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Obama Shows Little Support For Joe Biden!

Obama Shows Little Support For Joe Biden!

The cracks in the support for Joe Biden among his own party were on clear display when even his former boss and still the darling of left – Barack Obama – showed the current president little support at a recent event.

According to Fox News, “tensions were evident” between the Obama and Biden camps at the former’s nonprofit’s democracy forum earlier this month, with some feeling President Biden received insufficient support at the event from his old boss as he seeks to unite the Democratic Party.

“The takeaway of the weekend was not, ‘Hey team, we’re got to get the band back together to help Biden out,’” one attendee told the Washington Post. “If this is a supposedly existential threat and democracy is so challenged, then why aren’t you being more overt about it.”

Former President Obama and thousands of former staffers gathered in Chicago earlier this month to mark the 15th anniversary of his election victory in 2008, and the Obama Foundation’s forum was pegged to the event to explore “issues critical to strengthening democracy.” Obama gave a speech and also an interview to the left-wing podcast “Pod Save America,” hosted by some of his former staffers, that weekend. 

In the interview, Obama didn’t mention Biden once, even while discussing threats to democracy; as the Post put it, he “eschewed several opportunities to promote his former running mate’s campaign,” which is facing alarm over surveys showing him behind President Trump. Obama’s speech only mentioned Biden twice and not in the context of the 2024 election. 

The report also noted Biden campaign officials gave a standing-room-only, off-site presentation to worried Democrats that same weekend in Chicago about his path to victory in 2024.

The Washington Post reported on the continued efforts of the Biden campaign to assuage alarmed party members and supporters over polling showing him trailing  Trump and concerns about one issue, in particular, Biden cannot control: his age. Already the oldest president in American history, Biden turned 81 on November 20, and surveys have repeatedly shown public angst over his viability for the job.

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    • Jim lucas

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      • Tom

        I cannot find those definitions. Can you supply your source please. What I can find is that it can be considered a racial slur, and is used by some to imply cursing language words..

    • Skyer Pinales

      Who cares? Replying ot him only justifies his post in his mind. Let it go.

  3. frank stetson

    Mr. Mucas:
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    • Jim lucas

      I’ve known several NJ people. Most were good people, just stupid with the politics. And hell yes. They spoke more racial garbage than most

      • frank stetson

        And I have had a number of racist friends growing up in Maryland. They just were not shitheads like you.

        Growing up in Buffalo, no one was racist, then again we had no blacks in our town except one family who had a very big dog. Maybe Horist is on to something —— yet, this was most certainly not a Democratic stronghold. But, for some reason, it appeared the blacks remained in the city and the suburbs were very, very white. Especially this time of year :>)

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        • Buckwheat

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    • Tom

      I agree Frank. Mr. Lucas seems to be attempting to cover his racism by using an almost never used slang word.

  4. JoeyP

    WOW! . . . not too many NICE comments here! Of course, MANY want to DUMP “Beijing Joe” Biden, NOT just Obama.

    • Jim lucas

      I lived in oxen hill Maryland several years ago. The blacks started moving in. The white ones started moving out. Now the once nice apartment complex looks like a war zone Now we can’t find enough white people to hold a rally.

      • Frank stetson

        Hmm. Oxen Hill is 74% black in 2010, 64% in 2020. If you close to National Harbor development, you left a bundle on the table. Unless you rented.

        PG was you first mistake🤑

  5. Tom

    My only comment is that this lack of support for Biden by Obama is no surprise to me. On many occasions Obama has said “Joe can f*** up anything. Obama should not be talking though since he is the one that allowed Russia to walk right into Crimea. And I seem to recall way back that he was the one that petted Putins knee.

    • Frank stetson

      It’s early.

  6. Darren

    Trash is rampant in this country, not just on the ground is San Francisco and LA.
    White Trash, Black Trash, Brown Trash, any color. Trash is Trash.
    Make no distinction between the two.
    Just like Dog poop, avoid it when ever possible!
    As for Obama, early on he stated he was not ready to become President ( and he was right )
    Being of a different color of individual is not a qualifier.
    Trump is Orange they call him?
    Maybe he should remain as President?
    Distinction between men shows this country needs to be run by a Business man.
    Not just a guy who kisses ass on the left or right.
    The next leader could be Purple, as long as he has the business acumen!
    That is what counts!

    • Jim lucas

      With even the liberal media concerned about Biden and his sinking numbers and the democrats hoping for another candidate don’t tell us the day after election that Biden won. Jan 6 would look like a high school football game. Nationwide. There’s people still believing that retard joe won. But I expect the party to take care of business. Wink wink. Oh hillaryyyy!!! We need to borrow someone

  7. Jim wampler

    Who do we call when we need a suicide? 3 guesses. And it ain’t Bill or Chelsea. So far as we know.