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Pope Francis Cites Pro-Life Cause as the Reason for his Visit

Pope Francis Cites Pro-Life Cause as the Reason for his Visit

Pope Francis arrived in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday after spending three days in Cuba. Contrary to how his visit was advertised, Pope Francis was quick to bring up talk of family; in other words, marriage and abortion. 

Pope Francis praised our country’s Roman Catholics on Wednesday, citing their “unfailing commitment” to the pro-life cause. That cause, he said, is the “primary reason” for his visit to the states. 

“I appreciate the unfailing commitment of the Church in America to the cause of life and that of the family, which is the primary reason for my present visit,” said Pope Francis to an audience of bishops gathered at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle. 

The bishops were quick to use the pope’s words as reason to renew pressure on the Obama Administration in regards to abortion. Pope Francis “reassures all of us that Catholic teachings have always treasured human life from its very beginning,” said the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Twitter.   

Pope Francis’ words are interesting, considering the fact that his visit was billed as an anti-capitalism tour. He is scheduled to speak in prisons and to the homeless, talk about environmental issues, and advocate for immigrants. Looks like the pope has decided to add a few more topics to his agenda – topics about which he and President Obama have opposing beliefs. 

While addressing the crowd of bishops, Pope Francis also beseeched them to address societal problems including “the innocent victim of abortion,” “the immigrants who drown in search of a better tomorrow,” “the victims of drug trafficking,” “the elderly who are considered a burden,” and “the environment devastated by man’s predatory relationship with nature.” 

Today Pope Francis became the first Pope to ever address a combined Congress. Tomorrow he is scheduled to speak to the UN General Assembly and will likely discuss topics from “Laudato Si,” his recent environmental encyclical. 


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