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Paris Terrorist Slipped in with Refugees

Paris Terrorist Slipped in with Refugees

In an unsurprising but important revelation, CNN reports French sources have identified one terrorist as having slipped in with the influx of Syrian refugees. The bomber who detonated at the Stade de France, had listed himself as Ahmad al Mohammad, when he arrived on the Greek Island of Leros, October 3.

This is likely to spur a slowdown in the acceptance of Syrian refugees in all parts of Europe. We believe this was actually one of the goals of the terrorist attack. 

Two others who detonated themselves last Friday carried false Turkish passports. Additionally, according to Jean  Thoreau, a spokesman for the Belgian special prosecutor, two more of the terrorists were French citizens who lived in the Molenbeek district of Brussels, Belgium.

This information underscores the breadth and sophistication of the ISIS organization in Europe, a message we believe is intentional. This is a vast organization, built over many years (perhaps built by others then co-opted by ISIS) and growing.  Part of the message is they are willing to use up this many terrorist cells in a single attack, along with the intelligence and methods that will result from the investigations, because perhaps they have so many more.

They appear to operate in the classic terrorist cell structure designed to isolate individual action units and protect them in case a terrorist from another cell is captured. Terrorist organizations like the Irish Republican Army, the ETA (Basque separatists), the Japanese Red Army and hosts of other were able to operate for in some cases for over 20 years using this strategy. .

Raids in Muslim communities have begun in France and Belgium, multiple arrests have occurred. 


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