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Pompeo: WHO Director “Bought” by China

Pompeo: WHO Director “Bought” by China

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was “bought by the Chinese government,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during a private meeting with British lawmakers on Tuesday.

“There was a deal made in the election and when push came to shove you’ve got dead Britons because of the deal that was made,” said Pompeo, adding that he “can’t say more but I can tell you I’m saying this on informed intelligence.”

Pompeo’s words line up with a series of suspicious moves by the WHO that appeared to prioritize the agency’s relationship with China over its efforts to safeguard global health. The WHO has been accused of helping China downplay the severity of COVID-19, ignoring other nation’s concerns about the virus, and making false claims about how the virus spreads.

The World Health Organization is a “political, not science-based organization,” continued Pompeo.

In a short statement, the WHO denounced the “unfounded allegations” against Dr. Tedros and claimed it is doing all it can to eradicate COVID. “WHO urges countries to remain focused on tackling the pandemic that is causing tragic loss of life and suffering,” said a spokesperson. 

Author’s Note: President Trump threatened to pull the US from the WHO in May unless the agency got its act together and formally announced US withdrawal this month after the WHO failed to make changes. There’s no reason the US should continue to fund a corrupt, politicized organization that is loyal to a nation that is actively stealing from us and crushing Hong Kong.

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  1. Steve Johnson

    WHO is a corrupt medical political organization that is opposed to our interests. Goodbye forever.