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PBP Writer Selected as Finalist in International Screenwriting Contest

PBP Writer Selected as Finalist in International Screenwriting Contest

We at Punching Bag Post want to take a moment to celebrate the achievement of writer Ernest Dempsey – whose short film script “The One Egg Challenge” is being considered among the top 10 finalists in the 2022 Shark Awards’ 5-minute short film script writing contest. 

The 5-minute short film script writing contest was added to the annual Shark Awards lineup in 2021, with the grand prize of €1,000 and a shark head trophy going to Irish writer Mary Kirwan for her comedic story titled “Soulmate Wanted.” The story, which follows a woman who embarks on a journey to find her soulmate during a pandemic, is currently under production to become a short film. 

Like its first year, the 2022 event drew hundreds of entries from writers throughout the world. Applicants were asked to submit a script ranging from 1-5 minutes centered on a specific topic: one egg in any situation. 

“Any type of egg you like – hen, ostrich, unfertilized, Faberge, Pterodactyl, fried, thrown, smuggled, stolen,” reads the contest brief. “As long as your story revolves around and egg of some sort and exhibits humor or drama or horror or romance.”

Dempsey’s story, “The One Egg Challenge,” centers on a farmer who claims to possess a magical duck egg.

Other works by Dempsey include: 

Dropping the Eyelids: Nonfiction for the Soul (2022) 

Recovering the Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing (2010)

The 2022 entries will be judged by Damiano Vukotic, a script writer who currently works at Ridley Scott Creative Group as the Global New Business Director. “Having begun my career working in film development, that led me on to be immersed in the short film medium, developing my own scripts and producing a BAFTA nominated short film, so I am very much looking forward to judging this year’s short film submissions,” says Vukotic.  

Shark Awards contest winners will be announced on February 22nd. Good luck, Ernest!! 

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