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Parental Rights – Communists demand end to ‘Christian fascism’

Parental Rights – Communists demand end to ‘Christian fascism’

If there’s one thing you don’t expect to see at a routine school board meeting, it’s communist protestors with megaphones – but that’s exactly what happened earlier this month in Orange County, CA. 

On September 7th, protestors with the Revolutionary Communist Party disrupted a school board meeting as officials prepared to vote on a new policy that would require staff to notify parents when their child shows signs of being transgender (videos linked at end of article).

The policy applies to children who ask to be treated as a gender that does not match their biological sex, request to use a different name/pronoun, express feelings of gender dysphoria, or ask to participate in a sport that is not allowed due to their biological sex. 

“As [someone in education], I hold and hide nothing from the parents of my students,” argued Board Member Angie Rumsey. “The relationship begins with a realization that, as the teacher, I am not going to hide anything or keep information from a parent.”

I can understand why a school teacher or counselor would feel obligated to let parents know if their child was acting a certain way; however, school is historically a place where children have the opportunity to express themselves without being observed by their parents.

From the perspective of a student, I would feel betrayed if my school shared information with my parents that I was not ready to share with them myself. I would also feel embarrassed if the “tomboy” behavior I displayed as an athletic young woman was interpreted as gender dysphoric. 

From the perspective of a parent, I would want my child to feel comfortable speaking to me about anything – even something as disruptive as transgender identity – and would feel betrayed if this information came to me from my child’s teacher instead of my child. But that does not mean I would not want to know about it. 

According to the Orange Unified School Board, the parental notification policy is designed to “promote communication and positive relationships with parents” and to “bring the parent or guardian into the decision-making process for mental health and social-emotional issues of their children” in order to “prevent or reduce potential instances of self-harm.”

To protect students, the policy includes the caveat that school counselors are not required to divulge information to parents if they believe this information could put the child in danger. 

Before the school board meeting devolved into a screaming match, one communist protestor described the policy as “part of a larger Christian fascist movement with a theocratic agenda of ruling through open White supremacy, male supremacy, and open violence and terror… these fascists – at the school boards, in the courts, and throughout society – are moving to steal elections they lose or resort to outright violence if necessary to impose this agenda.” 

Ironically, another communist protestor bragged about being arrested and urged her colleagues towards violence. “We’re getting organized for a real revolution to get rid of the system,” she said. “Any kind of trying to negotiate with any of these fascists in the room, on the board, is illegitimate.” 

Before being ushered away by security guards, she called on anyone “with humanity for LGBTQ people [to] get ready for a revolution to overthrow this whole system that gave birth to this White supremacy and this male supremacy.” 

Detractors not associated with the communist group argued the policy increases the chances that a transgender student will be bullied at school, be rejected by their family, hurt themselves/commit suicide, and lose trust in the education system.

The policy also places undue burden on teachers, reads a letter from the Orange Unified Educators Association: “In addition to the legal issues, this policy requires certificated employees to have the appropriate knowledge, training, and time to have communication with students and guardians about sensitive and confidential issues.”

The parental notification policy was approved unanimously by members of the Orange Unified School Board after more than three hours of public commentary. The only board members who opposed the policy left the meeting in protest before the vote. 

“During the chaos, direct threats were made to trustees in the minority and the crowd was getting increasingly aggressive,” complained Board Member Andrea Yamasaki in a text after she walked out of the meeting. “There was no crowd control and I felt that the personal safety of my colleagues and myself was compromised.” 

Orange Unified is the sixth school district in California to pass this policy and one is already being sued by California Attorney General Rob Bonta. Bonta, a Democrat, joins the communists in viewing the policy as a “violation of the rights, privacy, and lives of LGBTQ youth by outing them against their will.”

Speaking to reporters, Bonta added, “I have said it before and I will say it again: We will not tolerate any policy that perpetuates discrimination, harassment, or exclusion within our educational institutions.”

Schools began to take on this issue after a proposal introduced by Republican California Assemblymember Bill Essayli was denied a hearing at the state level in April 2023.

“In a state like California…a blue state, it becomes really the only option for these kinds of policies and actions to be occurring,” explains Julie Marsh, a Professor of Education who attended the board meeting. “And it shows us that we’re not immune.”

Marsh added that the situation in Orange County is a “wake-up call for folks to just pay a little bit more attention to school boards.”


Videos of the communists speaking at the board meeting: here and here.

Communists demand end to ‘Christian fascism’ at chaotic school board meeting over parental notification policy 

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  1. Dan tyree

    We demand an end to communist fascism

  2. JoeyP

    They’re COMMUNISTS! . . . What does that TELL you?!?

  3. frank stetson

    You wouldn’t know a communist if you saw one and probably believe ALL DEMOCRATS to be communists which would also mean your head is knee deep in your ass. Democrats are not communists, not marxist, not even socialists. We do have a Democratic Socialist wing where the likes of AOC reside, but AOC does not run the Democratic party.

    Likewise, as much as I would like to beat you over the head with it, the extreme end of your party acts like fascists but they are really not fascists. But keep it up, I might change my mind.

    The Revolutionary Communist Party is just a party of the American Communist Party consisting of less than 15,000 stupid Americans and based out of the Bay area, so this was quite the road trip for them but probably the end of their reach, not to mention the power to affect real social change by going up against a school board. And funny they picked on Orange County, the last California urban Republican stronghold, although they did elect Democrat Katie Porter who eviscerates Republicans regularly. I love to watch her work. It’s like watching a younger Aunt Bee asking simple questions before the hammer comes down. She’s financially smart as a whip.

    But there you are, a splinter group travelling the state, taking on school boards —– oh no, the culture is at risk from 15,000 angry US communists in a CULT attacking school boards in one California county. Pretty funny that it’s Orange Country. My business associate, gay, born in Orange County, would laugh his head off. If only aids had not killed him.

    Seriously, shouldn’t we all sit down and hash this stuff out. Conservatives just saying NO is not the answer, neither is trans women’s sports. But these folks exist, need to be treated with equal rights under the law, and we need to learn how to live together, in peace if not in harmony. It can start at a young age, we need a proper and safe way to handle that. Especially given situations where parents are either not equipped or go bat shit crazy on the kid. We used to have similar issues for unwanted teen pregnancies, but half the country solved that, they just tie em down and force em to deliver whatever seed has been planted by anyone who planted it. And good luck tying the man to the child, bitch. Whatever, we need to figure this stuff out because THIS is not working.

    • Dan tyree

      Communists are running the democrats. The proof is the agenda that tries to erode personal freedom and are trying to take authority over our kids. The democrats are made up of lying Marxist bastards. I’m glad to have this discussion. For many years people feared and hated communism. Even the old school democrats. Not much discussion after a REPUBLICAN ended the communist stranglehold over Europe. Now it’s time to reeducate ourselves on what communism is and how people are being fooled into accepting it. People should only compare the agendas of the parties and decide for themselves. But people like Frank are too damned stupid to see. He mentioned having college degrees. That’s great. So do I. But I attended a school that educates and doesn’t indoctrinate.

      • frank stetson

        Can you find any communists anywhere in the world that support the agenda you are blaming on US Democrats? Can you find one Democrat that is a known marxist? Where does Karl Marx support the agenda you are blaming on US Democrats?

        Communism never had a stranglehold over England, Finland, Denmark, France, Italy, and Norway to name a few. Russia has the economic might of Italy; they are a paper tiger as the Ukraine war is proving. Yes, the wall came down in Germany during the 1989 revolution however Germany was not unified until 1990, post Reagan. The Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991, post Reagan. Gee, I think Russia and it’s satellites are still communist, or worse, no matter what they call themselves.

        You keep spewing bullshit without a shred of evidence.

        Name on communist law, program or policy? Because you will be on thin water if you go for LGBTQ rights…..

        You can call me all the names, sling your mud, but it obvious you do it because you serve up weak tea and can’t toe the line to support the bullshit you spew.

        • Dan tyree

          Frank is pissed off. Better than pissed on. Most of the agents and beliefs of the democrat party are right out of the Marxist era. Your party can’t stand the thought of people being in charge of their lives. Especially our children. A person doesn’t have to be a card carrier to uphold the beliefs of any individual or group. I totally believe in the idea behind many civic organizations but I don’t hold membership. No Frank, I really don’t think that you should become a Republican. I’m more of a libertarian. The republicans could use some work. I seldom listen to Shaun Hannity but I really like mark levine And yes, I personally think that law enforcement is weaponized and has been used by both parties. It’s like the days when hippies were shouting “down with the establishment “. That seems to be the rallying cry of the democrats, especially the younger ones like the bimbo AOC. She would make me get rid of our cows if she could. She might have had a bad experience standing behind a cow. But if the “establishment “ had been taken down, it would have been people like her who caused it. But what would it had been replaced with? Today people are still trying to take down the establishment of personal freedom and being responsible for our own lives and security

  4. frank stetson

    Crickets it is as you respond with flowery generalities and no specifics, facts, or statistics.

    If Republicans “can’t stand the thought of people being in charge of their lives. Especially our children,” then why:

    = the abortion bans in 21 RED states, even for minors?
    = forcing rape and incest deliveries in 15 RED states, even for minors?
    = books are banned in 7 states, over 1,500 banned so far, mostly for 13-17 year olds with 50% of the bans in FL and TX. Bans only require parents to contest any given book and we are off to the races. Do you know any school librarian that will say no to a parents request?
    = Republicans in Wisconsin want to allow 14-yr old to serve alcohol in bars.
    = Republicans in AR, KS, IA and other states pushing for 14-yr olds to work more hours out to full time even
    = In FL, there teaching blacks the benefits of slavery which sure seems like being in charge of one’s body, NOT.
    = Some states ban the wearing of masks in schools, that’s kid control for political reasons and totally against the scientific recommendations.

    It appears that Republicans are busy, very busy, at restricting people from doing what they want to do, whether with their bodies, or in their daily lives. From voting to teaching to being pregnant, Republicans over the past two years have passed hundreds of restrictive bills.

    I have indicated a number above, and the states they are enacted in, can provide more sourcing if needed.

    You provided squat, crickets, inuendo, and generalities with no specifics, facts, statistics, or even states where the egregious evil you speak of can be found. A school board protest by a splinter CULT group is not exactly a trend. Nor have you proven that Democrats are communists much less marxists.


    • Dan tyree

      More proof from Frank. You can’t fix stupid

      • frank stetson

        Again, name calling, generalities, no specifics, no facts, no sources.

        Dan cannot toe the line to debate the issues. He fails to do more than a feckless harangue

        • Dan tyree

          I’m willing to debate stupid people. It’s fun

  5. Frank stetson

    Name calling is not debating; personal attacks are not debate worthy, it’s what people who can’t make a cogent argument with reasonable support do.

    You can’t defend your point so you lash out instantaneously losing the argument.

    And you still keep on, you still can’t toe the line in support of your bullshit. You still provided crickets in support so I guess what you said you can’t support.

    • Dan tyree

      Tell that shit to your antifa bastards when they attack people who are conservatives. Or the college punks assaulting conservative students and running them off from college. Don’t play the victim here. I’ve seen enough of your stupidity posts to know that you are only trying to cover up and deny. I’ve even read your posts advocating violence. Like recently when you were taunting trump and his supporters to “bring it on”. I’m not bringing anything on. But I’m ready

      • Frank stetson

        You may be ready, but you still are a weak debater stooping to personal attacks because you can’t support your own statements.

        I responded to those Trumpets to just do what they stated. You too. Be ready to not bring it on or whatever you’re attempting to say.

        Still only have crickets as support of your apparently unsupportable claims and fabrications.

  6. Frank stetson

    Dan, perhaps it’s time for you to admit I will never love you. I am not gay so spend your attentions on someone more likely to respond.

    Feel free to discuss the issues if you can actually support something you utter. But otherwise, please stop with the gay foreplay. You might, but I don’t swing your way.

    • Dan tyree

      I won’t dignify that with an answer. But I’ve already out debated you. All I read is trump trump trump. Quit being so afraid of him

  7. frank stetson

    “Feel free to discuss the issues if you can actually support something you utter. ” You can not, have not, provided any evidence or sources for your claims as I noted above instead stooping to personal attacks, and now, complete fabrication.