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Obama Takes a Cheap Shot at DeSantis, Endorses Charlie Crist

Obama Takes a Cheap Shot at DeSantis, Endorses Charlie Crist

It should not surprise anyone that former President Barack Obama came out in favor of once Republican now turned Democratic candidate for Florida governor, Charlie Crist, but the former president took a cheap shot at current Republican Governor Ron DeSantis while doing so.

“Hey, Florida, we have a lot of work to do. And it starts with making Charlie Crist your next Governor,” Obama said, adding, “So if you’re ready for a governor who cares about people instead of bullying them, who will fight for voting rights, and a woman’s right to choose, who understands the challenges you’re facing every day, and who will fight for you — vote for Charlie Crist.”

While Obama’s words were a bit of a veiled attack on DeSantis, Crist himself has shown no such restraint, often referring to the current Governor as “DeSatan.”

On the same day as Obama’s likely meaningless endorsement, DeSantis himself picked up numerous endorsements on the same day, including the National Federation of Independent Business Florida PAC, the Florida Trucking Association PAC, the Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida, and the Florida Home Builders Association.

“It’s wonderful to have these endorsements here today,” DeSantis said. “And I think particularly on this day when we have the state-by-state unemployment numbers put out. Florida’s unemployment rate is now 2.5%.”

Currently, Gov. Ron DeSantis maintains a double-digit lead over Charlie Crist. The two candidates face off in their first and only debate tonight at 7 p.m. in Fort Pierce. The debate was originally scheduled two weeks ago but was delayed due to the impact of Hurricane Ian.

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  1. chestnutgeld

    Well wada yah know aclown endorsing another failed clown.

    • Angelika

      PERFECT description of the two = CLOWNS……

  2. Joe

    We love obuthead out there campaigning, everytime he’s out selling his anti-hate propaganda, and his hateful retoric, THAT THE REPUBLICANS ARE RACIST. Non like himself and mike, one thing we know he brings out the red,white and blue that he hates,that’s why the dumbocraps are in for a ass kicking in the mid=terms, so bad they won’t recover, with or with out his help.

  3. Steve

    Did you expect anything different from the Kenyan terrorist. He likes weak people he can control like brain dead joebamma and never had an original thought crist. Crist is a pussy and liar like the kenyan

  4. MSGLeo

    You can choose to murder your baby but will be forced to take the clot shot if Charlie gets elected.

    • Angelika

      Exactly right, you can choose to murder your baby AND yourself by taking the clot shot……

  5. Angelika

    o’bama’s records are still sealed – nobody does THAT unless he/she has a lot to HIDE…..

    • Frank stetson

      Yeah, like every President…..

      Least he showed his tax records.

      Didn’t plead the fifth a hundred times.

      Didn’t steal the archives.

  6. Caty

    Obama hates children, American people and liberty for everyone, but he loves all that for his family and of course himself. Sometimes people wonder how someone can be so evil to those who voted for him to be President. No one cared
    About who were his parents or where he came from (Africa), to vote for him. Unfortunately everyone knows he’s not good because even his brother can’t stand him.

    • ben is back

      what the hell are you talking about? You got to get out of the trailer park. do you really care about where he comes from over who he is and what he does? it’s half-brother, you asshole, and most think he’s just frustrated and jealous. you have your head so far up the orangutang’s butt you can’t see straight. You have no proof, just a big hard on for obama.

  7. Frank stetson

    Sort of like Joe here….and his brother.