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Oscar Winner Endorses Netanyahu

Oscar Winner Endorses Netanyahu
While the overwhelming majority of Hollywood elites are extremely vocal about their negative feelings towards Israel, Jon Voight has spoken up to defend the Jewish state’s right to protect itself. In a new ad with a message to Israel, the legendary actor accuses President Obama of wanting Bibi Netanyahu to lose the upcoming Israeli election, stating that Obama seeks to be friends with Israel’s enemies. Voight went on to compare the current Obama administration to the notoriously weak Neville Chamberlain.

Israel is currently in the process of electing their Prime Minister. Netanyahu, who is currently facing criticism for ordering bombings of U.N. schools, has been polling behind centrist opponent Issac Herzog. President Obama expressed his disapproval of Netanyahu’s recent visit to America, calling the excursion a campaigning tactic. Regardless of the differing of opinions, Netanyahu eventually spoke in front of the U.S. congress. As of the time this article is published, the Israeli election is too close to call. Time will only tell the impact of the Oscar winning Voight’s endorsement of Netanyahu.

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