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Omnibus Passing Opens Door for Paul Ryan Criticism

Omnibus Passing Opens Door for Paul Ryan Criticism

It is not often that the Democratic party praises someone from its opposition, but this week, Obama openly praised Republican Speaker, Paul Ryan for doing his part to avoid a government shutdown.

Obama praised former Speaker John Boehner for raising spending levels before leaving office and making way for Ryan, whom according to Obama, did his part to negotiate with the Democrats to pass the Omnibus bill.

Obama called the passing of Omnibus as a win for his administration, predicting the last year of his presidency will also see more success for items on his agenda, although he admits he will still have some unfinished business when he leaves office.

Many conservative politicians and Americans are unhappy with the passing of Omnibus, however, some have tried to shift the blame away from Paul Ryan, including Representative Frank Guinta (R-NH). Guinta advised Americans to not direct their anger towards Ryan, but instead applaud his efforts to “work with the conference” and “include things that were important to different members.”

Guinta acknowledges his positive view of Ryan is probably not shared by many conservatives at the moment, but urges conservatives to look at Ryan’s long-term vision instead of the short-term outcomes. Guinta states, “I think he’s very focused on wanting to, particularly next year, deal with tax reform and entitlement reform.”

No matter the long-term plan, for now, Americans are left with a passing of the Omnibus bill which many believe will not help the country get on the right track of reducing spending.

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