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Polls trending against Pelosi’s riot committee

Polls trending against Pelosi’s riot committee

For more than a year, the left-wing media has been hammering the narrative of a massive conspiracy to overthrow the American government, led by President Trump and a cabal of key supporters all across the country.  Speaker Pelosi has launched a highly partisan one-sided prosecutorial charade to push their political propaganda that a Trump-led GOP is a party of insurrection and coup attempts that nearly brought down the American Republic – and is still working to do so in the future. The sole purpose of Speaker Pelosi’s kangaroo Select Committee is to convince the American public to vote against Republicans in November.

A recent Politico poll gives a picture of who the public blames for the events on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021.  It does not address whether the public accepts the claims of coups and insurrections, but at least gives a hint of who the public believes is responsible for the violence on that day.  And the results are surprising.

The greatest blame falls on … the rioters.  Currently, 80 percent of the public blames those engaging in violence on the Capitol for what happened on Capitol Hill.  Interestingly, that number dropped from 85 percent a year ago.  That would suggest that the people are shifting blame somewhere else.  But did they?

Democrats and their media cronies have been pointing the finger at Trump.  Currently, 57 percent of the public says Trump bears responsibility.  Surprisingly, that number is DOWN from 63 percent in the same poll in 2021.  Fewer people blame Trump after an entire year of daily condemnation, blame, and accusation.  That number should have the left’s heads exploding.

Vice President Pence faired even better.  This year, Pence is held somewhat responsible by only 27 percent of the respondents.  That is down from 37 percent last year.  Keep in mind that last year at this time, Pence’s refusal to intercede in the congressional certification was already well known.

What about congressional Republicans?  Same trend.  In 2021, 52 percent gave some blame to the GOP members of Congress.  That is down in 2022 to 49 percent.

That should mean that blaming congressional Democrats must have plunged.  Au contraire. Placing blame on the donkeys in Congress (euphemistically speaking) actually went UP.  Last year, 30 percent of the folks back home blamed congressional Democrats for the rioting.  That number is UP to 33 percent this year.  That may be due to the growing realization that those in charge in Congress (Pelosi?) failed to adequately secure the Capitol Building.  But for whatever reason, blame has shifted away from the GOP and to the Democrats.

So, who blames Trump in terms of party affiliation?  In 2021, 41 percent of Republicans blamed Trump.  That has dropped 12 points to 29 percent.  In 2021, 85 percent of Democrats blamed the former President.  This year it is 84 percent.  That is a statistically insignificant drop, but when you consider all the time and effort Democrats have been putting into pinning the donkey’s tail on Trump, any drop is very significant.  Even no drop at all is indicative as to the success – or lack thereof — of the left’s campaign to demonize Trump and the GOP.

Then there is those all-important independent voters.  In 2021, 59 percent of them blamed Trump.  This year that dropped to 56 percent.

While the numbers tell their own story, but the trend – modest to moderate – says a LOT.  We are talking about 12 months of intense unbridled attacks on Trump and the GOP on a daily basis.  Democrats have been prosecuting the case against Trump & Co. in a most strident and malignant manner, and the needle moves against everything they had been hoping to achieve over those 12 months.

Yes, what happened on Capitol Hill was bad – and there is blame and proper punishment in its wake.

Looking at the numbers, one can only conclude that both the premise and the strategy used by Democrats and the media has … failed.  If the public acceptance of the Democrats’ narrative stayed the same or even improved a bit, that would still be disappointing to the left — and suggest failure.  But to have the public losing confidence in the Democrats’ over-the-top campaign to indict Trump, GOP leaders, and Republican candidates in the court-of-public-opinion – and shame Republican voters into supporting Democrats – is a huge repudiation.  So much effort … so much bs … so much help from a biased media … and they lose ground.

The numbers do not exonerate anyone.  Courts-of-law will deal with blame and justice.  The numbers merely suggest that the Democrats strategy of heading off a disaster in the midterm elections is not working.  No matter how Democrats and the media spin these numbers – and they are spinning like a Whirling Dervish – the reality underlying them is undeniable.  And I am sure that it is privately scaring the hell out of the donkey team.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry HoristLarry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Mike Birchfield

    Where’s the riot committees for the BLM trash ?

    • Ben

      There have been many Floyd-based Congressional hearings, some bipartisan, mostly focusing on police brutality.

      You’re welcome.

      • Clifford mckinney

        And mostly to demonize the police. You’re welcome

        • Ben

          If the facts lead that way… be it.

  2. Frank stetson

    Is there a link?

    • frank stetson

      Oh, I found it. No wonder Spinmeister Larry didn’t include.

      • frank stetson

        Larry prefaces the survey results with: “Speaker Pelosi has launched a highly partisan one-sided prosecutorial charade to push their political propaganda that a Trump-led GOP is a party of insurrection and coup attempts that nearly brought down the American Republic – and is still working to do so in the future.” This is spin and much of what is transpiring has been set up by Republicans, especially the partisan and mid-term angles. However, the party is Trump-led, there are multiple counts of seditious conspiracy lodged against member, some of whom pled guilty. And what’s up with the Trumplicant Senator leading the extremists on a Capitol tour to scope er out on 1.5.2021. Or the Trumplicant Senator that was attempting to deliver an illegal slate of electors to Pence on 1.6.2021? It’s not like Trump didn’t put on the record he wanted to cheat the American people to stay in power:

        As far as Larry’s whining about partisanship, one-sidedness, and the other crybaby stuff, Larry full well knows that Mitch McConnell was offered the chance at a 9/11 style commission that would be highly depoliticized featuring five seats selected by each side (I think with ex-Congress only), joint subpoena creation and joint selection powers, all sorts of political bias safety nets like the 9.11 commission. Most important, they would deliver results at the end of 2021 to better avoid mid-term politics. Your side turned it down.

        Then Pelosi offered a Select Committee, 7 and 5 seats I think, and McCarthy picked two well-known fire-brand obstructionists to be seated. The kind that just stop the proceedings. Against the norm, but not without precedent, Pelosi said NO and McCarthy freely chose to boycott rather than replace. Before 1900, all Select Committees were seated by the Speaker. After 1900, it went bipartisan but Speakers have turned down choices at times. Just rare. To use one of Larry’s favorite dodges for Trump: it is legal. He has to use that a lot.

        The partisan nature, the timing, ===== it’s all your sides fumbling fault. Idiots get what they deserve. How many bites at the apple do you deserve?

        Now, as the Select Committee smoothly, without interruptions, methodically, rolls out it’s evidence, Larry grabs some polling data for his grand conclusions on trending. How can one form a qualified opinion on the results before the Committee completes presenting? Larry is confident based on early polling returns before the show is even over. Why is that? Why would he risk his rep on that? Perhaps it’s already striking a nerve. Larry wouldn’t be the first in his party to start thrashing although most are just ducking for cover now. Matter of fact, a number of Trumplicants, including some on FOX, have already turned the worm. It gets harder when respected Republicans, and respected conservative judges start saying: “guilty, guilty, guilty.” Of course that information was not disclosed at the time of the poll Larry is relying on.

        Even Trump is madly thrashing at foe and friend alike as the Committee unveils new facts on the frenzied 1/6 pre-planned, orchestrated riot. Trump is blasting McCarthy for his bone headed decision to boycott. “Unfortunately, a bad decision was made,” “We have no representation on this panel. We should certainly have some Republicans, real Republicans … We have nobody on that panel who can fight back.” As to McCarthy’s status, the owner of the debacle, Trump said: “No, I endorsed him in his race. But I haven’t endorsed anybody for speaker.” Uh oh, so much for Kevin getting Ivanka’s recently-vacated bedroom when he visits Mara Loser…. Trump was a little kinder on Ivanka, but let’s face it, Eric is smiling having moved a notch up the family ladder.

        “I never called Mike Pence a wimp,” Trump recently told his donor gathering of religious conservatives in Tennessee. “Mike Pence had a chance to be great, he had a chance, frankly, to be historic. Mike – and I say it sadly because I like him – but Mike did not have the courage to act.” According to testimony, he also called Pence a pussy.

        On the selected conservatives on the committee, Trump has said: “Oh, they have Republicans!’ Who are they? Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, the crier.” He said: “This guy’s got a mental disorder.” Then Trump pretend-wiping tears from his eyes, saying: “He cries. Every time this guy gets up to speak, he starts crying. I said there’s something wrong with that guy. These are our representatives.” So he calls a sitting Senator a mental defect crybaby. How Trump. Ought to be some good death threats over that one…..

        Trump gave his real tell on his real goal, donation dollars, when he said at his last public appearance: “One of the most urgent tasks facing the next Republican president — I wonder who that will be,. I wonder if he added: please feel free to donate at the door! Always follow the money. Trump has learned to politicize and most important to monetarize his greatest asset which he can produce in abundant supply: lies. How many has Larry bought?

        Now to the facts on Larry’s data that he didn’t even link. The poll Larry references was conducted immediately after the first public session. Larry remembers this session, he called it a nothing burger that no one watched, no one listened to, no one heard, it didn’t matter. Fugit about it except now Larry has a poll so now it apparently matters…. The first hearing was on June 9th, this survey was June 10-12. No one watched the public hearing. Larry’s poll at best includes “trickle-down” data from ONLY the first hearing. Given the dates and viewership, pretty doubtful respondents factored even the information from the first public session. And there are five more. And Larry expected massive change? Not bloody likely. Polling wise, there are five more hearings before one could really say if public sessions moved public opinion. Not just 24 hours past the first session that no one watched. Not that public opinion matters, except maybe to the mid-terms.

        I am not sure, beyond politicking, what Larry’s purpose for his spin is here, and he certainly is spinning. The study has a +/- 2% margin of error, Larry highlights a number of massive sentiment changes of only 5% or less frankly based on little change in knowledge except for time. He even notes a few as not statistical valid. The select committee had few leaks, there was only one public session, no one watched, and the data was only in the public space for around 24 hours when this survey was completed. The next survey might be more telling in that regard. Either Larry or I will be eating our words around that time.

        One thing is certain though. Like most things Trump, this is not going to end well.

        • larry Horist

          Frank …. for all your words and biased opinions, here is one central fact. The Select Committee is one-sided — and no one-sided tribunal can ever produce just, fair and truthful conclusions. They can only produce propaganda. That is why courts-of-law guarantee one thing more than anything else — two sides and the rights for the accused. Their entire prosecutorial presentation must be suspect since it is one view motivated by partisan interests. And the participation of two Republicans with a common political interest does not provide balance. That is why we have a prosecutorial presentation rather than a hearing.

          • Mike

            Larry, Not propaganda, not one-sidedness. The people who are testifying are exclusively Republicans, testifying under oath, what they saw. If you think that it is appropriate for the President of the US to send his supporters to antagonize Republicans and Democrats alike for merely upholding the law, you are indeed a sad individual. The people that went to the Capitol on Jan 6 were going there because he told them to go, the people who entered the election workers Grandmother’s house went there looking for the daughter and grand-daughter, because they were fed lies by the President about a bogus thumb drive. The committee is making the point clearly for anyone who cares to listen with an open mind that Trump is unfit for the Presidency. And all your attacks about the committee do that change that fact….

          • Mike

            Larry, Not propaganda, not one-sided (unless you are considering testimony coming almost exclusively from Republicans to be one-sided). These people are testifying about the events they saw and experienced while they are under oath (which various members of Congress have been reluctant to do). If you believe that it is acceptable for the President of the United States to send his supporters to congress to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, based on lies, then you are indeed a sad individual. Especially damning is the story of the election workers in Georgia, whose elderly Mother and Grandmother’s home was broken into, by a mob looking for these women-again based totally on a lie about a thumb drive. These are real people who did nothing wrong other than tabulate the votes in a county that went for Biden, and Trump has basically ruined their lives. The committee is making the point clearly that Trump is unfit for the Presidency for those who care to listen with an open mind. Your attacks on the committee do not change that, and merely show you to be a partisan hack….

          • frank stetson

            All opinions, even yours, are biased. We all have baggage. But without specifics, as is your way, your feckless comment has little clout. Bias? Incorrect? Without specifics, you are just castigating me without any support whatsoever.

            The Select Committee makeup is your party’s choice. You had two bites at the apple and you balked, three times. Time one: a totally unbiased 9.11 style committee as noted in “all my words” above. You voted that down. Time two: a Select Committee, like most Select Committees made up of members from both sides, but not necessarily a 50/50 balance. You choose two firebrand obstructionists, proven, who can not even follow the rules of decorum who were denied, as is the Speaker’s right, according to the rules, according to law. You refused to replace, you boycotted.

            The first bite would have concluded by end of 2021, by definition of the commission.
            The second bite would have concluded by now if you hadn’t played selection/boycott games.
            If we gave you a third bite, we would be doing this in 2023.

            As I said before, that’s on you.

            As to propaganda, I suggest listening to the evidence, determining the sources, before you make such rash conclusions. These are mostly Republican witnesses, describing Republican actions, under penalty of perjury that you are blaming of being propagandists. Or some incredibly clever editing to spin the truth, so cleaver that not ONE of your Republican witnesses, describing Republican actions, has stepped up to claim: “hey, those ain’t my words, that ain’t my document, that’s me spewing propaganda.”

            Again, Larry, some specifics might help.

            And shame on you for claiming these two Republicans who, as true conservatives, don’t count just because they are Real Republicans. I could say, but I AM NOT, that sounds like something Steve Bannon would say.

            Again, if you have something specific, a fact out of place, let us know. Otherwise, like Trump on this, you seem to be thrashing. I hope you will change you mind on this, and let us know, as the public sessions continue. I hope all Real Republicans will finally stand up and put this guy down for what he is: a lying grifter who sold us down a river of debt after killing thousands of us through his dereliction of duty in defense of the nation. And yes, that’s some biased, bitter, stuff; I have a number of dead friends that passed early and IMO, should not have.

  3. Mike

    Larry, You are on the wrong side of history in your position regarding the Jan 6 committee. You repeatedly bash the committee for doing their job, which is to show that Trump incited an attack on the Capitol with his claims of voter fraud, of which there was (and is) zero evidence. He was unfit for the Presidency due to his personality flaws, should never have been elected, and God help the Nation if he is ever re-elected. There are so many other candidates out there, it is amazing to me that you (and others) continue to defend this wanna-be dictator. Republicans made a foolish decision to not join in the efforts of this committee, but two very conservative Republicans have taken part. The testimony has come exclusively from Republicans, most of whom supported Trump in his bid for re-election, just not in his desire to steal the election. As for your polls, I am sure that you can get polls that say whatever you want them to say. I saw a poll last night that said before the hearings started only 20% of Republicans thought Trump was responsible for Jan 6 attacks, now 40% believe he is responsible.. So there tis-time to smell the coffee….

    • Ben

      God will be helping us when he’s re-elected

  4. Ben

    And who do you surmise is helping you when you lose?

    • Ben

      Satan. Using the democrats cheating

  5. Ben

    Hmmm. I thought Trump lost last election, I guess Satan helped although I hit the collection plate extra hard in October…….

    • Lopez

      Trump was cheated last election. Wake up you idiot. And it better not happen again

      • Ben

        Wake up? Have you seen your failed court cases, over 60? Did you see that include judges from both parties? Your lawyers disbarred, sanctioned, punished for wasting our time. Have you seen the half dozen failed recounts? Done by your party, your counting shills? Did you see all the taxpayer dollars wasted from their contamination of voting machines and other apparatus? How can you not see The Big Lie? The only way Turnip was cheated was in his own mind, and the useful idiot sheep who believe The Big Lie in light of the facts.

        You can’t prove Trump was cheated. His own daughter does not believe The Big Lie, she believes Barr.

        Take it to court or STFU. Enough of the lies. Prove it or stand down. Enough.

  6. Ben

    On 6.23.2022, late Sunday afternoon of New Year’s weekend, the United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack interviewed Department of Justice higher ups about the Eastman/Clark affair and the extremely strange Oval Office meeting that took place on 6.3.2021, three days before the Capitol riot on late Sunday afternoon on New Year’s weekend. The meeting was held between a very agitated Donald Trump, a number of DOJ higher ups, including Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Clark. The objective was to replace DOJ Rosen with his subordinate, Clark, the shortest Acting Attorney General ever — a man who breaks Scaramouch’s short-timer record in Trumpland.

    I have simplified the discussion notes taken from that meeting:

    Trump says: Jeffrey, so what do you think about Jeffrey?
    Rosen: What?
    T: Clark, Jeffrey Clark, what do you think about him?
    Clark: You know I am sitting right here, right?

    R: Well, you hired him to work for me and he’s a turd, a stupid, brain dead turd that I can’t seem to scrape off my shoe.
    T: Well, I’m thinking about making this turd your boss, he’s the new Action Attorney General.
    R: You want me to work for the turd under my feet?
    T: Yes, why, is that some sort of problem?
    R: I won’t work for a turd. I will quit.
    C: hey, guys, Mr. President, the turd is sitting right here, heeeellllloooo?

    T: Whattata about YOU, will YOU quit?
    YOU: I won’t work for a new turd either. I already work for one at the top.
    C: come on guys, you must know I’m in the room, right?
    T: And how about YOU TOO, will you stay?
    YOU TOO: No turd reporting for me and if you do this, that your twitter ratings will plummet.

    T: Constitutional imperative? Protect the nation? Ratings? Plummet? Well then, that’s it then. This turd will not rule. This turd shall not pass. I proclaim that from now on, one turd to rule them all, one turd to find them, one turd to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them; In the Land of Trump where the shadows lie. Only one turd can rule them all.

    R, C, YOU, YOU TOO: Bwhaaaaat????

    T:Good meeting. Now what?
    R: What, what?
    T: Well, will you fire him?
    R: You hired the turd.
    T: Really? YOU hired him?
    R: No, not YOU, but you, T., you hired him, you fire him.
    T: Oh no, not at New Years, that would be mean. Where’s Bannon when you need him?
    C: hey, I am still in the room. I am right here.
    R: OK, so we can’t flush the turd, the turd must remain the same. Let’s get out of here, it’s Sunday, New Years Weekend for Christ’s sake, and here we are polishing a turd and expecting something shiny.

    As they left the Oval Office, walking down the pavement, YOU turns to Rosen and says: what the fuck just happened in there?
    Rosen responds: I think we just stepped on a turd and now we are stuck with it.

    Ten minutes later, from the Oval Office, a whimper is heard:
    Clark: hey guys, I’m still here. Guys? Where’d you go guys? Guys? Guys?

    • larry Horist

      Ben …. You are no political analyst. But you are like so many. You just parrot and parody what you see on television. No critical thinking. Nothing worth discussing.

      • Ben

        You have no sense of humor whatsoever, just another old grump blinded to the truth and stuck in time. You probably think Jeffrey Clark is one of your new rising stars. Here you go, being dick-ish again, always the downer, always the generalist, never specifics, and rarely sourced to a credible fact trace. Larry, you are a political hack who hasn’t had a new idea in decades. What you can’t whitewash, you denigrate. Where you can’t divert, you stereotype. No, I am not political analyst, you are right. Glad you point out that which I never claimed. You say I am a parrot only capable of doing tv parodies without any critical thinking, fuck, your last few stories were cut and paste: Alice laughs at you. Not even worth your discourse and yet, you just had to give your inane low-brow response.

        I guess your kumbaya moment lasted less than a few hours.

        • larry Horist

          Ben … My sense of humor cannot be determined by a person who is not funny — in a humorous or witty way, that is. Your response proves that you know nothing about me. But if spew out inane childish ignorant insults gets you off … enjoy.

          • Ben

            My goodness. Someone really has their knickers knotted. Good thing you have no balls to get pinched. You gave those up for Trump. For a grumpy old man, you are acting very childish, very depressing, as you whip out your stupid little put-downs. No one knows anything about you Larry. Your ponderous, unrelenting, boring, self-descriptions notwithstanding, no one knows you. And if we make a comment, we are dismissed because we don’t know you. But guess what? We don’t care to know you.

            Newsflash Larry —- no one wants to know you. Sorry. But some actually attempt to have a discussion with you, a lost cause lately since you can only dick-cuss as you thrash about in your phonetic frenzy. But you know me Larry, you even apparently claim to know what gets me off, a really creepy concept, frankly. But you don’t know me. You are not funny. You are not witty. Your response shows you know not a lick about me. Nada. Nothing. But you would rather talk smack than issues, because, on the issues, you are really a lost cause. Hopeless. Feckless.

            I still say that was a pretty funny piece. It was just an attempt of a lighter piece, especially given the ridiculous nature of the subject in the gravity of the moment. I realize you think 1/6 is a nothing burger, some tourists gone wild, but plotting to weaponize the DOJ with a Presidential puppet seems somewhat more than a nothing burger, even if you can’t see the humor or the seriousness. You say nothing happened, its a nothing burger. But you get really offended if someone pokes a little fun at it. Why so sensitive? Why so defensive? Since when is a turd not funny? You’re funny at times.

            That Oval Office meeting must have been supremely surreal. Do you not think the very concept humorous? The Sunday of New Year’s weekend. Late in the day, almost evening. Can you imagine this jerk calls in his top level DOJ guy, the guy who’s taking his job, replacing him, plus, for fun, a crowd of lawyers to watch and document the whole thing. Trump’s purpose in this meeting is tell the DOJ guy that he’s about to work for the guy who presently works for him. A totally unqualified chap that Trump has parachuted into DOJ just for this purpose.

            How many calls went out to get that baker’s dozen into the room late that Sunday. How many calls to others, not in the room, to brief them, get support, all in only a couple of hours before the meeting late that Sunday afternoon. With everyone in the room, he asks the DOJ guy how he feels about being demoted to working for a guy who can’t shine his shoes. I have seen some shit, I have seen chairs flying across the room, but I have not seen much this low, this personal, this petty. And the guy is President, the most powerful man in the world, and he is taking time for this personal act of revenge, in public, in front of everyone. For style points. I am sorry, but that joke will never get old and it didn’t need my funny piece to make it a joke. I guess Trump was Presidential after all, a Presidential joke. And if you can’t see that from my piece as a takeaway, yeah, you have no sense of humor. None.

  7. Tony Bell

    The true tragedy of the 2020 election cycle, aside from the fraud, was SCOTUS’s failure to stay the election results until a complete honest investigation could be completed. That would have served to a) satisfy the election fraud suspicions, b) expose election vulnerabilities, c) certify the true winner of the election, and d) maintain and restore voters confidence in the voting system. SCOTUS failed the people in the worst way possible. Shame on them.

    • Ben

      Since when do we have to investigate to satisfy tin-foil hat conspiracies?

      You had over 60 chances in court, you failed over 60 times. Judges were of both political ideologies.

      You have a half dozen recounts, in a half dozen states, most conducted by YOUR side, your people, your hires. You failed over a half -dozen times.

      You want this to go on forever? Apparently since your guy doesn’t have the balls to conceded. Not as long as he can continue to fake you out with The Big Lie, take your donation dollars to finance his luxurious lifestyle, and bend you over the table like Ned Beatty’s worst dream. He is monetarizing your frustration in life by providing a boogeyman for you to fear. Fear and loathing are his stock in trade and you keep stepping up to buy some more.

  8. Ben

    Hey, secret service, leave those thugs alone. Let em in, those AR-15’s aren’t for me.

    Love your body armor, so fetching.

    A r e y o u ready to r u m b l e.

    Let’s go to Congress.

    Hey, let me take the wheel, I wanna go play in Congress.

    Whattttya mean I have to go home? I wanna play, I wanna play.

    Can I have another burger please, this one got walled.


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