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Pelosi’s home movie a political fraud

Pelosi’s home movie a political fraud

One of the most covered stories features the latest “hearing” of the one-sided January 6th Select Committee was the presentation of a video production taken mostly of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer as they remained cloistered during the Capitol Hill rioting.

As I watched the video outtakes – and as a person with more than 50 years of media experience – I was struck by the fact that this was obviously not an on-the-scene news video.  No. No. No.  It had all the earmarks of the kind of video that a politician would arrange to have produced for self-serving reasons.

The first clue was how it focused almost exclusively on Pelosi and Schumer — even though there were others – including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – were in the room.  They were incidental to the primary purpose of the video.

I also observed how the cinematographer and subjects – Pelosi and Schumer – interacted.  There were lots of close-ups.  Pelosi and Schumer were aware of the fact that they were on camera.  They were playing to the camera.  Occasionally, they would look into the camera to see if they were still “on.”

I was also struck by the editing – a careful juxtaposition of Pelosi’s or Schumer’s words and events at the riot scene – even though the events were not happening at the time of the talk.

If their actions and words made them look good, it was largely because they were saying what would make them look good.  It was theater, not news coverage.

Of course, the video clips got maximum coverage and positive spin from the left-wing fawning media.  The newsies acted as if they were looking at extemporaneous raw coverage of a news event.  In reality, it was a politically crafted exercise in political propaganda.

As I watched various segments of the video production, I kept wondering who recorded and edited this obviously political creation.  It was on the late-night news on CNN that I learned that everything I believed about the video was true.  It was shot and edited for presentation by … Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra — a professional documentary producer.  If it looked like a potential political campaign ad for Speaker Pelosi, it is because the same person produced both.  The was a political public relations video for the Speaker, Schumer and Democrats in general.

Of course, none of the people who Pelosi and Schumer called were told that they were being recorded.  Perhaps they were hoping to obtain some off-the-cuff comments that could be spun against the entire Trump administration.

It was also strategically crafted to serve as the Select Committee’s “October Surprise.”  After all, the video was taken more than a year and a half ago – but never surfaced in any hearing until the eve of the midterm elections.  That is because it was taken and crafted for that purpose. 

Even as Pelosi was creating her one-sided prosecutorial Committee, she well knew of the video that was taken and edited by her daughter.  I would be amazed if Pelosi had not worked on the editing.  Do you really believe she never saw it until it was released by the Committee? 

Since it was Pelosi’s daughter who produced the video, Pelosi had to provide it to the Committee – but she or they waited for almost two years.  That is irrefutable evidence of the political underpinning of the video and the entire work of the Select Committee.

At the time Pelosi brought her daughter into the Capitol – at a time when visitors and film crews were not allowed – Pelosi could not have known of many of the events that made her home video more valuable as political propaganda.  However, she certainly knew that no matter how and when it was used, she could expect the full support of the biased media to exaggerate its meaning without critical commentary as to how and why it was produced and used.

What we saw in the video was political theater – not news.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Gregg

    The Speaker of the House is in charge of the security of the building and the grounds and the persons in the House at the time of their meeting. The call that Nancy Pelosi should make first is to the protective force. Just as the Governor of each State is the sole determiner of the use of the militias, Nancy is like the ‘Keeper of the District.’ Maybe her ‘militia’ is the National Guard. Chin of Command. At the time of their meeting on January 6, the prior President’s time had passed technically. She is the third in-line for the Presidency. One, two, three . .

  2. frank Stetson

    Mostly false. It’s a shared responsibility in a matrix-managed model. In hindsight, maybe not the best model, certainly a difficult model to manage from.

    “Capitol security is not solely the responsibility of the House speaker. It is provided by the sergeants-at-arms of the House and Senate, and by the Capitol Police.” On January 6th, Trump was still President and would be until 1/20/2022.

    There is also a oversight board that neither Pelosi or Schumer are part of, and numerous panels and committees of which Pelosi or Schumer are part of.

    The President, Trump at that time, is responsible for defense of the nation. I believe the Capitol is part of that and it being stormed requires defensive action. He watched on TV and did nothing. He was asked by staff, advisors, family, media friends, to do something. He did nothing. For hours. He never lifted a finger until those lame tweets went out. That was after his previous tweet branding Pence a traitor to Trump’s cause which inflamed the mob to chant death threats to Pence who, for some reason, would not even enter an escape vehicle with Trump’s SS force.

    More info on oversight:

  3. frank stetson

    “That is because it was taken and crafted for that purpose. “

    It’s produced by Alexandra Pelosi / HBO Max; she’s been working on it for years, who knows who decided the timing. It’s a fair question, but your conjectures are just that and you would have whined “political, timed for effect” whenever it was released.
    There is also much footage unseen from the mob documentary, editing is mandatory based on presentation time available for that as well.

    You say the timing is political —- well, your side picked it when they stormed the Capitol on 1/6/2021. Your side cemented the timing when you voted down the 9/11 style, bipartisan-by-design, Senate investigation that would have concluded by 1/1/2022. Then you opted out of Pelosi’s House Investigation as a political ploy only to publicly regret that decision later; the timing and political nature is all on YOU.

    Of course, they knew they were on camera, of course they looked, they are not actors. There were all sorts of Republicans in that room, have any come forward to say it was a lie, a sham, fake news? Personally, I like the Josh Hawley supportive fist pump followed by him running for his life like a scarred rabbit. That never gets old. Ain’t no fraud in that man’s fear and loathing.

    The bottom line is you have 50 years of media experience. You are a renowned politician, journalist, and speaker able to spread the word with a single tome. You travel in lofty circles with the likes of Nixon, etc. Couldn’t you just ask the other people in the room if the footage depicted the truth? Isn’t that what a journalist would do before guessing the what, where, and why? Instead you pull the answer out of your ass telling us that you are experienced in media, and I guess “Wag the Dog” techniques. Nope, they were there, this is the film, the release timing is on your watch, so quit whining and let’s get to the truth: these people were trapped by Trumplicants, in fear for their lives, and calling out to anyone, machine-gun fashion, for support. Windows breaking, door crashing, guns fired, you would have probably peed your pants; I know I would have. There ain’t no mistaking the fear if only you look past your partisan nose. Who cares about the timing; I care about what happened, why, and who did what to who to make it happen.

    These people were invited by Trump, fired up by Trump, told to get to the Capitol — Trump is coming, and it appears a large number had a seditious conspiracy to make Trump’s dream of illegally retaining the Presidency, a reality. Through violence against fellow citizens.

    And Trump could only watch for hours and he did nothing to stop the violence until he put out a lame tweet.

    • larry Horist

      Gregg … While Pelosi plays to her own camera crew — making pleas to send in the guard — she did not such thing when it really mattered. It is a matter of record that she — through the Sergeant -at-Arms — rejected an offer from the Department of Defense to send in troops. The Mayor of Washington went so far as to reject the offer in writing. And yet the Select Committee did nothing to look into that matter. In fact, the Chairman announced at the onset that Pelosi would not be called as a witness, The movie is a fraud upon a fraud.

      • Frank stetson

        You got a source on Pelosi telling the Sergeant at Arms to stand down?

        Because I have proof it was his decision.

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson … As usual, you ramble all over the mat about matters that have nothing yo do with this commentary. You vent. Those cameras were commissioned to make Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrats look good. they know they are on cameras that they control … so they perform like actors. It is no different than hiring a crew to make a campaign video. Yes, the edited footage depicted the truth — and the truth is that it was a stage performance.

      • Frank stetson

        As usual, you have no proof.

      • Mike

        Larry, How about answering Franks question that you were supposedly responding to? No answer, just feeble attack…

        • larry Horist

          Mike … I write commentaries and analyses. I am not in the business of getting into petty pissing contests with ill-informed or misinformed ankle-biters who seem to be obsessed with bickering with me — the imaginary me — and others. You guys need to get a life.

          • Mike

            Larry, You’re right. If I had a life, I would not be reading your garbage. However, I do find it entertaining to see how some people twist themselves up to support their conservative causes, especially when they are railing about activities designed to enlighten people about DJT. You put a lot of words out with very little proof of most of what you are saying. I suspect that if you really thought that Trump was not going to be the nominee in 2024, you would not care what came out about him. However, you think there is still a chance that he could win the nomination, and you are so consumed with your hatred of the Democrats that you don’t want anything to interfere with electing the Republican nominee. So there tis….

          • larry Horist

            Mike … this may come a a huge surprise to you, but a really do not care how Trump turns out. He is not my idea of a good leader for the GOP. I have written often of my distain for the man and his pugnacious and mendacious personality. If he is guilty of crimes, let a jury make that determination. I not only believe that he will not be the GOP standard bearer in 2024, i do not want him to be. What you — and others — misinterpret my support of Trump is only my opposition to the grossly unfair, unethical, dishonest, corrupt and dangerous methods used against him by Democrats and the media — and how they especially mischaracterize and smear the entire GOP … the entire conservative movement. I have supported many of his administration’s good policies, but not the man. Since he is no longer in charge of policies, I have no interest in his future other than opposing his return as a presidential candidate. I think it is a waste time debating the 2020 election result — and have suggested that Trump drop the subject. Biden is the constitutionally legitimate President because he won the Electoral College and was certified. That … not the popular vote … determines who is President. I worry more about the left’s desire to rule from Washington as one-party run by a permanent elitist establishment. To me, that is the greatest threat to American democracy. We had an ere similar to that under FDR … and he was dubbed “America’s first dictator — and a bipartisan Congress banned future presidents from more than two term because of the danger it posed. But you and a couple others love to tie me to Trump as a cult member when you should know from my writings that i am way not that. I ddo not follow individuals. I select individuals based on my core conservative principles and beliefs. I am not the Larry Horist of your invention.

          • frank stetson

            Incoming…..good luck now that you finally came out of the closet to say NO TO TRUMP in 2024.

            As far as your pissing contests….you sure seem to be in that business. You even seem to be inside their minds determining they are ill-informed, misinformed, obsessive, bickering types. Gee, I see you in that in spades. Not to mention your decline into the mind of a third grader with your retard retorts.

            Question though: which Trump policies did you NOT like? or did you love em all?

          • larry Horist

            Frank Stetson … this is exactly why I cannot trust your reading comprehension, memory or honesty. I have written repeatedly that I was not in favor of Trump a the GOP standard bearer in 2016 — and will vote against him if he runs in 2024. And as far as you ad hominin attack … you are projecting. And as far as policies that I did not like … again you are ignorant of what I have written in the past even though you read my commentaries obsessively. I wrote against Trump’s deal with the Taliban … his walking out on the Kurds in Syria … his tariffs … his cozy language with Putin and Kim. I have written critically of his attacks on fellow Republicans — specifically McConnell and Pence. I wrote that Trump was wrong in his contention that Pence had the power to stop certification. I have written that Trump has no case in terms of the documents he took home. I once challenged you and others to give me anything trump did that you liked….. and all I got was crickets. If you were not so obsessed with attacking me and what I write, you would not come across so uninformed partisans. You would not need that straw man Larry Horist to prop up as your foil. It seems like you just spew crap to vent your spleen and gratify your ego.

          • frank stetson

            Sorry that a simple question so flummoxed you. Yes, I have read your top 10 list of Trumpian accomplishments, yes, I have seen you step back from some Trump policies, but don’t remember your top 10 ten list of dislikes. So thanks.

            This is the first time, I think, that you have said you don’t want Trump to be the standard bearer. Previously I thought you said you would probably vote against him in a primary —- not quite as strong, and that you saw other stronger candidates. That was my read anyhows.

            As far as the personal attack, I am sorry. I am sorry that most of it was just your words turned back against you. Your words about others. Your personal attacks. And it is not ad hominem to categorize that as the actions of a third grader. They are.

            My list of Trump-likes was in your top ten tome. I would pull it but Joe’s website’s search engine is non existent and I am not hunting it down. To quote someone: “this is exactly why I cannot trust your reading comprehension, memory or honesty. I have written repeatedly that “

  4. Americafirst

    Nancy Pelosi is a master of illusion. Her perfect persona is all a front, a sham in the greatest sense of the word. Nancy Pelosi has been doing human and child sex trafficking for 62 + years starting when she became an adult. JFK was still alive then. Her father was heavily involved with the Mafia and best friends with a famous Mafia Don. Nancy so loved her father; she took life lessons from him that amounted to her criminal background all the way up to today. She has violated the Logan Act many times, even going to the Ukraine when fake Joe Biden told her not to go. She went anyway to protect her financial interests in money laundering with her son, Paul Jr. and is involved with Biden and his financial interests as well as his property he owns in and under Ukraine soil. As far as the insurrection is concerned, it was Nancy who was the cause of the entire insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 20. There is video proof of this that the FBI is hiding. When Nancy found out that Trump was going to hold a rally at the Capitol, she immediately phoned the heads of ANTIFA and BLM. She told them of her plan which was for them to go to the Capitol on January 5 dressed as Trump supporters, then the next day to start rioting, destroying, maiming people and even kill, if they could. The FBI video is of a man who they arrested who is an ANTIFA member in handcuffs talking into a camera saying that it was not Donald J Trump that started the insurrection. He said it was Nancy Pelosi who was responsible for the insurrection. Nancy is also a member of the cult that Hillary started in Albany, NY that led to the Clinton Foundation building and the tunnels beneath it. There is a guest book that must be signed in order to enter those tunnels and Nancy Pelosi’s signature is on that book. Nancy is one of the most evil criminals to ever be in our Congress and perhaps the entire USA. So, there it ’tis.

    • Mike

      Wow, you really like the kool aid! What a bunch of unsubstantiated BS-you really need to put newsmax and oan on mute for a few months..

      • M

        Americafirst – here’s a little tip for you: Donald Trump LIES A LOT. Always has, always will. It’s a bad day for Trump when he hasn’t told 20 or 30 lies, including a half-dozen real whoppers before breakfast. If you’re basing your entire knowledge of the world on what Trump says, you’re just making a fool of yourself. Even Larry would rather argue with Frank rather than defend your rambling… Every sentence in your post is taken from conspiracy theories coming from Q-anon or Russian bots. It’s time for you to shut down your computer and take a long walk out in the woods until your mind clears up.

        • frank stetson

          His recent 14 page letter response to the subpoena never responded whether he would comply or not. Now if he’s not a lying politician, I don’t know who is. 14 pages and he never says yes or no, he just spreads the same old lies.

          His lies are so bad that a Federal Judge just broke attorney-client privilege between Trump/Eastman based on Trump being fraudulent in his communications about the 2020 election outcome. Soon that info will be made public and we will see how these two rocket scientists concocted the theory which resulted in the 1/6 insurrection at the nation’s Capitol. They crapped on the Capitol floor in his honor.

    • ben is back

      “Nancy Pelosi who was responsible for the insurrection.”

      Santa Claus is coming to town, Santa Claus is coming to town…..