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Pelosi Kicked Out of Office as McCarthy Removed from Speakership

Pelosi Kicked Out of Office as McCarthy Removed from Speakership

It was an eventful day in the House of Representatives as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was voted out of his speakership role but the one to take a little shock on the side was long-term Democrat Nancy Pelosi, who was kicked out of her office.

As the rift inside the Republican lawmakers in the House grew, a handful of Republicans led by ultra conservative congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida decided it was time for McCarthy to go, owing to what they see as his continuous failure in serving key conservative causes. All Democrats and eight Republicans including Gaetz successfully voted to remove McCarthy. The dethroned former Speaker handed the gavel over to Patrick McHenry, Republican congressman from North Carolina.

On the very first day of becoming the House Speaker pro-tempore, McHenry ordered Nancy Pelosi via an email to vacate her private Capitol office – popularly termed the “Capitol hideaway” – by Wednesday. The email told her that the room will be re-keyed. Pelosi complied and moved out of the office with help from fellow Democrats. But she seemed to have been less than pleased with her little privilege taken away with immediate effect. Fox News cited Pelosi responding to the eviction order as:

“With all of the important decisions that the new Republican Leadership must address, which we are all eagerly awaiting, one of the first actions taken by the new Speaker Pro Tempore was to order me to immediately vacate my office in the Capitol.”

Pelosi also showed resentment of the eviction from the office by stating that this order of the Acting Speaker was a “sharp departure from tradition” and added that when she was the House Speaker, she let the former Speaker at the time keep a large suite of offices indefinitely.

Many conservatives cheered at the news of Pelosi’s eviction from her hideaway and didn’t hold back from sharing their approval on Twitter/X.

Pelosi was also reminded of being too old to hold any public office with comments like, “Stop playing the victim and go find an assisted-living community to rule over.”

Conservative actor James Woods had only two words to rub it in some. 

Meanwhile, McHenry himself became the subject of memes as he expressed his frustration at the ousting of McCarthy, his long-term ally, by banging the gavel at the end of his speech.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Good job. The next move should be out of office

  2. frank stetson

    What goes around, comes around, and petty politics, revenge politics, and politics by retribution never ends well. They gave her a day to vacate, threatened to rekey it while she was attending Feinstein’s tribute. McCarthy laid down the order, his replacement did the deed and they got Hoyer’s office as well just for spite.

    This is not the normal tradition for ex-speakers and ex-majority leaders. And it certainly was not done with any sense of decorum or class; it was mean.

    McCarthy made his own bed with the rules; his own party did him in, if Democrats had saved him from his own party this time, they would have just done it again, maybe 14 more times like before.

    It’s your House, maintain it.

    I am guessing they will not straighten out by November 17th and the shutdown will be our Christmas gift to the Russians and Chinese.

    See you in November. Actions have consequences. You fucked with Pelosi. She is a master of the game. Hoyer is not bad either. McCarthy has shown his acumen and expertise, his lacky speaker is a no one, and Gaetz is still a rookie. Good luck.

    • Tom

      I agree Frank. Sounds like petty politics to me. I think professional courtesy is a thing of the past. We are in the age of revenge politics. For the country’s sake as well as Ukraine, I hope you are wrong about a shut down. My fear is that with these idiots you may be correct. Gaetz is busy raking in campaign funding at McCarthy’s expense, and scheduling interviews on talk shows. Sooner or later it will bit him in the ass. Politics is a contact sport with plenty of payback to go around.

  3. andy

    Let the Roman Circus begin!

  4. Maria

    The speaker was doing everything the Democrats wanted and what Pelosi whispered in his ear. Good ridden and hopefully the next speaker will stand up for what’s best for this country that the Left is destroying

  5. Mike f

    Definitely petty politics. Was something triggered by McCarthy-who is likely pissed that the Democrats didn’t ride in and save his ass like they did in preventing the government shutdown. Of course, if he hadn’t been so dumb as to go on the Sunday news shows and blame the dems for causing the shutdown crisis, he might have received a few votes. There is one point that Urnst missed however, that McHenry doesn’t have authority to conduct that kind of business-his business is to elect a new new speaker and nothing else. Of course we can’t really expect the Republicans to play by the rules can we?

    • Dan tyree

      Petty revenge politics are the invention of the democrats. People get punished and vilified for questioning the reasons of government corruption and stupidity. The left doesn’t care if trump is guilty or not. They only want to damage him because he would tear down the commie system if re-elected. It’s been proven that government law enforcement like the FBI is weaponized and siced on anyone who complains. But it’s really emboldened conservatives. So bring it on. Mike F as in fag and Frank fairy tries to spin things that have already been proven bullshit by the Biden crowd