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Obama Refuses to take Responsibility for 'Sh*t Show' in Libya

Obama Refuses to take Responsibility for 'Sh*t Show' in Libya

All this talk of Trump and his ideas about foreign policy begs a review of President Obama’s oft-criticized foreign policy. In order to define Obama’s legacy, let’s take a look at the world before his presidency compared to how it looks now. One stark difference I notice is Libya, or what used to be Libya.

Libya before Obama:

Revolutionary, politician, and dedicated terrorist Muammar Gaddafi seized power of Libya in a coup d’etat and assumed command in 1969. Also known as Colonel Gaddafi, the political leader narrowly survived an attack ordered by Reagan and then reciprocated by downing a US airplane over Scotland in ’88. The crash killed 270 passengers. 

When President George W. Bush’s Proliferation Security Initiative finally convinced Colonel Gaddafi to surrender his country’s nuclear program, the man was no longer a threat to the United States. Nonetheless – and at France’s behest – President Obama unleashed America’s military to overthrow and kill Colonel Gaddafi.

While Obama claimed his “necessary, unique, and limited” actions were in the best interest of protecting civilians from Gaddafi’s forces, many believe his actions had more to do with Gaddafi blocking France’s access to Libyan crude oil. 

At the time, neither England nor France had the military power to launch the airstrikes needed to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi’s government. So naturally, Obama stepped in – despite a lack of US national security interest. He claimed that waiting one more day to utilize military force would have led to a “massacre that would have reverberated across the region and stained the conscience of the world.” 

Libya today:

Multiple terrorist groups were quick to jump into the power vacuum that followed Gaddafi’s death in 2011. Since then, Libya has deteriorated into several warring factions. Meanwhile, two separate governments claim to rule the country and Libya has become a sort of safe haven for ISIS and other terrorist groups. 

On September 10th, 2012 – just one day before the infamous attacks in Benghazi that left four Americans dead – there were at least 10 separate terrorist organizations operating within the city of Benghazi.

General Don Bolduc – our top commander in Africa – said last month that the spread of ISIS within Libya is so great that further American military action will be necessary even if there were to be an agreement between Libya’s two rival governments. 

President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continue to deny responsibility; in fact, the president recently blamed the “sh*t show” (his word according to American Spectato) in Libya on NATO allies including British Prime Minister David Cameron (who said that he was too distracted to keep an eye on the country). 

Today’s greatest threat to national security – ISIS – is a product of the ongoing Syrian civil war that started in 2011. ISIS now controls large parts of Syria, Iraq, and Libya. Since there aren’t any ‘good guys’ in the fight, we can’t really blame President Obama for not getting involved in Syria’s war. What he can be blamed for is turning Libya into a safe base of operations for ISIS.

And let’s not forget Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the massive cover-up that occurred after the attacks in Benghazi. Even worse, it is now suspected that Hillary Clinton’s unprotected email server gave the terrorists all the information they needed to know in order to carry out the attacks. 

But if not for Obama’s decision to intervene, no Americans would have been in the city. No Americans would have died. 

Clinton’s State Department should have known that 10 or more terrorist cells were active within the city before the attacks. They should have listened to the CIA when it repeatedly asked for additional security at the CIA annex and diplomatic compound. 

Fast forward to today. The growth of ISIS – facilitated by Obama’s decision to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi – has already led to the San Bernardino attacks. 

It is the president’s duty to defend and protect American national security. Both Obama and Clinton left their country behind when they chose to face Benghazi alone at the cost of four American lives. Please remember, if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she will not hesitate to abandon her people whenever it is convenient or whenever she stands to gain. 


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