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Pelosi’s Request To Postpone Trump’s State of the Union Borders On Insanity.

Pelosi’s Request To Postpone Trump’s State of the Union Borders On Insanity.

January 29th is the scheduled date for President Trump’s State of the Union (SOTU) address, but for some crazy reasons, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked him to postpone it, or not present it live and instead release a written statement.

She believes a live TV appearance isn’t appropriate in the midst of the current limited government shutdown, and/or because of security concerns at the Capital, somehow implying a possible terrorist threat because of reduced security capabilities as a result of the limited shutdown.

It’s this “and/or” aspect of her request which makes it so odd and inappropriate, not to mention disingenuous and disturbing. Is it just politics, or does it indicate severe mental illness? Let’s take a look at her request, and why Americans should be so worried about her behavior.

When the Secret Service and other D.C. security services heard of Pelosi’s warning of danger because of reduced security, they scratched their heads (or shook them or laughed hysterically), and thought, “What the hell is she talking about? We’ll be at 100% of security strength, as always. The limited shutdown doesn’t create a security concern to justify canceling the President’s address.”

Pelosi and conjoined twin Schumer couldn’t offer any facts to back up any presumption of danger, and they couldn’t conjure up a single security official in Washington…not a one, not even the dry cleaners who handle the Capital Police’s uniforms…to parade on CNN or MSNBC to support their claims of danger.

A young child is expected to cry, “Mommy! There’s a monster under my bed!” But the Speaker of the House? In an adult, this behavior is usually seen as paranoia (or lying), at the very same time she and her Dem colleagues claim Trump as paranoid because of his actions to prevent thousands of illegals from gaining uncontrolled access across our border. (And we have video of those migrants, but not Pelosi’s monster.)

Is it hypocrisy at its best, just politics, sheer stupidity, or mental illness?

Looking at the fallout from her request, to delay the President’s SOTU because of nonsensical security concerns, it has to be mental illness. Didn’t Pelosi discuss this with other Dems, or does she just always go it alone? Surely, she had colleagues who would have advised against it, so just as Hitler ignored his smarter Generals leading to his downfall, did she do likewise? (Some may say an extreme comparison. I disagree.)

Her postponement request based on security concerns died an immediate death (on her side of the aisle as well, mind you), and also died because of her other concern, that the SOTU was inappropriate during the shutdown.

Well, we do have a shutdown. We also have a simultaneous illegal immigration crisis that has blossomed into a national security crisis, but we have the shutdown because she won’t take any action to solve the security crisis!

What better, more appropriate time for President Trump to speak to the American people? What is she thinking? Why wouldn’t he? How couldn’t he!?

I suspect that Pelosi doesn’t want to remember that Trump was elected by the American people, which means all 50 states and the other voting-eligible territories. She, on the other hand, was elected in just one district, in just one state, and merely anointed to her position because of party politics.

The woman is driven by delusions of grandeur and power, and that’s mental illness in anyone’s book.

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  1. Mike S

    Nancy Pelosi needs to be reminded that she works in the “Peoples House” not her own. She’s the worst Speaker of the House in the history of this nation. I “used to be” a Democrat before the party became the Socialist Party,

    • John Boyd

      Mike, I, personally, thank you for your forthwrightness…….it is certainly refreshing coming from someone how is not convinced that Trump is the best president we have had in several years, hope all goes well for you and yours !!!!!!!!!

  2. eli

    Will someone please tell us WHEN Pelosi became President. Trump should just give the speech on the 29th as per usual and who cares where he speaks from. Even the Oval Office – what’s happening there. He should also just remind her “Nancy, I am the President of the United States NOT YOU and I have the final say.

  3. Grover Syck

    Trump is the one who is insane.
    He should be removed from office immediately.

  4. jim kaisere

    Trump is trying to do something for the people.
    Pelosi only thinks about herself.

  5. richard gee

    Jim Kaisere… exactly what is Trump trying to do?


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