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Ominous? Putin Praises China’s Plans for “New World Order”

Ominous? Putin Praises China’s Plans for “New World Order”

Amidst the backdrop of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing on the same date, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s close alliance raises concerns about China’s ulterior motives and the potential ramifications for the world. This gathering, which showcased China’s grand vision for a new world order, is not necessarily good news for the international community.

The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China’s flagship foreign policy, was at the forefront of this conference. While it purports to expand global connectivity and trade through massive infrastructure projects, it hides a more sinister agenda – dominance over it’s neighbors and neutralization of the West. President Putin’s prominent role in this event further underscores the geopolitical challenges that may lie ahead.

What may appear as a united front against Western dominance is, in reality, a calculated move by both leaders to challenge the United States. Their shared grievances towards the Western world order are a cause for concern. Their vision of a “fairer, multipolar world” masks a desire to undermine the current global order and elevate themselves as alternative leaders.

President Xi’s statement that “ideological confrontation, geopolitical rivalry, and bloc politics are not a choice for us” should be viewed with skepticism. Behind this rhetoric lies a clear resistance to Western efforts to pressure China on issues such as trade, technology, and Taiwan’s status. China’s opposition to unilateral sanctions and economic coercion conveniently serves its interests in evading international scrutiny.

The absence of European Union countries at this conference speaks volumes about the divisive nature of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. While Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary was the lone European Union representative, nearly 150 developing nations eagerly participated. This reflects China’s enticing financial incentives and infrastructure projects, which come at a significant cost.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative, funded by nearly $1 trillion in loans, may have spurred economic growth in some nations, but it has left others shackled by onerous debt obligations. Despite these consequences, China persists in promoting the BRI as an alternative to Western-led development models.

President Putin’s presence at the forum allowed him to present himself as a global power broker, despite allegations of war crimes in Ukraine and international isolation. In a world where Western nations seek to isolate Russia, Putin’s interactions with Asian leaders showcased Russia’s enduring global influence.

While this conference unfolded, the Middle East faced a crisis between Israel and Hamas, a conflict that threatened to engulf the entire region. China and Russia’s reluctance to unequivocally condemn Hamas set them apart from the United States and Europe’s staunch support for Israel, raising concerns about their motivations in the Middle East.

In essence, the Belt and Road Forum provided China with a stage to promote its vision of a new world order, one that challenges American dominance. However, the implications of this vision for the world are far from positive. China’s dedication to reshaping the global order through economic influence and infrastructure projects should be viewed with caution.

This has been long in the planning, and the Biden Administration doesn’t seem to be able to grasp the importance of these move. And now they are almost complete – this will cost us dearly.

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  1. Tom

    China and Russia have been planning a new owrld order for a long time through both Republican and Democratic administrations. I am not sure but if I had to estimate completeness of their plan, I would put them on about their 45 yard line. There is a a lot involved in trying to make a plan like that a reality. The USA should be very concerned.

  2. Frank stetson

    Wait, how can you have two new world orders? Wouldn’t this be the Brand New Nee World Order? And what happened to the Okd New World Order?

    We need a score card on which conspiracy is in vogue.

    Fact is, Russia may have military might, but an economic powerhouse they ain’t. China would need a few more Russia’s to do that. Think the economic power of Italy. Still scared?

    45yrd line sounds about right and I would be more afraid of China, economically wise. If the Yen displaces the Dollar in the Petro dollar for example.

    • Tom

      Well unfortunately we have not been privy to Xi’s speech and plan. What China has wanted for over twenty years is a new world financial order that essentially can get around US sanctions. They see sanctions as intrusions on the power structure they wish to put in place. So if I had to guess, the new world order is a power and finance structure that has China and Russia at the center (centralized authority) and the USA and Europe (which represents the old world order that is more distributed and democratic) more on the peripheral. It is your basic “Authority versus Democracy” street brawl like you would expect to see in downtown Newark or Trenton.

      Conspiracies may or may not be true, it takes evidence. I do believe there is common real document able thread of evidence between what is happening in Russia vs. Ukraine, Israel vs. Hamas/Hezbollah, Iran, BRI, BRICS. That common thread is best described by “anti-west / anti-democracy”. That common thread is best displayed as we see and hear the belligerence of China’s rhetoric as well as their behavior in the South China Sea where in the past year there have been 180 incidents of bad behavior by Chinese fighter pilots and naval ship captains. You and I would call this muscle flexing. We all are to blame for the ground this opportunistic authoritative axis has gained because we are the voters that caused all of the problems in Congress. We are constantly broadcasting our dysfunction, both Dems and Repubs. It is being broadcasted and on full display now where one person, Gaetz, backed by about 10 other persons known as the Freedom Caucus have caused our Congress and its 435 or so members to be in total disarray and dysfunction. Before that, Biden impeachment threats, Biden Crime Family rhetoric, etc. Before that two impeachments of Trump, before that McConnel’s famous words that the mission of the GOP is to make Obama a one term president – and all of this against a backdrop of social injustice topped with social and moral unrest and rioting. This all sends the message of “disunity” which to some like China, Russia, Iran, India, Pakistan, Brazil, spells “opportunity”. If there were more moderates and Independents in Congress this would not happen, which is why I am an Independent. We are waiting for you!

      I think you did a Biden brainfart. :>) Yen is Japanese. Chinese would be the Yuan.

      • Frank stetson

        Not a oops, I just got it totally wrong 😁

  3. Frank stetson

    Independents like Bernie Sanders?