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Politics over Principles: Why Would Democrats Deny DACA-Wall Deal, Extend Shutdown

Politics over Principles: Why Would Democrats Deny DACA-Wall Deal, Extend Shutdown

In a move that oddly rejects their own platform, Democrat leadership rejected a proposal from President Trump unveiled in a televised Saturday address to the public.

The ‘Immigration Compromise Package’ would have immediately ended the partial shutdown and would have included litigation proposed by them previously including a 3-year extension of full protections for over 700,000 DACA recipients living in the United States. It also would have gotten President Trump his wall funding; assumedly why it was shut down in apparent defiance of any chance of compromise by Democrat leadership.

Fox reports, “In a televised White House address on Saturday afternoon, Trump offered Democrats a three-year extension of protections for 700,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, in exchange for the $5.7 billion he has been seeking for a barrier along the nation’s southern border with Mexico.”

Democrats quickly displayed they had no intentions of coming to the table, instead rejecting the proposed concessions before the television address even took place. Speaker Pelosi would write on her increasingly frequented Twitter,

“Democrats were hopeful that @realDonaldTrump was finally willing to re-open government & proceed with a much-needed discussion to protect the border. Unfortunately, reports make clear that his proposal is a compilation of previously rejected initiatives.”

The ‘Immigration Compromise Package’ would, in all honesty, have actually addressed a lot of concerns the Democrats had previously cited as major issues, as well as popular bi-partisan reforms. The BBC explains,

“He said he would also extend the visas for TPS holders for three years. More than 300,000 people from countries affected by war or disasters are allowed to work in the US under TPS, another system Mr. Trump has opposed.

There were other proposals, including $800m in urgent humanitarian assistance, 2,750 more border agents and security officials and 75 new immigration judge teams. Certainly, the latter conforms largely with Democrat suggestions.

The president said his proposals were “reasonable with lots of compromise” and would “build trust and goodwill.”

Who’s Obstructing Who?

The reality from a pragmatic objective standpoint here (something in increasingly short supply) is that Democrats just rejected a proposal that would have satisfied several supposed major concerns of theirs (after all the ‘Dreamers’ were a cornerstone of midterm rhetoric). The reason? 5 Billion in wall funding which is massively dwarfed by most other budgetary expenses the US incurs on an annual basis (something the shutdown has now taken up almost 1/12th of).

It seems somewhat ridiculous in terms of consistency for Democrat leadership like Pelosi to lament the supposed cruelty of Trump to the 800,000 or so federal workers currently awaiting compensation to then turn around and refuse a package that would have included large concessions to their platform leaving those people in limbo.

More hypocritical would be the endless fervent vocal dedication to the cause of the DACA dreamers. Democrats constantly lament their struggle yet here turned down a deal that would have ended the anxieties of those Dreamers with a three-year extension.

A three-year extension, it’s very much worth noting, that would have hypothetically carried over into the Democrat president Pelosi and her cohorts seem so ‘certain’ lies on the horizon? or perhaps not…

The grim reality is when it comes to those who fall under DACA, as well as those hurting without their paychecks, Democrat leadership appear to be engaging in a trademark tactic of using vulnerable populations as bargaining chips and political playthings, rather than truly representing their interests on Capitol Hill.

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  1. michael cieslak

    I think that the Progressive Liberal Socialist Democrats are exposing themselves and the Media can’t protect their intentions, even though the “FAKE NEWS MEDIA” is trying too! I think all American Taxpayers are waking up too their “AGENDA” and it is not for “WE THE PEOPLE” !!

    • Christel

      Totally agree! Demented Dems appear to be Communists….hiding behind the DNC. There are already a number (82) registered as Communists….ALL under the DNC.

    • Christel

      With you 100% Totally agree

    • Klaus Christoph

      Calling them Democrats is an insult to Democracy. They are Socialist/Communist.

    • Grover Syck

      @Michael Cieslak
      Wrong. It is the republicans that are stabbing us in the back.
      they know they should kick Trump out, but they will not do it.

  2. Allen

    F Democrats. Anyone who is a Democrat is a liar and a moron.

  3. Captainbear48

    I am an independent thinking patriot American citizen. I am totally disgusted with the childish behavior of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Chuck Schiff. These people were sent to Washington to solve problems not create problems. DACA CHILDREN AND 800,000 workers are also disgusted. Every Democrat has time to declare a presidential candidacy but no time to open this government up. Throw the bums out. They should be impeached or their attitude

  4. Dmr

    As a Democrat , I am totally blown away by the Chuck and Nancy phenomenon . The I lack of leadership is doing serious damage to the party and it is time they go to work , stop this shutdown and add security to our border . The caravans continue , , what do you wait for ? Trump has made a fair proposal .

  5. David

    While WE THE PEOPLE are hurting the Democrats continue to ‘play Politics’! President Trump, though his actions brought on the economic crisis, has tried to compromise while the Democrats haven’t (they continue to ‘play to their base supporters). This will likely have an impact in future elections.

  6. Katee

    they think that continually cutting off their noses to spite their faces is cute! The whole world is laughing at them!

  7. Jess Beaham

    As a real independent who actually does vote for the person and not the party I think I see a bit more clearly. Funny how republicans held both houses and the presidency with the ability to put through the wall at any time did not do so. Why did the republicans not pass it before Nancy took the house? Mitch should have listened to the President and got rid of the filibuster and this would all be a non issue.

    Dems are not going to budge gang everyone is pulling there hair pointing at the other but the offer was not a good one. If Trump had said permanent DACA.. possibly there may have been leverage.

    • Kent

      Well Jess as an independent it may have gone under your radar that during the two years that have passed since President Trump took office not only have the democrapo pervert parasite party clowns obstructed the President, we have watched as numerous scum sucking rats such as johnni mcshame, jeffi flakeyhole, lisa warthog murkyCOWski and other rino trash have joined with the democrapo perverts, the $luts in the media(sic), the worthless trash from hollow woody, and those ahole rats in the upper reaches of the fb&i, the injustice department and other worthless bums hiding behind a overpaid salary to do NOTHING but stop the President….

  8. Grover Syck

    There will be no wall, now or ever.
    If this disgusting shutdown succeeds in getting the wall, we are doomed. the ass will use the same tactic every time to get his way.

    The democrats MUST not give in.
    If Trump actually decides to negotiate in good faith, then there can be give and take on both sides.
    So far, it has been “my way or the highway” from trump. Congress thought they had deal, and Trump came back and said “no, I will veto that”, after he had agreed to sign.

  9. James

    I am glad that Dems wont agree. OUT WITH DACA once and for all. By the way, Sycko, OBama did the same thing after he had a deal with the economy before his 2nd election. After the election he got so big headed that he refused the original deal, REMEMBER?