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Paul Ryan Will Likely Be Drafted for Speaker

Paul Ryan Will Likely Be Drafted for Speaker

Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has said multiple times he does not want to be Speaker of the House, third in line for the Presidency and one of the most powerful positions in America. He has declined to enter the run for the speakership.

Paul Ryan is about to be drafted.

According to Sunday talk show Face the Nation, Reince Priebus, head of the Republican National Committee, has asked personally asked Paul Ryan to step up.  According to the Washington Post, retiring Speaker John Boehner will also be asking Paul Ryan to run.

The majority of the buzz in conservative media is calling for him to run.  He has the endorsement of the National Review.  Ben Carson has expressed his hopes Ryan will step up. The Sunday talking heads are urging him to run.

Within the house, several Congressman have stepped up.  Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina said, “”Paul has earned a great deal of credibility, especially on fiscal issues and if you look across the right wing of our party that is sort of a unifying theme.”  According to Breitbart, Current Speaker hopeful Jason Chaffetz of Utah has said he will not run against Ryan.

Ryan is currently the Chairman of the Ways and Means committee, arguably the most powerful position in Congress, next to the Speakership.  Ryan’s work in proposing balanced budgets attracted enough attention for Mitt Romney to choose him as his VP running mate.  Ryan, again on Thursday said he believed he could serve his country best in his current position.

Author’s note:  We are predicting Paul Ryan will accept and will be the next Speaker of the House. He is and always has been the best choice.

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