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Poll Shows that Americans Oppose LGBT Push for Transgender Policies

Poll Shows that Americans Oppose LGBT Push for Transgender Policies

Although Obama has used his executive power to enforce transgendered policies on businesses and schools, a recent poll reveals that the majority of Americans oppose this push.

The new transgender rules have been a topic of discussion in Cleveland where the Republican Convention delegates are gathering to prepare the Republican Party Platform.

Conservative delegates, including Tony Perkins of Louisiana, the president of the Family Research Council (FRC) argued against allowing the government to enforce bathroom policies that support the transagenda movement.

While other conservatives like lawyer Jim Bopp of Indiana, David Barton of Texas and Tommy Valentine of Virginia argued that the term sex should refer to biological sex, not gender identity in sex-discrimination laws at the Restoring Constitutional Government subcommittee meeting.

All the while these discussions were happening, a FRC nationwide poll’s results were released showing where Americans stood when it come to the LGBT issue.  

The poll asked “Do you approve or disapprove of government forcing schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations to open the showers, changing facilities, locker rooms, and bathrooms designed for women and girls, to biological males, and vice versa?” 

The results showed that 66% disapproved of redefining “sex” to apply to gender identity, while only 28% approved. Only 15% of the 28% approved did so “strongly,” versus the 13% that “somewhat” approved. While, 52% “strongly” disapprove, with only 14% not as confident with a “somewhat” disapproval.

The poll asked 1,012 adults by phone from July 7-10 and was conducted by WPA Opinion Research.

This poll gives conservatives exactly what they need. It proves that the majority of Americans share their disapproval of allowing individuals to enter the bathroom of their gender identity, even if it doesn’t correspond with their biological sex.

“After nearly eight years of federal overreach, we are seeing the American people stand up to Barack Obama’s effort to fundamentally transform America,” said Perkins to Breitbart News in reaction to the poll. “President Obama pushed aside the concerns of parents and schools, the privacy and safety of students, and ignored the boundaries of his constitutional power. If the White House can dictate the policies for every school locker room, shower, and bathroom in America, what could possibly be beyond its reach?”

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