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Picture Dems Use of Caged Kids to Oppose GOP Happened Under Obama

Picture Dems Use of Caged Kids to Oppose GOP Happened Under Obama

Democrats are spreading a heart-wrenching picture of kids in cages to oppose the GOP’s border policies; only problem is the picture was taken during the Obama- Biden presidency!

This happened when Rep. Sylvia Garcia, D-Texas, took aim at a Republican-backed immigration measure last week when Title 41 ended, used a photo that was taken during President Biden’s tenure as vice president that showed unaccompanied minors in cages to argue that the bill was “extreme and wrong.”

The image — increased in size and placed on a poster alongside Garcia as she spoke from the House floor in opposition to the Secure the Border Act of 2023 — was originally captured as early as 2014, according to an article from The Columbus Dispatch.

The June 2014 article, which was written during former President Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House, used the image showing immigrant children being held in cages with foil blankets in an effort to highlight the “stations’ crowded conditions.”

Garcia’s poster that featured the image included the statement: “House Republicans’ child deportation act is extreme and wrong.”

“We all expect our government to effectively manage our borders and thoroughly vet those who seek to enter as refugees to join their family already in the country or to work — we all agree on that,” Garcia said. “But instead, what we see is children are in danger, families are separated or detained, and people are dying. We need reform, and we need it now.”

Despite Garcia’s misrepresented comments, the bill would require renewed efforts to build a border wall, more border patrol agents and more financial incentives for them to do their job, an end to catch and release policies, and other initiatives intended to better manage mass migration at the southern border.

In total disregard for their own dismal failures on the immigration issues, Democrats and particularly the Biden White House have tried to blame Republicans for the crisis at the border. 

Earlier this month, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blamed Republicans for the “chaotic” situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, claiming that GOP lawmakers “literally refuse to act” ahead of the House’s vote on sweeping border security legislation.

“The president has been dealing with a system that has been broken for decades,” Jean-Pierre told reporters. “Since day one, he put forth a comprehensive immigration plan, and legislation, and he is using the tools that are in front of him to deal with the challenge at the border.”

Editor’s note: This was debunked during the Trump administration, not sure why the same pictures are being rehashed by Biden.

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