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Obama's Thanksgiving Promise

Last Wednesday, President Obama gave a short speech on national security, assuring the public that they should have no fear while traveling during the holiday season because there have been no “specific and credible” terrorist threats to the US. “We know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland,” said President Obama, speaking from the White House last week as he discussed national security “post-Paris.”  

Obama did his best to reach the hearts of his audience, saying, “For many of us, the events there [in Paris] touched a deep chord, given the connection between the United States and France and the degree to which Americans see in Paris a way of life that’s so familiar to us here in American cities.” 

“I know that Americans have been asking each other whether it’s safe here – whether it’s safe to fly or gather,” he continued. “I know that families have discussed their fears about the threat of terrorism around the dinner table, many for the first time since September 11th. And it’s understandable that people worry something similar could happen hear.” 

Considering the frightening videos ISIS has released announcing America as their next target, I don’t blame anyone for worrying. 

“So as we go into Thanksgiving weekend, I want the American people to know that we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. First, we are going after ISIL wherever it hides. That’s been our strategy for more a year.”

Everywhere it hides? What about terrorists hiding within our country? If Obama has his way, there will be thousands upon thousands of Muslims resetting in the United States in the next couple years. 

“Let me remind the American people of what our coalition of some 65 nations is doing to destroy these terrorists and defeat their ideology,” said Obama. “So far our military and our partners have conducted more than 8,000 airstrikes on ISIL strongholds and equipment. Those airstrikes along with the efforts of our partners on the ground have taken out key leaders have taken back territory from ISIL in both Iraq and Syria.” 

I almost laughed out loud when Obama mentioned America’s attempts to “choke off their financing” and “counter their recruitment.” The unsigned nuclear agreement (JCPOA) is flooding the Middle East with millions of dollars – some of which no doubt will make its way into ISIS pockets. And if you read my article published on Tuesday, you know that ISIS recruitment within the US is increasing.

Our nation’s primary goal, said Obama, is eradicating ISIL. “Second, we continue to do everything possible to prevent attacks at home and abroad and to prevent foreign terrorist fighters from entering the United States or other nations.” He highlighted how every aspect of our nation’s security has improved, but if you’ve been paying attention to Texas reports, the situation at the border is worse than ever.  

 “So as Americans travel this weekend to be with their loved ones, I want them to know that our counterterrorism, intelligence, homeland security, and law enforcement professionals at every level are working overtime.” 

“…without fanfare or credit, and without a break for the holidays,” he continued, referring to our security forces as “vigilant, relentless, and effective,” and noting that he will inform the public if he hears of a “specific, credible threat.” 

Just a week after this speech, 14 people died at a holiday office party in San Bernardino, California when two gunmen opened fire. 


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