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Police Unions are Disappointed with Joe Biden

Police Unions are Disappointed with Joe Biden

Police officers throughout the country are disappointed with presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s lack of support for law enforcement during the protests and unrest sparked by the killing of George Floyd.

“Clearly, he’s made a lot of changes the way candidates do during the primary process, but he kept moving left and fell off the deep end,” says Bill Johnson, head of the National Association of Police Organizations (the umbrella organization for Police Benevolent Association chapters).

While most police officers tend to be conservative, NAPO’s criticism of Biden is new. The organization endorsed President Obama in 2008 and 2012 just because Biden’s name was on the ticket, said Johnson.

“For Joe Biden, police are shaking their heads because he used to be a stand-up guy who backed law enforcement…But it seems in his old age, for whatever reason, he’s writing a sad final chapter when it comes to supporting law enforcement.”

Johnson’s comments follow a Tuesday speech in which Biden discussed his ideas for police reform – including additional oversight, the banning of chokeholds, and an end to the use of military weapons by police. “Most cops meet the highest standards of their profession,” said Biden. “All the more reason that bad cops should be dealt with severely and swiftly.”

“Historically, Mr. Biden has always been a friend of law enforcement and that’s why I find his comments a little disheartening,” said Larry Cosme, head of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association.

President Trump has also criticized Biden for failing to stand with his former supporters in blue: “Biden hasn’t said a single word on one of the most horrific aspects of the bloodshed: attacks by rioters and looters, sometimes fatal, on police officers in the line of duty protecting innocent Americans.”

At least 300 officers in New York City alone have been injured during the protests.

Complicating matters for Biden is growing pressure from the “defund the police” movement, which seeks to cut all funding to law enforcement. The preposterous idea, which is sure to infuriate a large number of the voters Biden desperately needs, is backed by Bernie Sanders supporters, the Democratic Socialists of America, and some high-level Democrats.

In his 2020 presidential platform, Mr. Sanders called to cut federal funding to all police departments found “violating people’s civil rights.”

Biden’s platform includes additional funding for a Department of Justice program that offers grants to police departments if they hire officers to focus on “community policing.”

Author’s Note: Biden has always supported law enforcement, but it seems he is willing to throw that away to court Millennial voters who are demanding a strong response to the death of George Floyd. This could have a major affect on his campaign. 

Also disappointing (but not surprising): Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has called to disband the police force in Minneapolis.

Editor’s Note: Every been in a place that has no police presence?  In my days as an intelligence officer I traveled extensively in the third world and I’ve seen it. It is ugly.

Rape. Gang murders. Forced prostitution. Robbery in broad daylight. Extortion. Exploitation of older people. Legitimate businesses fail. Banks leave. Starvation.

And this is what the Democrats want?

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    Obama moved all the Somali (refugees)? to Minnesota, so it is no surprise that BLM is predominant there.
    Defund the police? Go for it, To call the police for protection is a privilege?
    Now you can see another Dimocrat city run into the ground by bad governance.

  2. Glenn Jacobs

    My first hostile brush with the law, about sixty years ago, involved hitting a man with a board. The responding officer was handed the board when he came to the door. At court that same officer said he had searched the home and found it hidden under the piano.

    Until then I had believed that all police officers were like Hopalong Cassidy or Gene Autry – honest – professional – dedicated to Truth, Justice and the American Way. But this one was dedicated to making his arrests stick, no matter what.

    This is not the regular way cops do, but it comes up often enough to be one of the evil facts of life. Not only do some cops lie, but some of them deliberately hurt their prisoners. They put the cuffs on two notches tighter than necessary, or they jerk a person by the cuffed wrists and injure his hands. They keep someone in a closed car until a heat-injury sets in.

    My brother was having a heart attack and a mean cop cuffed him and beat him up.

    I went back for a better look at the footage of a cop with his knee on a suspect’s neck, and from what I saw, it was more of the same. His lawyer might not have any defense.

    It was on the news that some city council back east was so disgusted with the whole thing that they voted to reduce the police force – or maybe even disband it.

    They’ll be sorry. Who will people call when hoods kick down the door late at night?Neighbors? Vigilantes? Batman? Judge Judy? “Judge Smith and Judge Wesson”?

    My secret plan is that the officers who are true to their oath should clean house instead of trying to sweep the crimes of fellow officers under the rug. (“Fred, all of us here saw that. And it’s not the first time. You’re just not cut out for this kind of work. Resign now while you still can. Save yourself a life of regret – and maybe even prison time.”)

  3. Good luck

    Joe, does not like police. He also want to take away guns, from everybody. This means if your a cop , the only thing you have is your night stick. While , you know the bad guys will have guns. Joe does not care about you .

  4. Geraldine Olson

    Joe Biden is incapable of clear thought. His younger thoughts were clear and for Biden and family only! Quid pro Joe!

  5. Pat Young

    It is obvious that Joe Biden is not all there, Some days he doesn’t know what day it is or where he is. Who will be making decisions for him. Be careful of the VP choice. That person could become president. So far I haven’t seen a capable person, Do we want America ruined?