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Obama on Gun Control – Obamacare To Report All Mental Health Issues to the FBI

Obama on Gun Control – Obamacare To Report All Mental Health Issues to the FBI

In a tearful delivery, laden with distorted generalizations, Barack Obama described his plan to control guns by executive order. Obama laid out a multi-point plan, covering licensing, increased enforcement and mental health.

The crux is this: Obamacare will be modified to require mental health issues to be reported to the FBI, for inclusion in background checks. I heard no mention of doctor’s discretion, no mention of protecting a patient’s privacy, or adherence to HIPAA regulations. Unless I miss my guess, this will be automatic.

In other words if you have ever been in counseling paid by insurance, if you have ever been prescribed any kind of tranquilizing or mood altering medication, you can be considered to be mentally unstable at the FBI’s discretion.  The details of your treatment will become part of an FBI record.  Forever.

In this author’s opinion, this is an appalling act, it radically increases the potential for abuse. Mental Health issues, however minor, or out of the control of the individual, can now be used by the government to control aspects of your life (you don’t honestly think this will stop at gun control do you?).

The slippery slope is easy to see.  If you are under stress and your doctor prescribes a pill, or if you get counseling for any reason, it could come to pass that the FBI shows up on your doorstep to confiscate your guns.

Could you also be disqualified from being a teacher? From being a doctor?  From being a politician? From traveling by airplane? 

We seem to have become a nation of labels. Now it will be very simple to label someone “mentally unstable” who merely has experienced a rich and varied life.

I hope I’m not the only one who sees this.

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