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Parents Love Charter Schools, Elizabeth Warren Says NO!

Parents Love Charter Schools, Elizabeth Warren Says NO!

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has unveiled a controversial education plan that promotes government-run schools over charter and private schools.

The $800 billion proposal supports the NAACP’s suggestions to ban for-profit charter schools, hold nonprofit charter schools to the same transparency and accountability standards as traditional public schools, and grant individual school districts (not states) the power to regulate and reject charter schools.

Warren also wants to quadruple Title 1 funding (currently at $15 billion), which goes to high-poverty schools, solve the problem of ‘chronic absenteeism’ without punishing parents or students, and send the IRS to find out if any nonprofit charters are serving for-profit interests.

“We have a responsibility to provide great neighborhood schools for every student,” reads the proposal. “We should stop the diversion of public dollars from traditional public schools through vouchers or tuition tax credits…We should fight back against the privatization, corporatization, and profiteering in our nation’s schools.

The proposal was celebrated by teachers’ unions (which have been on strike over pay, support staff, class size, and competition from charter schools), but widely criticized by parents.

According to a study published this month at the Annenberg Institute at Brown University, private and charter schools outperform public schools in virtually every metric – including satisfaction with teachers, discipline, academic standards, and student enjoyment.

The report, which supports findings from other studies on the same subject, took into account more than 200 variables including parent education, household income, and family engagement. The advantages of private and charter schools remained consistent despite grade performance and school choice. 

Furthermore, the lottery system typically used by private schools was associated with an 18% increase in student satisfaction.

“The thing that’s stunning about this is she is sort of portraying herself in so many of her other policies as taking on a David and Goliath fight, standing against all the big forces that control the little guys,” says Amy Wilkins of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. “And with this she did a total flip and is lining herself up with the biggest donor to the Democratic Party – teachers unions – and kicking poor kids to the curb.”

What is a charter school?

Charter schools are educational alternatives to public schools created by corporations under the guidance of a local school district or university. Because they are independently operated, charter schools are not forced to follow the regulations imposed on traditional public schools and thus offer more flexibility for students.

In exchange, charter schools expect higher performance from students.

Charters schools are held accountable for the academic results and other promises outlined in their charters. If a charter school does not meet those goals, it may be closed. In situations where there are more students seeking to attend a charter school than the school has seats available, a lottery system is used to determine enrollment.

Author’s Note: Charter schools have worked wonders for parents and students throughout the United States. Take Broward County, FL, where, according to officials and teachers who work there,  the availability of charter schools has resulted in the closure of very poor schools and the reorganization of others. The result is a better system overall, with better opportunities for students and parents.

Warren’s ‘no child left behind’ mentality also means that no children have the opportunity to get ahead and some children get a poor education. Forcing all schools and all students into the same learning environment is not the answer to education.

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  1. Bill

    Warren privately supports private schools but for you and your kinder she wants to FORCE them to be improperly taught by some lying Dems in a public school so they will be good stupid people bowing to her, warren.

  2. ben rickey

    The left wing and teachers unions for the most part truly
    resist ANY attempt to wrest control from them.
    They are after all the only people that have expertise in child education.
    From setting the goals to creating the agenda.
    Indoctrination is a strong driver, and all to much of education has become

    Pedagogy has its place in the lower grades.
    By Junior High School (7th grade) the need for extensive pedagogy knowledge wanes and the actual
    passing on of knowledge becomes paramount.

    And simply memorizing facts, methods, and techniques while applicable in some areas, like mathematics for basic skills, in others understanding the path that was taken is often far more valuable.

    Doing higher math becomes a disaster if you cannot add up multiples of a factor quickly.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. ”
    George Santayana, Life of Reason, Reason in Common Sense,
    Scribner’s, 1905, page 284

  3. Daniel

    Exclusively run government education systems are the most efficient and insidious way of indoctrinating our youth.
    Controlling education =governmental mind control of future generations of voters who are raised devoid of the freedom, values and culture their families hold. Are American families going to be asked to turn over their children to a godless and inefficient government hell bent on creating mindless political zombies? Not going to happen in the America most of us want top live in!

  4. Miki

    Wow! Government control from the bedroom to the boardroom.
    Wake up America, we will soon be a communist country if the liberals get their way.

  5. Linde Barrera

    “Government run schools” is a name for writers who do not like the words “public schools”. Ha ha ha, good one! There is absolutely nothing wrong with public schools, unless you think of yourself as an elitist and feel that charter schools are the only choice. Teachers in charter schools do not earn as much money as those in public schools because the managing director (not the principal or asst. principal) has to get his/her “cut” of the public funds to the charter school. Ha ha ha!

    I want to do a search to see what latest study shows public schools have outperformed charter schools. And my childhood-high school system, the NYC public school system, has produced dozens upon dozens of individuals who have become notable and even famous in their fields of endeavor. That cannot be discounted.

  6. BENNIE Pruett

    I don’t like the way PUBLIC schools TEACH ABOUT sex AND gender GOD made a man and a women nothing else. ALSO MANY OTHER problems . We should be teaching children RESPECT for COUNTRY PLEDGE allegiance to AMERICA under GOD . THIS is a CHRISTIAN NATION UNDER GOD BLESS U.S.

  7. Tillie Jones

    No I will not vote for any liberal socialist communist. You college kids need to do your research. Nothing but nothing is for free. In order to get everything free it has to come out of someone’s pockets and if you think the rich folks are going to support you lazy people think again. Work for what you want and deserve you might feel good about yourselves.