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Obama, Worst Democratic President Since WWII

Obama, Worst Democratic President Since WWII

“Barack Obama did more damage to his party than any other political leader since World War II,” reports The Gateway Pundit – and all while enjoying two terms of nonstop adoration from his fans and the media. 

Former President Obama’s campaign logo was “change we can believe in.” Well, he certainly accomplished change. 

“Over eight years of Obama’s presidency the Democratic Party lost more combined seats in the US Senate, US House, Governorships, State Legislative Seats, and State Chambers than any President since FDR,” reports Gateway. 

The Dems controlled the House and the Senate in 2009. They have since lost both – and the White House – to Republicans.

During Obama’s presidency,

• Senate seats dropped from 58 to 46

• House seats plunged from 256 to 194

• State Legislative seats fell by 959

• Governorships slipped from 28 to 16

• State legislatures in both chambers are down 48%

Not only did Obama send economic growth to new lows, but he also supported the thug culture exemplified by Black Lives Matter. 

During Obama’s presidency, we saw riots and protests unlike anything the country has experienced in years.

These thugs have killed police officers and have ruined the reputation of our nation’s police force. Now, these brave men and women must endure mistreatment by the very people they are trying to protect. 

Racial tensions have risen to new heights, murder rates in big cities have spiked, and illegal immigration is out of control. 

Obama’s healthcare overhaul has left Americans struggling to pay for mediocre health insurance. And his immature handling of the Arab Spring resulted in a power vacuum that plunged several countries into chaos. 

Far from the legacy he was aiming for, “Obama will go down in history as the most destructive President ever for his party.” 

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