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Politico: Supreme Court Votes to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Politico: Supreme Court Votes to Overturn Roe v. Wade

According to Politico, a draft opinion in the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, saying that it enumerates a “right” that does not exist in the Constitution.

 “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start. Its reasoning was exceptionally weak, and the decision has had damaging consequences. And far from bringing about a national settlement of the abortion issue, Roe and Casey have enflamed debate and deepened division.”

Roe v. Wade was decided over 50 years ago, saying there is a Constitutional right to abortion. Overturning this decision does not mean that abortion will be illegal. It means that laws on abortion will be handed back to the states.

Note that this allegedly is an initial majority draft, written by Justice Alito and supported by Gorsuch, Thomas and Barrett. It runs 98 pages.  Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan are allegedly working on dissents. Justice Roberts’ vote was unclear.

The final decision will not be revealed until June.

Author’s note:

Interesting the timing of this. Apparently, this is a draft that was written in February. Never before has an opinion of this kind leaked from the Supreme Court.

The Biden Administration is losing the war in Ukraine, and is taking hits for the new Disinformation Board, and a string of other failures. 

This issue will certainly take over the news cycle and energize segments of Democrat base. You can expect massive protests on this.

Some are saying this is not a genuine opinion, that perhaps it was written by a clerk. Alan Dershowitz says it was likely leaked by a liberal law clerk seeking to change the outcome.

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  1. John Hewett

    If this is true, it’s about time the Supreme Court actually did what it’s supposed to do and that is uphold the laws of the Constitution. I have never read in the Constitution that women have the right to an abortion. This is definitely a matter to be decided on a state by state basis.

    • Wylie

      The left is too stupid to understand the alleged opinion. States could still allow babies to be murdered. The reactions of the democrats prove that they are worse than Hitler. Some states are outlawing baby killings but most won’t. There’s no constitutional right to murder. I’ve noticed that when a true monster is being executed that liberals will burn candles and whine for them. But an innocent baby hasn’t done harm to anyone. Hopefully, this is a step to taking out country back. Sanity needs to be restored. Our young people are being taught to not respect life. That could be a reason for the homicide rate in the country. The rule of law means less to many people today.

  2. beven nation

    “Baby’s on fire
    Better throw her in the water
    Look at her laughing
    Like a heifer to the slaughter
    Baby’s on fire
    And all the laughing boys are bitching
    Waiting for photos
    Oh the plot is so bewitching
    Rescuers row, row
    Do your best to change the subject
    Blow the wind blow, blow
    Lend some assistance to the object
    Photographers snip snap
    Take your time, she’s only burning
    This kind of experience
    Is necessary for her learning”

    by Brian Eno —- think about it.

    • Ben


      • Austin

        I hope it’s true. It would stop my federal tax dollars from paying for babies being murdered

    • Frank stetson

      The previous frank is not frank. Apparently , pbp allows impersonation as free speech. Men putting on costumes and pretending. Hmmmm

      • Herman

        Yeah right. You’re a mental case

  3. frank stetson

    I think there’s been about 13 major SCOTUS overturns, most happening in the 60’s by a liberal court. Not unusual, anticipated, but still sad. Effect will be pretty immediate abortion bans in 22 states with “trigger” laws on the books already. Another four states are likely to follow quickly, meaning half the country will be abortion free states. The West Coast, the North East and the Mid-Atlantic States will not.

    What does this mean? For one thing, people will now travel even farther to seek what they feel is proper medical care; abortion will still be legal in many States. Poorer people will have a harder time paying for this in both time and money. Richer people will not. In the rape-baby State of Texas, thousands flee every month for proper medical assistance, most to Arkansas, about a $200 bus trip, soon to have to travel farther, $500 for round trip bus to NYC. That’s the main effect. Period.

    What does this mean? It means that “pump, dump, and run” will still be in effect as deadbeat, prospective fathers can do the need, sow the seed, and then anything they need after that like run for the high hills without a SINGLE BAD THING happening or any financial support whatsoever. Doubtful that Trumpublicans will do squat about that. Period.

    What does this mean? Lastly, and this is a bigun: it means that if one party or the other gains full control of the Congress, it also clears the path for the Fed to take actions too. So, voting your conscious really matters in these midterms. Period.

    I am morally against abortion but pragmatic about folks who make the decision to have one. I do not think forced-to-birth resulting in thousands of unwanted, unloved, and financially unsupported children each year is a good solution either. We are heading for a potential of over one half million of these per year. A potential of one half million unwanted, unloved, economically unsupportable, physically damaged, drug ridden, babies per year. In America, less than 150,000 babies are adopted per year —– you do the math —- one half million supply, 150K demand…. Period. I understand the morality of all this, I even agree, but the pragmatic part of me says this solution is half-baked at best and in a few years, millions of very troubled youths will be upon us in America. At present, Trumpublicans have offered ZERO SOLUTION to the problem they created by overturning a previous SCOTUS decision deemed Constitutional in all respects. They are great at saying no, but piss poor at solutions.

    Lastly, what’s next to overturn? This decision sets the precedent for numerous overturns. That’s a discussion for a later rant.

    • Miles collins

      Look no further than the leftist hacks clerking or whatever for the liberals on the court. It’s all staged to damage the scotus. The damned abortion thing should be handled by the states. That’s all the opinion is about. Women can still murder their babies And don’t worry. If Ben and Frank’s daughters get knocked up they will be able to find a baby butcher

  4. Frank stetson

    Thanks for the consideration. I live in NJ, no issue here. But you are wrong. I listed the number of states with trigger laws, it will be instantaneous.

    And you are wrong again. The ruling will allow federal bans too and the right is already got the playbook for their potential win in Congress.

    Given 60% of Americans are against this, timing is everything and midterms just took s turn.

  5. Ron Simmons

    Folks, the entire argument against abortion is based upon cultural upbringing, being influenced by church leaders, teachers, family and peers. There is nothing in the bible regarding when the spirit enters the body except some allusions pointing toward “first breath”. As a boy growing up forced to attend fundamentalist sermons and listen to the Baptist dogma, particularly, do as the preacher says or “burn in hell for eternity”, I found it necessary to look elsewhere for enlightenment. There were just too many unanswered questions or (man) made-up answers. I am 65 and in my lifetime of spiritual studies, it has become clear that before the soul enters the baby, a determination is made as to whether that soul wants to be born to that mother, family, at that time and place, based upon the life lessons that the being wishes to experience for spiritual advancement. The Bible says God is not mocked and this can be applied to the “baby killing” scenario in-as-much as the spirit being that is between incarnations will only enter the flesh if sustainment of the living being will be present (or if a lesson must be learned from a brief life – hence why children die young). Edgar Cayce, the leading Psychic and trance channeler in the 20th century offered over 14,000 detailed readings on an incredible range of topics and the readings often confirmed/supported themselves through cross referencing other readings as well as other schools of thought. How could a simple, uneducated, unworldly, Christian Sunday school teacher, when hypnotized – speak about things of which he had no earthly knowledge? His information came from the Akashic Records of the universe or as the Bible calls it “the book of Life”. This is the etheric record of everything that has taken place all through existence within the dimension we abide, as well as subtle or unseen dimensions of space/time. The answer is consistent – the soul is incarnated at the time of birth or shortly after. The neural system of the fetus is not yet developed to support the consciousness of a soul. Although some souls seem to have a remembrance of the mother’s womb, this would be a visit by the incarnate to the fetus to see that all is well in their future physical body. If the mother is planning to abort, the soul will not seek to incarnate but would perhaps set intention to be born as the next child to that mother or may choose another family entirely. The most important conclusion of Cayce’s readings and many other mystic’s (or spiritually advanced entities) teachings is that we are all arguing over NOTHING of any consequence. Let’s concern ourselves with saving and improving life for the living, whether children or adults, and leave the unborn to the grace of God. Once again, God knows what she is doing.

  6. B4CE

    Here’s the thing, guys.
    It doesn’t matter.
    It doesn’t matter when life begins.
    It doesn’t matter whether a fetus is a human being or not.
    That entire argument is a red herring, a distraction, a subjective and unwinnable argument that could not matter less.
    It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about a fertilized egg, or a fetus, or a baby, or a five year old, or a Nobel Prize winning paediatric oncologist.
    NOBODY has the right to use your body, against your will, even to save their life, or the life of another person.
    That’s it.
    That’s the argument.
    You cannot be forced to donate blood, or marrow, or organs, even though thousands die every year, on waiting lists.
    They cannot even harvest your organs after your death without your explicit, written, pre-mortem permission.
    Denying women the right to abortion means we have less bodily autonomy than a corpse.”

    • Linda Poulin

      B4CE – It seems to me that we are being forced to take an unapproved vaccine.