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Pompeo Finally Comes Out Against Trump

Pompeo Finally Comes Out Against Trump

Mike Pompeo has finally come out openly against President Trump, saying he believes the allegations against Trump of mishandling classified documents are true.

Pompeo’s comments came in an interview on Fox News on Tuesday (June 13) as President Trump appeared before a federal court in Miami, FL, to plead Not Guilty to all charges in the classified documents case. 

Answering a question from Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade, Pompeo said there are many indications that the allegations against President Trump in the classified documents case are true.

He blamed Trump for having documents he should not have and for not turning them in sooner. Pompeo went on to take credit for not raiding Hillary Clinton’s home while he was on the Benghazi Committee and not indicting her.

Pompeo did, however, call the Justice Department’s indictment of President Trump a mistake that can erode the trust in state institutions.

On Tuesday evening, Tucker Carlson posted his new video to Twitter, offering commentary on why the establishment in D.C. wants to stop Trump from holding the oval office again.

Carlson pointed to the military-industrial complex that thrives on “invasions, occupations, and proxy wars,”  naming Mike Pompeo as one of its “stealthier ones” that kept close to Trump with his hidden pro-establishment agenda of subverting his administration from within.

Carlson showed a clip from Pompeo’s interview with Fox News and said that Mike Pompeo is knowingly lying about Trump endangering the safety of American soldiers.

In November 2021, after the January 6 protest at the federal capitol, an ABC journalist claimed that Mike Pompeo discussed removing Trump from the White House by invoking the 25th Amendment. Last November, Pompeo was sued for spying on journalists who visited Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London (UK) in 2017 and 2018. Pompeo was the CIA Director back then, but in the latter two years of Trump’s presidency, Pompeo served as the Secretary of State.

After Tucker Carlson’s latest Twitter video, Pompeo trended on Twitter, slammed by conservatives for being a “traitor” and a “deep state actor.” 


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