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Oh, give them a home where the buffalo roam …

Oh, give them a home where the buffalo roam …

Perhaps President Biden was reminiscing over that old western ballad “Home on the Range” when he got the idea of housing tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in our National Parks – literally putting them where the buffalo roam.  At least what is left of them – the buffalos, not the migrants.

Thinking that is a very bad idea for many reasons, congressional Republicans are proposing legislation – House Bill 5283 – that would prohibit the settling of those entering America illegally on America’s nature and vacation lands.

Assumedly, the Biden plan would require the construction of low-income housing – something more than the urban tent villages created by Democrat mayors to house the homeless.  The homeless struggle for survival in tent and cardboard box housing — with little sanitation and rampant crime and drug addiction.  At the same time, Biden wants the illegal aliens to have decent housing with to-die-for vistas. 

Not that housing the homeless in national parks is a good idea.   Hell … it is not even a good idea to house them in city parks and recreational areas.  But comparing the two groups gives us an idea of which one Biden and the Democrats like best.

In fact, Biden places the illegal aliens in higher regard and favor than he does all those cattle ranchers he kicked off federal lands that they have been using for grazing since … forever.  And those lands are not even national parks.  Besides, grazing is good for the environment.  Those wonderful bovines are incredible environmental bio-systems.  They eat the grass and deposit fertilizer.

And if you want to see Biden blood pressure start up, just suggest oil exploration on federal lands that are not national parks.  He wants fossil fuel as extinct as the creatures that created it.

In opposing the Bill, Biden issues this statement on November 27.

“The Administration strongly opposes H.R. 5283, which would prohibit the use of Federal funds to provide temporary shelter to certain noncitizens, including migrants seeking asylum, on Federal lands falling under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, or the Forest Service. The Administration opposes this legislation because it would significantly restrict the ability of the Department of the Interior and the Department of Agriculture to make decisions regarding the appropriate uses of their lands and resources, even in emergency or other situations.”

The added highlight draws attention to the INAPPROPRIATENESS of housing masses of illegal aliens on federal preserves that were created to PREVENT such housing developments.  That is why the lands were put aside – away from large scale commercial developments and resource exploration. 

The Bill does nothing to prevent the Interior Department for making decisions “regarding the APPROPRIATE use of their lands and resources” because creating such housing is NOT appropriate … period.  And as far as “temporary,” when does Uncle Sam create a social welfare program that is temporary.

(Hmmmm.  Just noticed that Biden is referring to the national parks as “their lands” – referring to the Interior Department. I always thought of them as OUR lands. It is a small point but does show the mindset of the left in terms of government v. we the people.  But I digress.)

The national parks are so sacrosanct in law and in the hearts of the American people that even President Franklin Roosevelt could not use them to confine all those Japanese Americans he forced into the unconstitutional concentration camps he erected at the onset of World War II.

It is not just a matter of housing all those people.  You need infrastructure – plumbing and tertiary waste systems (unless you employ the San Francisco tradition of public pooping).  If such villages are truly temporary, you still need some 50,000 port-a-potties.  You need food stores and restaurants – with emphasis on taco stands.  You need fire and police protection – more than you get from the Interior Department officers, who serve mostly as guides and for traffic control.  You will need churches and jails for those who take different paths in life.

If you want to envision such a public housing community, think about the public housing in our major cities.  You segregate and concentrate large populations of relatively impoverished minorities and you get ghettoes …. Slums.  Not good for the national parks … not good for the border crossers … and not good for America.  And if I am any judge of the American people … not good for Biden.

Just imagine constructing the Villages of the Illegals.  Would Biden cut down the giant Sequoia trees for their lumber.  Build bird-killing wind farms for electricity.  There would have to be a lot of auto charging stations since I cannot image Biden would allow ownership of gas guzzling vehicles.

Perhaps Biden sees the new developments as some sort of progressive utopia.  He may get fooled.  Methinks a lot of the radical environmentalists in his Democrat coalition will not take kindly to the degrading of the pristine lands that their environmental ancestors worked so hard to set aside.

In his usual disregard for the long-term consequences of his policies, will Biden locate thousands of the border crossers in Yellowstone National Park? If you are not aware it is an active mega volcano zone that WILL erupt at some point – and wipe most of America off the map.  Scientists say it could go off at any time.  It is a bit overdue based on its 300,000-year time cycle.  Others predict an eruption within the next 300,000 to 500,000 years.  If we follow typical government policies, I suspect that any person assigned to Yellowstone will get a disclaimer that they and their family could get vaporized in a nanosecond.

Some may see this commentary as a bit hyperbolic because it is.  But that does not diminish the notion that House Bill 5283 is a good idea because Biden wants to keep open an option for a very bad idea.  It is also scary to see what is going on in Washington while the political class and the media myopically focuses on Trump.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Dan tyree

    The best option would be to keep illegal people out of the country. It’s amazing how damned stupid democrats are. And before people like Frank get started this ain’t about Trump.

    • larry Horist

      Dan Tyree … You have Frank pegged. I could add that it is also not about me or the fictional me that possesses Frank’s mind. Or not about his autobiography. LOL

  2. Frank stetson

    Yeah baby; now I don’t even need to respond to be attacked for my response! For being obsessive in my lack of response. To create an imaginary Horist before I write word one. ☝️ .

    • Tom

      Don’t feel bad Frank. My dad used to give me a whooping and I would ask, “What was that for, I did not do anything?” He would say, “That’s for what you are going to do next!” :>)

      • Dan tyrer

        My dad said I probably did stuff he didn’t know about. He added it to my account. Lol. Maybe Trump reminds Frank of his father.

        • doug

          Here’s someone who definitely reminds feeble Frank of his father. Insert periods in empty spaces before and after “bing.”

          https://www bing com/videos/riverview/relatedvideo?q=klaus%20nomi%20and%20%20youtube&mid=BDF8C60E0914DF1D70E1BDF8C60E0914DF1D70E1&ajaxhist=0

  3. frank stetson

    That said, I do find humor in Horist’s offense comparison to drilling oil and gas which any moron can tell you will have longer term adverse effects on the environment than immigrants.

    Not to mention his umbrage over “Besides, grazing is good for the environment,” which I guess Chicago grown Horist is an expert in…. NOT. Proper grazing maybe, but even that’s doubtful, from methane to fouling streams to overgrazing soil erosion…..

    You can only imagine his ire at Trump befouling Mt. Rushmore for a fourth of July littering extravaganza photo op. NOT.
    Or his ire over the Santos-clause of dishonoring oh so many with his costumes and make-believe persona’s. NOT.
    “Just imagine constructing the Villages of the Illegals. Would Biden cut down the giant Sequoia trees for their lumber. Build bird-killing wind farms for electricity. There would have to be a lot of auto charging stations.” Is this Horist on hashish? The man sounds on the ganja. OR maybe he should be :>)

    Fact is we have a bigger issue than border crossings. It’s called immigration. What Horist seems to forget; these are actual humans. They have legally applied for asylum, which is OUR law. We should have some compassion at least, not just the butt of some admitted hyperbolic partisan agita joke. Or change the law; you own the House. The issue exists across the aisles but Republicans in the House don’t seem to be able to pass ANY meaningful legislation since 2022. Maybe if we told them there might be a hunter’s license involved, we could pique their interest. You spew unwanted babies all over the South, many that will end up living a similar life to these immigrants —- no, those are OK, no problems creating that ungodly mess. We need to fix this stuff and not just whine about it while blaming the other guy.

    The issue here is not tents in parks, the issue is IMMIGRATION —- the whole truth, not just illegal border crossings and media frenzy bus trips. And now, Republicans are once again holding Ukraine, and now Israel, hostage to extort their way on Immigration. Such a persuasive lot they are.

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson …. You write “as any moron can tell you” So … you are using morons as your source of information. Now I understand your obsessive moronic writings. Cannot respond further since that is far as I got into your loooong rant, but I am sure it is more of your mission to be the anti-Larry.

      • frank stetson

        Once again, Mr. Horist goes for the personality, not the issues. A reverse of his Trump support where he leans on the issues and ignores the personality as issue affecting. He says he knows me, he understands my “obsessive moronic writings” that he can’t objectively respond to the issues. He calls 300 words too long for his delicate mind, and he pens 50 to say absolutely nothing.

        Just don’t respond if you aren’t going to respond to the issues, with facts, and not just the name calling you are so famous for now.

        • doug

          Nyuk. An admitted Third Reich revivalist — as acknowledged in earlier editions of this conversation — whimpers and simpers about SOMEONE ELSE deflecting.

          But Larry Horist bears a good measure of responsibility for the methane emissions released by Mustafa Stetson, if that’s his true name.

          To be more precise, examine the preposterously crass depiction of Mustafa as “obsessively moronic.”

          Of all the nasty characterizations I’ve ever heard or seen directed at morons, that’s the worst.

          It’s time to demand that this comment board refuse to publish such cruel insults against morons, imbeciles and idjuts and to dispatch Mustafa to his reward. That can easily be done by turning the “flush” valve until the water can be heard swooshing.

        • Dan tyree

          It takes one to know one

      • Americafirst

        Why don’t the commenters know that Joe Biden is dead? Been dead since before his fake inauguration. The White House in DC is off limits to the fake Joe Biden and his Obama cast offs. They are using four different movie studio oval offices, or a studio built like a fake oval office. That being said, every single thing Biden says, or signs is illegal or unlawful in all ways. It’s all a movie to take down the Deep State which is working well in an order of events to do just that. How come there are so many military males coming into America without wives or children with them? Why are all of the illegals asking for amnesty? What about the women that come in illegally? And little kids without any mother or father? Did all (except the kids) commit crimes in their native country or have their native government have crimes on their books against these MILLIONS of illegals? Why are there millions of them suddenly coming here in the last few years when this extent has never happened before? Why are THEY running from the law from home? I do not think they all are running from their governments. We all know why they are here with more and more coming. Fake Biden has committed treason after treason unless it is a coup set up by the White Hats to get the real criminals-Deep State, Democrats in the House of Representatives along with Rino’s plus more like George Soros who also was executed. Cities here are being inundated with illegals. More are coming. If the fake Biden continues, soon we will all be told to get out of our homes (by gun point) to give our homes to those things coming into our country. We will be the homeless. Then we will be told to get the Hell out of America, thus the take down of America, bringing her to her knees or worse. America could become a fourth-world country then. Where will all of you be then? That is IF there is an America by then or any Earth left at all. Food for thought!

        • doug

          Now that you mention it, Quid Pro Groper Joe Bidet DOES move in an animatronic fashion, like the full-sized “talking” Abe Lincoln in Disneyland.

          And Animatronic Joe clearly seems to have no memory of anything he was programmed to utter in the past.

          He’s sort of like a gender-confused Stepford wife.

          Apologies to Stepford wives.

    • Tom

      Frank, I think you should research bison a little more. I found this in a recent BBC news report, “Tribes and conservation organisations have recently started bringing the bison back. And scientists studying the returns are discovering that getting the 2,000lb (900kg) grazer back in its native ecosystem could be key to the future of the prairie.” And then this, “Bison on the shortgrass prairie send a strong message about the importance of native grazers for landscape resilience. They may offer the prairie a lifeline as climate change tightens its grip.” And then this, “An adult bison eats about 25lb (11kg) of grass a day. The grasses adapted to their foraging. Vegetation across the plains uses the nutrients in their dung. Birds pluck their fur from bushes to insulate their nests.” And finally this, “Bison also shape the land literally. They roll in the dust and create indentations known as “wallows” that hold water after rainstorms. After the bison move on, insects flourish in these pools and become a feast for birds and small mammals. Pronghorn antelope survive by following their tracks through deep winter snows.”

      So I would think as a strong defender of the environment that you are, that you would be very in favor of Bison inhabiting the Great Plains rather than trash generating humans???

      I do not think Larry is trying to joke about what would be needed to house immigrants. He is correct in that the infrastructure needed to house this number of people would most likely change the landscape for centuries, and most likely bring in diseases from festering waste, and insects to spread those diseases, which would infect the villagers. Then when they are eventually relocated, they spread the diseases in an “accidental transfer” fashion.

      I do not think that Larry has forgotten that these people are humans. I think what he is saying is the current idea is very bad for environment and humans, and that there needs to be a better idea put on the table. Honestly, I am surprised that the environmentalist (including you) have not screamed bloody murder already over the trash left behind by these migrants and all of the earth trampling they are doing. The very nature of their caravans destroys habitats. And lets not forget that their sewage is not being treated so as to neutralize it to prevent greenhouse gases. And that raw sewage is flowing into streams and rivers with every rainstorm.

      I agree with you that the immigration problem needs to be solved, but so does the Southern Border problem need an equal amount of solving. Larry has often written about both, so he agrees with you to on these two points. What I think Larry is trying express in this article is that Biden’s solution of using federal lands is a boneheaded idea. I think we can all agree that we want these humans treated compassionately and with respect, and we want our lands to be treated the same way. So there has got to be a better solution.

      • Tom

        Frank, if you want to read more on what the bison do, this is a great, concise overview that is well written, balanced, and worthy of your evironmental concern at **

        • doug

          Heinrich Stetson knows zilch about science, logic or morals — including the life of bisons.

          But no one has as much expertise as he does re: bulllcrap.

          • frank Stetson

            And doug knows his bullcrap……he wallows in it.

          • doug

            AIn’t it a hoot to see the response when Flacccid Frankenstein’s envy of Jews, loathing for native Americans and contempt for blacks are demonstrated?

            When not hiding in his combined closet-outhouse, he goes battier than Alexandria Occasionally Coherent upon being confronted about her luxury lifestyle.

            Notice how this eugenics-spitting goober is totally immobilized when challenged on his own not-see sympathies — and for newbies, I’m not exaggerating. It would take a rail car to house all the questions about his fuhrer worship that he refuses to answer questions about. Instead, he flatulates self-pitying snits like that above and re-takes the Fifth. And we all know the Fifth is specifically invoked when testifying truthfully would incriminate the invoker.

            On this thread alone are many examples of how Not-sees, Communists, genocidal madmen, bloodthirsty racists and others of their ilk routinely kill, maim and cage millions upon millions of innocent humans.

            Flatulent Frank admits that there isn’t a single instance of such tsunamis of brutality that he doesn’t endorse. All of them, unsurprisingly, have been invented and implemented by wokies like himself. And while he’s certain to reply to this post if he sees it, there’s not a chance he’ll disassociate himself from concentration camps, killing fields, internment camps and other versions of the same leftnit mentality.

            How do we know that? It ain’t hard. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that brain-fried Frankie gets at least one additional Swastika tattooed on his four cheeks every year, and they’re all, um, prominent to see, thanks in large part to his butttless chaps.

            On a more dignified note, here’s video of funky Frank basking in the glory of his newfound musical career. Before clicking on the link below, insert periods into the empty spaces around “bing.”

            www bing com/videos/riverview/relatedvideo?q=klaus+nomi+and++youtube&mid=A6EA7E6F7F2903122925A6EA7E6F7F2903122925&FORM=VIRE

      • frank stetson

        Tom: it was cattle, not bison, and it was ranchers renting government land, probably not exactly practicing the best in sustainable grazing, as most renters. In 2016, BLM concluded 30% of all grazers left the land worse than before they came. In 2017, under TRUMP, BLM looked to modify the sage grouse protection act. In 2018, under TRUMP, BLM began “outcome based grazing” which offered “greater flexibilities” to grazers and blm both. IOW, there is a prescribed number of environmental changes that grazers can make changes to as they will without checking in.

        The programs success is questioned by environmentalists who say it opened up many acres of endangered lands and allows greater destruction on all lands. **

        In 2020, under Biden, the BLM began to overhaul all grazing regulations. I am not sure the outcome of that.

        So, like anything, there are good ways and bad ways, but grazers, under BLM regulations fail 1 out of 3 times.

        Having run a few horses, I can say 1) fuckers will eat it to the roots and kill everything good. 2) Their poop can actually change the slope and shape of the earth. My paddock was subsoil when I came, today it is lush. If you try to pick up their poop in the Spring for compost, it always disappears before you get there….. Some shit where they eat just like a lot of pbp readers. Some don’t, I like those better. And one I had was going blind and pooped in every corner of my field —- really smart horse. \

        When I had them, I only mowed two or three times a year. Without, every two weeks. Plus when you can graze, they don’t each much more than a great Dane. However, if you need a vet —– might as well put in a pool cuz you will be spending out the ying-yang.

        On the housing and infrastructure — you need it no matter where you put them, but I would like to see them in currently vacant spaces. I agree there’s a nightmare at the border, but the PROBLEM is immigration and continuing to put our fingers in one dike after another just does not cut it. It’s so bad down there that I think we have hundreds of chinese, escaping communism, flying into Ecuador, and then hiring a smuggler to get them to the border. Really sounds like a 4-lane superhighway to America.

        But putting a wall up, shooting them down, arresting them —– is not a great solution. Putting caps on asylum would help. Put e-verify to universal use and illegals workers disappear overnight. We need more that a blockade, we need a comprehensive package coming from the Congress that does not extort aid to Israel and Ukraine in exchange for immigration reform.

        And again, this idea to put them in the national parks is not only stupid, if you build it, they will come. More and more……

        • Tom

          Yes cattle ranchers have been a bit of a detriment to the land out there. I reread the paragraph and Larry did mix ranchers and bison in the same paragraph, and then made a global statement that grazing is good for the environment. Truth is the environment adapted to the grazers, that is the bison grazers. Bison graze and move on which does not deplete the field. Not sure that ranchers have the same behavior with their domestic bovine. Sorry, I was confused by the paragraph and should have read it better.

          I had horses too, mostly Tennessee Walkers. Loved that smooth ride! But I can post with the best of them too! You could drink a mug of beer on my Cinnamon and not spill a drop! Loved my horse Duke. He was 17 hands high and about 1400 pounds, he was my favorite. That horse would go anywhere I wanted him to go! I did 25 and 50 mile hunter-pace competitions with him. Their poop can be used with dirt to make great soil. But you will have lots of oat weeds. LOL I made that mistake one year in my vegetable garden!

          Yes over 13,000 Chinese have gone to Mexico and hired someone to show them the way across the border. According to my wife who is Chinese, many of these people have money. Xi is taking the people back to the Mao days. My Chinese friends and I call it Mao 2.0. They say they are escaping before they get their money confiscated. Its not a good situation over there right now. Don’t believe that most Chinese love Xi. They don’t. They call him a pig.

          Yes I agree, putting a wall up and shooting down jumpers is not good, and its not who we are. But we are also not what the statue of liberty says either. We do not want the poor, tired, hungry and huddled masses. We want the ones with money and skills that will further this country. My grandparents came over when the country was looking for men who could work a shovel. Now we are looking for masters in tech, biotech, pharma, medicine. But I promise one day we will need those skilled shovels again! Many of us worked hard for our SSA benefits, and our Medicare, paying into those systems for over 50 years like me! I really do not want to share that with folks from other countries. But I do think we should tie in the immigration system and the Dept. of Labor so that unfilled jobs can be staffed with immigrants that have safe backgrounds and want to work their way up like my grandparents did when they put their shovels to use in the Mammoth Vein of Anthracite Coal in PA.

          We do have to get a grip on this situation, and Biden in my view has failed. I think Trump was a little better in that he at least controlled the flow and slowed it down some. And the move to put them in some grazing pasture far away from main stream is a move to keep them here and out of plain view which I find deceptive. Lets open back up those Japanese barracks. I feel there are other places they can be temporarily held.

    • doug

      LOL. It’s always a hoot to hear white-hood-wearing Third Reich revivalists whimper about their excess of compassion — yes COMPASSION — as they strive to impose their totalitarian New World Ordure (misspelling deliberate) on society.

      There’s more of a small touch of Goebbelsianism in the nonsensical bloviation above that we can’t have a good conversation and chuckle over the proposed ruination of federal lands without bellowing about the curse of massive illegal immigration, the solution for which is known universally: Fence out the unwelcome invaders and ship back those who initially slip past border crossings.

      I actually fail to even grasp most of the addled hokum peddled by Mustafa above, but what little is minimally decipherable fails the tests of sincerity, reality and self-respect, such as the idjut claim that the millions of illegals who have snuck into the United States applied for asylum or the even more-mind-blowing assertion that the political party that has most members of the US House is able to shape and direct all federal legislation, LMAO.

      The missing asylum applications submitted by illegal aliens must have been accidentally and illegally destroyed like One-Shoe Shrillary’s 30K e-mails and the depositions taken for the J6 Committee.

      It’s hardly a one-off to see bier-sodden leftniks like Mustafa brandish lies, fantasies and flatulence just to be noticed by fellow goose-steppers. Well, it’s nothing to brag about, but having such a hobby probably helps to keep him out of trouble.

      Here’s another example, just for funsies: Republicans, LOL, are standing in the way of aid to Ukraine and Israel. The entire House and Senate are overwhelmingly in favor of massive help for Israel. Excepting the mentally ill, only odiferous wokies like Mustafa and brainwashed college kids, along with think-alike neo-Notsies like David Duke, are opposed. Just one thing stands in their way: Quid Pro Joe Bidet.

      By the same token, the vast majority of senators and representatives — Demns and GOP’ers — support aid to Ukraine, though increasingly more have been wondering if they were snookered. If Groper Joe decided to stop being an impediment, Ukraine would harvest however much aid it deserves.

  4. ahem tonto

    Relocation of illegal immigrants should begin immediately. Deport them to them to their countries of origin through Mexico since it was their point of entering America. Send their homelands a bill for their transportation costs and the money that will be required to clean up the trails of trash they created as they marched across, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California any any other states they trashed up.

    • Tom

      Ahem, I saw your name and became interested in you. When I was young, in the early 60’s there was a show called “The Lone Ranger”. I loved that show. He had a partner, of Southwest Native American (Indian, if I am allowed to use that word) who was named Tonto. For many years I loved that show and it was always a fond memory for me. Then one day I looked up the meaning of “tonto” in the Spanish-English dictionary. It was then that I realized how racist white culture was back then. Tonto, in Spanish, means “silly, stupid, foolish, and imbicil”. Did you know this when you picked your screen name? LOL

      I agree, send them back. I seriously doubt that the home countries will pay their transport bill, but it is worth a try. A better approach might be to deduct it from the aid packages we already send them. This might inspire them to keep their people at home and make things better on the homefront. Your comment about trashing up the environment is noteworthy. I wonder why the environmentalists are not screaming bloody murder over this!???

      • doug

        You may well be jumping to conclusions re: the name of the Lone Ranger’s native-American partner.

        The name “Tonto” may have come from a variety of sources, not necessarily from the Spanish tongue. In fact, why would Tonto be considered a Spanish name, when Tonto was native American?

        Can you specify the literal meaning of Groucho, Zeppo, Harpo and Chico by consulting any one random language? And if some or all those names conveyed negative characteristics, would that make you change your opinions of the Marx Brothers act or the movies that made them stars?

        Lone Ranger lore suggests a connection between Tonto and one or more tribe in northern Michigan — perhaps the Potawatomi. What does Tonto mean in that language? If you don’t know, how can you condemn the selection of Tonto’s name?

        And even if racism can be found in the name, how can that be ascribed to the developers of the “Lone Ranger” TV series? The fictional characters and plots first went public in the early 1930s. There was a long-running national “Lone Ranger” radio series and a tall stack of novels before Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels made their debut on the small screen.

        By the same token, what sense does it make that anyone in the long evolution of “The Lone Ranger” would create a positive character in Tonto and then defame him by giving him a name reflecting highly negative traits?

      • larry Horist

        Tom … Not sure why you went through Spanish.rather than Native American use. If you check out Greek, it can mean “the man” depending on the context. If you check out Native American usage — which seems the most logical. the Apaches used the word tonto ot me “wild people” to distinguish them from other Apache groups. It can also be interpreted as “crazy people” The Potawatomi use the word to mean “wild one” — and that is the most relevant because he television character was named by the sone of a man who owned a summer camp in Michigan with that name he got from the Potawatomi. Tonto seems to be one of those words that can be used as a pejorative or a complement — just like the word “crazy.” We can say a person is “crazy” or a friend making us laugh was “crazy.” As a great fan of the Lone Ranger, I never viewed Tonto’s name or his role as an insult to Indians. I bet you did not either. I guess this is one of those crazy microaggression situations in when there was no intent to defame in the naming of the character … no one took it as an insult … and there were never any protest by Indian groups. Just an example of the hard left victimization promoters to stir the pot of division. You will have to excuse me as I crawl out of this rabbit hole.

    • AC

      What the buffalo chip are you flipping wig angry about, over, under, and through on this fine day.
      Nation Parks have been under siege from multiple direction ever since Yellowstone the first under the antiquities act passed.
      You are not the first commentator with ire raised and speech readied to excoriate and personally assault all who poss sane correct true data to real issues of the day. It’s all to probable that yours will not be the last word, either.
      However, given the National Park idea sprung from Mr. Muir’s liberal progressive conservationist’s philosophy. It’s rather rich that Mr. Horist, an avowed pulpit pounding arch conservative is seen defending our National Parks. Conservative dogma supports capitalism’s ideal for land use. Its only regard comes out from profit received by exploitation measured in monetary terms enriching the few first laying claim.
      Scant concern for setting aside portions for posterity’s appreciation, education, and recreational discovery.
      Conservation and conservatism make strange bedfellows. Conservation requires a strong big government willing to fight and win against capitalist conservatives’ expansive development across huge land tracts that hold nature’s most pristine beautiful landscapes above ground. Rich preserves lay below and are much coveted for what could be found, minerals, precious gem stones, lumber, and water.
      Conservative’s greatest mortal anger is reserved for their most feared enemy, big government. How big is too big? Well, ask the wealthy conservative, how much more wealth is enough? Always, the answer is more. More wealth accumulated never being enough drives conservatives in their fight against government control and its infringement on the few holding more.
      Horist’s admitted hyperbole does not hide from view the central point he repeatedly returns to. It’s the over riding obsessive anger Larry carries for all that he believes relates to our president, Joesph Biden. All that ails this country Larry lays at Biden’s feet. All those who do not align totally with Larry’s views, they are by definition, the enemy, and in league with Biden, the Democrat Party, and others he refers to as “The Left”. Left he assumes is synonymous to evil personified.
      Where in Larry’s conservatism is simple human compassion for all people. Not merely some less severe commentary on issues Americans grapple with daily.
      Rich DeVos, of AMWAY a founder, wrote a book titled Compassionate Capitalism. If ever I personally met and spoke with conservative written all over his person, that would be Rich DeVos, billionaire extraordinaire. Naturally, he preached capitalistic ideals under pinned by staunch conservatism. Still, those twin dark and heavy beliefs did not quench his compassionate altruism flame fanned to warm others who he saw needed a hand up.
      Capitalism conservatism, republicanism, and boilerplate right wing political bias had rightfully earned any disrespect tossed their way. If the few in minority practiced selfless unreciprocated compassionate giving of self, then at least the few in minority might be redeemable. As if with one voice all who identify as being in the Republican right and, therefore, are right and correct in every saying and practice. That is, as the right self promotes, in comparison with all others on whom they apply the Democrat left pagan label. These, others, are the unwashed evil doers in an expanding government empire.
      Very bizarrely hypocritical are those professing the over blown and thread bare MAGA mantra and those on the right who say other wise they too will follow Trump. Should he tell his tribe that huge benefits will come to the loyal upon their jump off his high mountain. Although Trump is on a crusade through this country repeating lies and promising the impossible, he selects rally locations assuring wide support. Preaching to the choir goes just so far, not very long his unintelligible speeches will catch up with him. Maybe, is this my assuming too much? Are his people going to wake up, or is that too woke?

    • doug

      Before illegals can be forced back to their homelands, we have to stop the ever growing avalanche of more sneaking into the U.S.

      But such a cessation isn’t possible without strong support from both chambers of Congress, the White House and the bureaucracy.

      Unfortunately all Donks and most Republicans are aboard the continued inflow, as is the press, the entertainment media, much of the judiciary, business associations, K-12 school districts, higher education, the diplomatic corps and other institutions — even unions whose members suffer substantially from illegal immigration.

      Donald Trump himself, who rode anger about illegal immigration to the presidency, himself wimped out after having vowed to begin sending tens of millions of illegals already in the country back home.

      • frank Stetson

        ” even unions whose members suffer substantially from illegal immigration” is a lie being just not true.

        • doug

          Tears of a Jew-envying goosestepper.

          He couldn’t persuade a piranha to eat seafood.

          Not-see prancers like this one are such goobers.


          • frank Stetson

            Doug: is that your final answer to: ” even unions whose members suffer substantially from illegal immigration” is a lie being just not true.


          • doug

            Lookie there: A Hamas-slurping nose-picker formulates a lie, offers no backing for it and demands to be refuted.

            And keeps on making the same demand, even though it couldn’t be more obvious it was manufactured in the first place for tactical reasons.

            It’s a common practice for leftniks that Saul Alinsky would be proud of: Don’t invoke documented facts or sound logic. Instead, pick out a minor, barely noticeable matter and try to deflect attention to it. Try to trick your adversary into concentrating on the non-issue with endless verbal flatulence. If it doesn’t work, try something else that’s nonsubstantive, such as throwing up a duststorm of irrelevancies.

            Meanwhile, in the real world, I pointed out on this comment board how the left always favors removal of people into camps: concentration camps, detainment camps, relocation camps, prison camps, re-education camps, native American reservations, internment camps, Cambodian-style execution camps, Russian gulags, Chinese camps for religious minorities, indoctrination camps and so on.

            From start to finish, whether 2 centuries ago or today, they’re all leftoid creations, and they sum up wokies like Frank(enstein) and Tommy Boy perfectly.

            Is that an overstatement? If so, why won’t either one tell us which of the camps that I delineate elsewhere in this comment board they consider legit and which they don’t? And why won’t they even try to explain why mass lockups of people — particularly for the purpose of mass executions — are the province of leftniks?

            Case closed.

          • Frank stetson

            Doug, at least three times you ducked the question; you didn’t evenntry to prove your liecabout unions and illegals. This time weaselly worded demeaning name calling. Big man.

            BUSTED for the third time.

            You just can’t do it and are too weak to admit you were wrong.

  5. Tom

    Good article again Larry, You are on a roll these days!

    Yes I agree that this Biden idea is very bad for both environment and humans alike. I personally have not heard the idea on the news yet so I will write with a view that takes you at your word.

    I have found multiple articles from reputable sources that state the bison are absolutely required if we are to save the Great Plains. I wrote about this in my response to Frank. I hope you will read what I wrote there. You can see the news report I used at ** that backs up your point about the good that bison do the Great Plains.

    But I sense another issue that is also very bad and you touched on it. I am seeing a trend with this administration that alarms me. The trend is that the Federal Government under the Biden Admin seems to think it owns everything. 1) They own the air so by damn clean it up by forcing the population into expensive EV’s despite a power grid and other infrastructure that cannot handle it. 2) The SPR (Strategic Petro Reserve) has become the new SPR (Strategic Political Reserve). I was very against Biden giving China over a million barrels of our SPR, and I am incensed that China has not paid it back!! That was the People’s oil for our defense as well as to mitigate worldwide ppb (price per barrel) fluctuations. 3) Now he thinks he owns the Federal lands and wants to use our Federal Lands to solve his political problems. By placing the immigrants on these lands he gets them out of the plain view of the every day American – which to me seems to be a bit of a vote getting scheme. Frank is correct that these people are human beings that deserve respect and compassionate treatment. What Frank does not see is the harm this does them by removing them far from anyone’s view – its a form of isolation, sort of like a prison camp – which is not very compassionate.

    The real danger here, and you eluded to it, is the over-reach of the Biden administration, and related bullying, that can only lead to our detriment. To me, it seems that both parties in their own unique ways are moving us closer to a more authoritative style of government which I reject. But I can only say that this whole immigration mess and all of the illegals here would not have happened under Trump. This is one area I thought Trump did well and Biden has failed miserably – and continues to dig a whole for all of us. Not good!

    • doug

      It’s hard to understand the fuss over Quid Pro Joe’s enlightened plan to transport untold thousands or millions of people to Massive Hoovervilles out in the sticks. Groper Joe is simply following the pattern of his fellow collectivists over generations.

      FDR forcibly imprisoned 100,000 innocent Japanese, stealing almost all their possessions, for years even though the FBI’s Edgar Hoover was clear that the Japanese posted no threat to national security that the FBI couldn’t handle.

      And FDR and his followers knew well that was true. It’s why only Japanese in the West were shoved into internment camps. They had accumulated a trove of riches in terms of buildings, rich agricultural acreage and other possessions of great value. FDR’s minions were able to loot these possessions — particularly farms and farm tools. The properties available as a result of interning Japanese in the central and eastern US offered no such wealth, so FDR didn’t put them in corrals.

      By the way, you’d think that if Japanese in the West represented a security threat, imagine how much greater was the risk of sabotage by people of Japanese extraction in Hawaii. But guess what: FDR didn’t intern Hawaiian Japanese.

      German National Socialists, who occupy a slot next to wokies on the political spectrum, sent millions of Jews and Gypsies, along with a smattering of others, to Germany’s concentration camps and forced labor camps.

      Collectivist nations in the Middle East have squeezed millions of Palestinians into camps.

      Marxist Pol Pot, who massacred 40 to 50 percent of Cambodia’s population, sent his victims to camps before mass-executing them.

      Communist China, which slew at least 50 million people in the 1960s alone, has been sending Chinese into camps since China fell to Mao in 1949. Ugyers (pardon my spelling) and other “unpatriotic” groups fester in camps now. Lennon and Stalin used the same tactic to imprison their victims. Socialist countries have been woke for a very, very long time.

      “Indian” reservations were a variant of camps. A founder of the Demnocrat Party, Andrew Jackson, killed more native Americans than anyone else in U.S. history, starving thousands of women and children as they marched to new reservations. “Trail of Tears,” anyone?

      One-Shoe Shrillary wants to send Trump fans to re-education camps.

      And so on and so forth.

      All of which makes Groper Joe’s fulminations re: federal lands seem likely to fail. The concept probably isn’t bloody enough to satisfy Demns.


      • frank Stetson

        doug is still upset about Hillary…….

        pssst, doug, big secret: HILLARY DID NOT WIN, SHE IS NOT PRESIDENT OR EVEN IN OFFICE…… wake up comrade.

        • t

          Doug is an angry GOP’er. His style and content will never convince me of anything except that I do not wish to be associated with him or his kind. I do not read his responses. Not worth my time. Most of what he wrote does not have anything to do with the topic in my view.

        • Tom

          Doug is an angry GOP’er. His style and content will never convince me of anything except that I do not wish to be associated with him or his kind. I do not read his responses. Not worth my time. Most of what he wrote does not have anything to do with the topic in my view.

          • doug


            The question can’t be extinguished: How does an individual who doesn’t read something know what it is he is unable to read or understand, nyuk?

            Corollary: How is it that goobers unable to discuss substance constitute the vast majority of posters who claim to embrace the truth but refuse to engage in actual debate because it’s below them? How immersed in controlled substances must one be to not immediately recognize the obvious contradiction in these sentences: “I do not read his responses….Most of what he wrote does not have anything to do with the topic”?


            Perhaps imagining that he’s on the side of truth and fact wears Tom-Tom down too heavily to defend his unsupported mental failures with debate.

            Beyond that, like other typical garden-variety mushbrains, he is given almost exclusively to fuzzy generalizations that make no sense and are anchored in nothing but his fervid imagination.

            He comicallly assails his inability to defend lies and faceplants as questions of “style..” The ease of flattening him like a reed is rooted in this detail: While he shovels words by the thousands, he never acquired the intelligence or literary skill needed to weave it all into an actual, orderly narrative. In fact, he’s apparently been beat down so severely and so often that he clearly doesn’t even try to make sense anymore; he just spews manure in endless gobs and then simpers that his intellectual superiors (and who among us isn’t?) are Republicans.

            Elsewhere on this thread, TomTom makes totally unsupported statements about the TV series “The Lone Ranger,” which I demolish. He takes the Fifth, demonstrating acknowledgement he was engaged in fabulism. It looks like I incurred no small amount of resentment from him.

            Elsewhere he ventured a notion that we’d have better gummint officials if we cut their pay and benefits. Again, I blow that limp idea out of the water, and again, he takes the Fifth in acknowledgment that his claim had no legs. And now we’re dealing with a frau thrice scorned. Resentment is far too weak a word to describe his paroxysms.

            Should I remind TomTom that both of these “issues” were put on the table by the same pretender who claims that people who spank him are off-topic, and that he devoted jillions of words on this very board about bison excrement when the subject of this page is whether thousands or millions of illegal aliens should be transported to federal lands because sanctuary cities and sanctuary states won’t care for the migrants they invited themselves?

            This is TomTom’s idea of refutation: Insert name, then these words: “is an angry GOP’er.” Obviously not knowing who’s a Republican (and I, for one, have never been one) doesn’t prevent him from just hurling accusations of Republicans against all those people who tower over the resident goober squad in intelligence, literary skill, sincerity and strength of character.

            For anyone who wonders why I spend time to whale on the TomToms of this slice of the cyber-universe, it’s not to change anyone’s mind; it’s because swatting mosquitos is just plain fun.

          • Frank stetson

            Perhaps your low brow, weak kneed, barrage of demeaning names is a trun off to further discussion. It’s creative but not conducive to the open sharing of ideas. Pretty sure, anytime you open with , you NAZI, that the conversation is over. But that’s the wat of the name calling bullies like you and Horist. Simply stated, you’re a dick. Or at least you act like one. Horist is redeemable, IMO, is he would just act his age.

            Still waiting for you to uncover your lie. Just crickets so far.

            I would spell out more egregious Doug mistakes, but apparently you can’t even handle one.

        • doug

          See the not-see sprout acknowledge by taking the Fifth that Every Single Point I Made Cannot be Refuted — including his powers of pansyism.

          That includes his wish he could lock every religious, racial and ethnic minority extant into a gulag or killing field.

          Don’t take my word for it. He admits it through invoking the Fifth, thereby admitting that the truth would “tend to incriminate” him.

          This doofus (I didn’t recognize him at first) conceded his taste for genocide some weeks ago. He wants the following inscribed on his tombstone: “Genocide is the greatest compassion.”

          Wut a goooober.

  6. Darren

    They already have a spot were illegals roam, its called Mexico! Look at what a great job Mexico ,s Government
    has done with its people. Now you want to destroy our Federal land. Just how dumb are Democrat’s?
    The answer is to find a native insect or animal that thrives in that area. Now we have to preserve that natural habitat
    and can not let any people on the site that may destroy the critter.
    Tree Huggers have been using that Bull Shit for decades at the expense of people to not build Dams.

    I think the Biden administration needs to be moved out to the federal wilderness, and let illegals sleep in the White House!
    I am sure Pelosi and Schumer would give their offices up to help some poor migrant?

    • Tom

      Good point on the White House! I have always said that the closer we can get our lawmakers to the problem/issue, the more we can help them experience what the every day American experiences, the better they will be at legislating. We should start by making them all go onto the healthcare dot gov website for their healthcare instead of the Cadillac federal plan they currently have. Lets rein in their salaries and perks so that they are on par with the people they represent. I’m sure you have a few good ideas as well.

      • doug

        Sorry to cast a shadow on your strategy to improve the actions and thinking of lawmakers, Tom.

        I’m reminded of the term-limit drive. My state of Michigan imposed term limits on legislators and three top executive offices maybe a quarter-century ago. It improved nothing.

        For maybe 15 years I’ve been issuing this challenge to term-limit advocates: Name a single state that experienced an improvement in governance after approving term limits, and provide the names of respectable observers who have attested to the higher level of legislative or executive functioning. Not one person of many hundreds has provided the information needed.

        You see, the shameful deterioration of governmental representation we experience doesn’t stem from short-sightedness or laziness from officials. The problem is the electorate itself. Franklin warned that America was getting a republic “if you can keep it” (that’s a paraphrase). By “you” he meant the electorate.

        If we choose bad officials, where do we come off complaining about them? We’re the ones who selected them. And we pick some terrible ones, probably by a ratio of 10 to one. As someone correctly assessed politics: You get the gummint you deserve.

        Our reps will never downgrade their living standards to the levels of Joe Average. And if we could do so, no one but the filthy rich would ever agree to take the job.

        We’re a highly ignorant society. Despite the unbelievable access of information we have today, we commonly elect people who not only refuse to go to bat for us but who hate our values, our principles, our tenets and our country. There’s no easy or formulaic response to that existential problem.

    • doug

      When poor migrants were shipped to Martha’s Vineyard, and other retreats of the very rich, Demns rolled them out in a matter of hours. There wasn’t a single place considered suitable for those newly homeless people, and somehow these playgrounds of the filthy rich didn’t display the “compassion” that multiple leftniks on this very threat insist animate their every thought and deed, nyuk.

      When the sanctuary city of Chicago overflowed with illegals (though only a fraction of the numbers that characterize border states), Chicago officials secretly transported the hordes to Republican cities in the Chicago suburbs which, unlike Chicago, didn’t sanction sanctuary cities.

      We might get more camps from the leftniks, but they won’t be sparkling with compassion.

  7. JPop

    Everytime I see our current president I am reminded of Walter (of Jeff Dunham fame) or the episode of the original STAR TREK called “Patterns of Force”. Where Kirk and Spock land on planet patterned after Nazi Germany, and the leader is a drugged out puppet doing the bidding of the episode;s bad guys.