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Over 4000 Islamic Extremists Have Been Smuggled Into Europe

Over 4000 Islamic Extremists Have Been Smuggled Into Europe

According to Buzzfeed, an Islamic State operative has confirmed the infiltration of more than 4000 covert Islamic gunmen into Europe.  Much of this occurred through the sparsely guarded 565-mile border with Turkey.  Apparently local smugglers were used to traverse the border, after which the trained terrorists take advantage European Union good will, presenting themselves as asylum seekers.

These new revelations add to BBC reports last May which described the smuggling of refugees into Europe.  Libya, a country in chaos with no stable government, has provided an environment for traffickers to thrive, providing an avenue into Italy from the south.

According to the BBC report, at that time Egypt’s ambassador to the UK warned of “boats full of terrorists” if the international community does not act. The Italian government also expressed fears of militants infiltrating boats intended for humanitarian aid.

Author’s note:  Considering how dangerous even a small group of terrorists can be, this is a devastating security situation for the European Union.  You can assume the following:

1. They are well trained and will work in isolated “cells’ of 3 to 5 each.  That means over 800 independent and secure operating units.

2. They will have access to large amounts of cash, and the resources to do what they need to do.  The Islamic State is large and well supported.

3. Their leadership will know how to orchestrate them, when they hit it will seem like World War III.

4. Europe is home 44 million Muslims.  Coordination of attacks be multiple terrorist cells would cause a wave of sympathy violence among normally moderate Muslims.


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