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Obama's Plans to Visit Roseburg Incite Protest

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Tragedy struck Roseburg, Oregon on October 1st when Umpqua Community College student Chris Harper-Mercer opened fire during his English class. He killed nine students before cops arrived, after which he turned the gun on himself and committed suicide. 

President Obama, expressing his frustration with the frequency of mass shootings in America, is using this tragedy as ammunition (no pun intended) to push for tighter gun control laws. And Roseburg isn’t happy about it.

Obama added a visit to Roseburg to his previously-scheduled trip to the West Coast in order to visit the families of the victims. To his surprise, his plans were met with the announcement that Roseburg would not welcome him. 

According to The Gateway Pundit, over 2,500 individuals have signed up to protest the president’s visit. The publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, David Jacques, spoke with Bill O’Reilly on Monday to explain his town’s position: 

“The anointed one his majesty king Obama and the White House have announced a Friday arrival in Roseburg, Oregon in the wake of October first’s horrifying tragedy at UCC. Polarizing as usual, Mr. Obama has insisted on politicizing the event as a conduit for increased executive orders on gun control via means of his pen and his phone. This blatant disrespect of the victims’ families, the community, and the town of Roseburg; Mr. Obama’s administration is flying not just the 747 that is Air Force One to Oregon, but a three helicopter team of Sikorskys that make up HMX-1, known as Marine One, to travel to Roseburg at the taxpayer’s expense. We need a lot of people. Please come show your support for Roseburg, not the little man who has no respect for the constitution.”

You can sign up to join the protest at the “Defend Roseburg – Deny Barack Obama” Facebook page.

The White House retaliated in the form of a short announcement from top Press Secretary Josh Earnest, who explained, “I would not anticipate much of a public appearance from the president. The stated purpose of his trip is to spend some time with the families there that have been affected by this outrageous act of violence.” 






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