs to be confronted and find they can not do the things they seem to get away with in Liberal
    cities. People need to fight back.

  5. Lyudmila

    In vain these jurors do not worry. They are sure to be the next victims because ANTIFA, with the help of their lawyer, has already memorized their faces well. Moreover, the terrorists of ANTIFA avoid well-deserved punishments for their crimes.

    • frank stetson

      Uh, Lyudy……they left Antifa off. Don’t think they will be coming for the people that let them off……. Confused, or just delusional as usual.

  6. frank stetson

    These are the days of our lives:

    “In 2016, I declared: I am your voice. Today, I add: I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed: I am your retribution.”

    “‘If you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore” “It will be wild.” ‘We are going to the Capitol’


    “If you go after me, I’m coming after you!”

    These are the days of our lives.

    • Miles collins

      I wouldn’t get mad. I’d get even.

      • Dan tyree

        Lock and load.

  7. JP

    Gawd i wish i was a millionaire….then i would make those costumed clown of chaos a hobby and make them wish they were back in their partents basement, I would make their life hell.

  8. Frank stetson

    gawd I wish jp was a millionaire.