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Pope Francis Compares Abortion to Nazi Eugenics

Pope Francis Compares Abortion to Nazi Eugenics

If there’s one thing the Catholic Church will never accept, it’s abortion. 

Even Pope Francis, who is widely considered the most progressive leader in the history of the Catholic Church, sees abortion as an unforgivable crime. Last weekend, he compared it to the Nazi’s eugenics program. 

“Last century, the whole world was scandalized by what the Nazis did to purify the race,” Francis said while speaking to an Italian family association. “Today, we do the same thing but with white gloves.”

Francis urged families to accept children “as God gives them to us” and criticized pre-natal tests that inform parents about birth defects and other problems.

“I’ve heard it’s fashionable – or at least habitual – to perform certain exams in the early months of pregnancy, to see if the baby is unwell or comes with a certain problem,” said Francis. “And to have an easy life, one does away with an innocent.”

The Pope’s views on abortion are part of what he calls a “throw-away” culture that marginalizes the sick, poor, elderly, and unborn and places little value in the traditional family. 

Francis plans to discuss these issues in August when he travels to Dublin to speak at the international Catholic Church Meeting With Families.

Ireland voted to legalize abortion in May. 

Author’s Note: Pope Francis’s firm stance on abortion is sure to win renewed support from conservative Catholics feeling estranged by his progressive views on issues like gay marriage and climate change. 

Editor’s Note: While some may believe the absolutist position the Catholic Church has on abortion is a mistake, philosophically, it is the only possible position for the Catholic Church. They can never risk a position that results in the death of children by whatever definitions are even remotely possible. I’m just glad to see the new controversial Pope, has decided not to take a risk with the Church on the one issue that could destroy it.

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  1. Diane Smith

    Has some one goofed on the accompanying photo? Why is John Bolton ‘s photo together with this article?

  2. mispidge

    If a mother’s life is TRULY in jeopardy and she WILL die having this baby……………THAT’S A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME, If this mother already has 2/3 children, why let the mother die.