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Obama’s Movie with Julie Roberts Tries to Villainize Musk’s Tesla

Obama’s Movie with Julie Roberts Tries to Villainize Musk’s Tesla

A bunch of self-driving cars try to kill an old, wrinkled woman who seems to have mental health issues while wandering out on a highway while her husband sits back in the car and suddenly remembers that he is still supposed to care about her. What was it all about? Turns out, it’s about Elon Musk.

The new Netflix movie Leave the World Behind starring Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, and other ancient Hollywood names comes from Higher Ground Productions, which is the production company of the Obamas. The scene with the self-driving “killer” cars made news because the movie showed their brand as Tesla, Elon Musk’s company.

We know Musk has fallen out of favor with the liberals lately because he bought Twitter and allowed rump and other banned conservatives back on the platform for concern over freedom of speech. But was that movie scene Obama’s jab at Musk?

The Twitter/X account Tesla Motors Community reacted to the scene with “WTH” and called it negative PR for Tesla.

Now one may look at the scene in ways other than just bad PR for Tesla. For one, it seems more of a bad PR for Roberts, who looks far worse than the crashed Teslas blocking the road; in fact the trees in the background look younger than her. Ethan Hawke as husband to Roberts doesn’t look any better than her. They seem to be on drugs and one wonders whether it’s more risky to let them drive around, particularly with kids in the car, than letting a self-driving car do the job.

On the social media, the marathon of mockery for the movie and the scene continues. Liberals like the movie because they see Musk as a “thin-skinned, advertiser-hating businessman” obsessed with creating self-driving cars. Is Elon Musk really that think-skinned?

Whether Obama personally knew about using the Tesla brand of the “killer” cars for his production is unknown. But some of us are old enough to remember the movie Son of God (2014) by Christopher Spencer that had the Satan character removed from it because, allegedly, the actor playing it had a striking resemblance with Obama – Barack, not Michelle (is there that a big of a difference?). Surely the former president is old enough to remember Elon Musk voted for Biden. But buyer’s remorse is apparently not a thing in the Obiden circle.  

So despite sharing the clean energy mission, Tesla is now a bad car. It’s self-driving, meaning independent from its owner. Who likes independent cars? They remind the Obama-Biden-Clinton league of independent thinkers who would turn on their masters and endanger the operation of the Deep State matrix that keeps everybody in their simulated reality of Democracy.

Elon, you’ve officially been fired from the good books for making killer cars. Making killer cars is a direct violation of killing rights of the Clintons; and no matter how hard you try, you can’t outsmart Hillary in that department. So apologize and make Twitter a censorship platform again – and start with Alex Jones – or else Leaving the Planet Behind, Obama’s sequel to the movie, will star Whoopi Goldberg as a transgender teenager who auditions for her Starlink space mission in her $50 thousand wig. And that won’t even be the scarcest part of the sequel.

Disclaimer: The above commentary in no way means the writer watched the movie or has even the slightest interest in watching it or anything like it.

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  1. frank Stetson

    Ernie = punk ass kid wet behind the ears. He’s 53, she’s 56, that’s not ancient son. And yeah, that tweaked this 60+ er.

    For you:

    People try to put us d-down (talkin’ ’bout my generation)
    Just because we get around (talkin’ ’bout my generation)
    Things they do look awful c-c-cold (talkin’ ’bout my generation)
    I hope I die before I get old (talkin’ ’bout my generation)

    This is my generation
    This is my generation, baby

    Why don’t you all f-fade away (talkin’ ’bout my generation)
    Don’t try to dig what we all s-s-s-say (talkin’ ’bout my generation)
    I’m not trying to ’cause a big s-s-sensation (talkin’ ’bout my generation)
    I’m just talkin’ ’bout my g-g-g-generation (talkin’ ’bout my generation)
    Pete Townshend.

    Now the Dumpster is probably too young to ever go to a Who show, but I will tell you, it’s the closest I have ever come to duking it out for no freakin reason except the music moved me (and others). Every show and I have seen a few. They are just fight themes. The windmill will live forever, no matter how old Pete gets. And Daltry probably can still jog over five miles in a single show. But will button his shirt now…..

    • Tom

      Aahhhh, those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end!!! Great music back then!

    • Q

      Well, you finally got something right, frank Stetson!

  2. Susie Stark

    Stupid acting and dumb movie. The ending was horrid. Don’t waste your time. Just a waste if two hours.

  3. Tom

    Ernie, are you branching out into useless irrelevant conspiracy themes now? I am amazed that with all of the things going on in this country and world, this is what you dredge up?

  4. Rick

    I think there is something in the evil code where they (the evil) have to tell us what they are going to do to us ahead of time. Obama is evil or at the very least possessed by evil. This movie, though I have not seen it but only trailers of it, is telling us that they plan to use a cyber attack to shut down the power grid and all communications in one intentional move. They will blame it on China or Russia. Everything will come to a sudden halt. People that are normally nice and kind hearted will turn into crazed animals after 3 days with no food and having to look for and haul water. Not only will many people die, but those who survive will have great fear instilled into them. Many will beg the communist government to fix things effectively giving the commie’s the power they crave to strip our remaining freedoms and control every aspect of our lives. This movie is showing us that most people are not prepared for what is coming.

  5. frank Stetson

    “Obama is evil or at the very least possessed by evil.” Can you actually prove this?

    Gotta love the Dumpster’s ad lib: “Barack, not Michelle (is there that a big of a difference?)” Apparently he views his own pic with the rose colored glasses he’s sporting and has an issue with free speech when he feels he’s on the short end of the stick. It’s a freakin Netflix series man, it’s entertainment. Just turn it off if you no like. There’s nothing wrong here. The freakin autopilot already misbehaves, open season to make fun off.

    I really liked Mr. Robot too and that apocalypse was even stranger. And I could pick out the NJ scenes and tell you the ones that are out-of-place. Fun.

    • Rick

      Whatever Obama worshiper. If you are fooled by Obama and Michael, there is not much hope for you anyway. You will be one of the first to die there inside your mansion with the 35 foot ceilings praising Obama with your last breath and wondering when the liberal lunatic’s are going to rescue you.

      • frank Stetson

        Rick, Is that your proof? Not exactly compelling.
        And for the record, I loved Obama in the first term, not so much in the second when he gave you a free pass and fell down on the job. Only one 35ft ceiling and sssssh to Horist — he says no one reads… :>) And I may die, but I will not be first and I have been pretty much off-grid for a decade not really expecting anyone to save me.

        But I always appreciate the kind thoughts.

        Now, about your proof……

  6. AC

    Sat through the flick. Meaning, I’ve witnessed this film’s theme and story.
    How people act and relate to each other and manage life at the onset of an apocalyptic appearing circumstance is anybody guess.
    The story’s depiction with chaos happening all around them is conjecture, but assuredly life without technology connectivity would cause anxiety.
    First, I did not make a direct link to Tesla and Elon Musk with the movie’s sequence showing autonomous cars smashing into a heap at an interstate highway’s entrance ramp.
    Second, an autonomous vehicle probably will not start up on its own, leave a dealership lot, travel without mishap to the same entrance ramp, and there disengage anti-collision sensors.
    Third, its heavy handed ludicrousness and anti-Democrat bias at work to allege that the Obamas’ intent and meaning was to take a shot at Tesla automobiles in general and Musk specifically in this movie.
    My supposition is that the writer of this commentary is alluding to one short scene showing unoccupied self-driving vehicles self destructing into a massive pileup. That movie composition can vary widely from reality is what knowledgeable and informed people consider fiction. And, in fiction there is liberty taken in composition, especially in the moving pictures trade.
    Watching this scene, I did not see one vehicle appearing the same as Tesla automobiles I have personally experienced.
    Fourthly, Mr. Dempsey, in this commentary, appears to assume at least two roles. That of a movie critic and that of a political pundit. He accomplishes the task of neither role.
    As a movie critic, his critique seemed to be personal opinion relating to choice of actors in roles Dempsey sees as not credible. So what’s that have to do with the movie’s telling a story. And, making deprecating assessments of an actor’s aging is superfluous and gratuitous.
    Political pundit’s hat is a poor fit. In that your idea that the Obamas are political characters through and through. Their every choice and venture into creative arts and philanthropic endeavors are every one politically motivated is what your perception comes to.
    Do not sell the Obamas short, their interests are broad and extend way beyond the political sphere. Likewise, you would do well if you did not disregard and discount individuals you judge to be on the political left or progressive side. Other people keep well informed on issues upper most in importance for and to every American citizen.
    The political right conservative mentality has a spectacularly large blind side. All reality happening within the center and left portion in a human’s vision field goes unseen, unappreciated, and inexperienced. Right wing political ideology keeps one circling and not objectively accomplishing their expected tasks.

    But, taking your apparent young age into account, you will be limited by lack of experiential knowledge, practical cultural understanding, and logical discernment. Yet, you forge ahead in the PBP fashion.
    If you are able, approach subject and issues as questions of truth as opposed to fiction.
    Critically test for truth and do not rely on personal biases, yours and others.
    Obamas movie was not am assault on Tesla or Musk. If that idea came from others and not from your own making. It’s a conspiracy theory, aka fictional. Ad was the movie so is the thinking related to Musk,

  7. Robert D Sartin

    Did I read the last lines correctly? The author has not seen the movie? Yet he writes line after line of criticism. Actors of note shown without heavy makeup are criticized for being old? Is this supposed to be parody? I read Punching Bag Post looking for sound conservative values, rational positions and quality writing. How does this article build credibility for Punching Bag Post.

  8. JPop

    A leopard doesn’t can’t change his/her spots. Obama is socialist in politics, what makes you think he won’t be a socialist while producing films,( what a perfect audience for his blather)in the movies. Either way i will pass on anything he has fingers in.

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