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Obama's Strange Pattern For Attending Funerals

Obama's Strange Pattern For Attending Funerals


Despite the busy life of an American President, Barack Obama has gone through great lengths to honor deceased American citizens and allies of America. The first funeral Barack Obama attended as president, back 2010, was for civil rights icon Dorothy Height

 After the death of Freddie Gray, President Obama sent Cabinet Secretary Broderick Johnson, in addition to two other prominent advisors, to Gray’s funeral. 

Three government officials were sent to Michael Brown’s funeral. Now, in the wake of the Charleston Church shooting, President Obama will personally deliver a eulogy for the funeral of pastor Clementa Pinckney.

While the President has honored many fallen Americans, he and his administration have not had a great attendance record for funerals for – to be blunt- white Americans. When Officer Brian Moore, 25, a white NYPD officer who was cold-bloodedly murdered by a black man, Obama sent no one.

Murdered war hero Chris Kyle received a similar treatment as Moore, with no one from the white house attending his funeral. Likewise, when Nicholas Oresko, a Medal of Honor recipient for heroism during World War 2, died at 96 years old, not a single member of the White House attended the service.

James Foley, an American journalist who was violently beheaded by ISIS, was also ignored by the Obama administration, despite many other politicians attending his services.

While no one can definitively say President Obama is racist, his record certainly speaks very loudly.  The deaths of members of the military and police are, with nearly no exception, ignored by this administration. Convicted criminals have received more post-mortem respect from our commander and chief than true American heroes. One must question whether or not President Obama has the same definition of Hero as most Americans. 


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