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Only Two 2024 Candidates Can Salvage America, Says Conservative Expert 

Only Two 2024 Candidates Can Salvage America, Says Conservative Expert 

There are only two 2024 presidential candidates who can help America get out of the existing crisis, according to senior military strategist and conservative commentator Colonel Douglas Macgregor. And Ron DeSantis is not either of them.

On Friday (July 21), Colonel Macgregor was interviewed on Steak for Breakfast Podcast, Episode 258. After his analysis of the current situation in Ukraine, the military expert and political analyst was also asked what was the way out out of this crisis and whether Trump can lead the U.S. out of this mess.

“There’s nobody out there, let’s be honest,” said Megcregor. “There’s no one else who can lead the nation out of the abyss that it is in at the moment but Donald Trump. Now I also think very highly of Bobby Kennedy.”

The expert military commentator praised Robert Kennedy Jr. for being a “real Democrat” and not a “Marxist anarchist nutcase, which is generally we have on the left.” 

Colonel Macgregor also added that the support President Trump has makes him a clear winner of 2024 but the problem of election integrity poses the problem.  In his words:

“There’s no reason to believe that the next round of elections will be any better or any more honest than what we’ve experienced in the past.”

He recounted the election day in 2020 when a friend of his called him from Las Vegas and told him how the absentee ballots were all over the place and all one had to do was pick one up and shove it in the ballot box. 

“That whole thing was a fraud,” said Macgregor and went on to express the concern that he’s not sure whether the conservatives are ready to deal with that kind of fraud in 2024. 

Commenting on President Trump’s weakness, Mr. Macgregor said that Trump puts too much emphasis on personal relationships while national and political interests are bigger and overpower personal opinions about leaders of the world’s nations.

A retired U.S. Army colonel, Mr. Macgregor served as a senior advisor to then Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller. He has made numerous media appearances, offering expert opinion mainly on strategic and military conflict issues.

Since the Russo-Ukraine War that started in February last year, Macgregor has been critical of NATO and Biden administration’s role in Ukraine and has challenged the mainstream media’s pro-Ukraine narrative. 

As a military expert, Macgregor believes that Ukraine stands no chance of a victory against Russia in the battlefield and the Zelensky regime is just a proxy of US-led NATO against Russia. Colonel Macgregor has come out as an anti-war voice that insists on strengthening national assets instead of letting the military industrial complex take away the country’s wealth for unnecessary wars.

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  1. frank stetson

    You couldn’t even find a General to support Trump in a hack partisan fashion?

    Must be slow newsmax copy/paste day; digging deep in the ole apple barrel aren’t you?

    • ZKN

      Frank, you just love hearing yourself talk as you comment on every article. Any chance you can get a life and stop living on these comment boards.

  2. andy

    Another kook who worships Trump. I have a friend who also thinks Trump walks on water. Every time I ask him about all the promises Trump made in 2016 that he did not deliver on, all I get is “You are delusional”. Trump has proven time and time again that he is just a boastful blowhard, a man with no real substance. Why should it be any different this time around?

  3. Jpop

    No more delusional than the idiots who are following our current loser president.

  4. andy

    Said loser president did not make boastful promises about what he will do. Trump insists he can end the Ukraine war in a day, what is he smoking? I wish we had two much younger candidates then these old fogeys. Their time is up.

    • Harold blankenship

      Andy you ain’t good enough to kiss Trump’s ass

      • Frank stetson

        That’s a job for Blankissassman. .

      • William Roberts

        What’s the matter, Harold? Are you afraid there isn’t enough room for you and anyone else to have your head up Trump’s ass?

  5. William Roberts

    Colonel Douglas Magregor is either a damn fool or an evil puppet of the Kremlin. He’s lied about Ukraine and it’s history. For example, Ukraine has their own language that goes back centuries. Yet this f*****g ass***e Macgregor would have you think there is no distinction between Ukraine and Russia, therefore all the atrocities Russia is committing are excusable. Putin said the worst thing that happened in the 20th Century was NOT WW2 or the holocaust, but rather the breakdown of the Soviet Union. Putin, who headed the KGB, has said his dream is to rebuild the Soviet Union. He’s already started by swallowing Belarus. He is a globalist that wants Moscow at the center. Macgregor is a useful idiot of the Kremlin, and a RINO who has betrayed the legacy of Ronald Reagan, William F. Buckley Jr. and Rush Limbaugh.