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'Overwhelming Evidence' that Rescue Teams in Benghazi were Turned Back

'Overwhelming Evidence' that Rescue Teams in Benghazi were Turned Back

Emmy Award winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson spoke on Newsmax TV this Wednesday, saying there is an “overwhelming body of evidence that leads us to believe that somebody stopped a number of teams and potential rescuers from entering Libya or going to Benghazi to help while those attacks were underway.”

Speaking via phone on “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Attkisson discussed the worrisome results of her Benghazi investigation. Based on email evidence and eyewitness accounts, Special Forces in Europe were turned away when they attempted to respond to the 2012 attacks. “This is something that the president and the White House has steadfastly denied,” she said. 

“According to experts and people that have information we spoke to, they [the rescue teams] could have gotten there before the last two Americans died,” she said. “Those attacks went on for eight hours.” The infamous Benghazi attacks resulted in the death of five Americans including an ambassador and two Navy SEALs.

In the words of a CIA anti-terrorism expert she spoke to, “the only person who stops those forces that spun up automatically without waiting to be told – the only force is the commander in chief, slash the White House, an authority that comes from him,” said Attkisson.  

A segment on the Benghazi attacks was featured this week on Attkisson’s syndicated news-magazine show “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson.” “The president has made it clear that he will go outside Congress’ authority and sometimes even outside the law to accomplish what he wants to accomplish,” she said. “It’s an interesting showdown.” 

Sharyl Attkisson is also the author of Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington.


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