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Obama Opens All Combat Roles to Women, May Have to Register for the Draft

Obama Opens All Combat Roles to Women, May Have to Register for the Draft

In a landmark change in policy directed by the Obama administration, Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter announced on Thursday that women will be permitted in all combat roles provided they are qualified.  This means all special forces units, including the Navy Seals, The Army Rangers, the Marines Force Recon and other roles where direct contact with the enemy could occur. 

According to Carter, “There will be no exceptions. This means that, as long as they qualify and meet the standards, women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before.”

This has been a longstanding debate for decades. On one hand some women in the military have felt their careers have been limited by an inability to join elite units. However, it has long been felt the American public would not be able to tolerate the potential for atrocities if a female soldier was captured.

When asked, Secretary Carter said there was indeed a possibility that women would be required to register for selective service. “That is a matter of legal dispute right now, and in fact, litigation. So…I don’t know how that will turn out,” Carter said. Ironically, a woman in New Jersey is suing to be included in Selective Service, saying exclusion is discriminatory.

Author’s note:  Sexual abuse, rape and torture are possibilities.  Are we prepared to see our daughters go through this? We will have to be, the possibility we will see this within the next 10 years is near 100% in my estimation. And I predict it will be a devastating propaganda tool.

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