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Obama nominated for a Second Nobel Prize

Obama nominated for a Second Nobel Prize

Oslo – The Norwegian Nobel Institute has announced that Barrack Hussein Obama has been nominated for a second Nobel Prize because of his work in “negotiating the peaceful return of Iraq to its rightful rulers, The Islamic State of Iraq (aka ISIS)”

Obama was once again “surprised and deeply humbled” by this announcement.  If he wins, Obama plans to donate the money to the Ferguson Missouri Race Relations Fund to celebrate his success in bringing racism to the forefront there and to the attention of all of America.

ISIL leaders applaud this nomination, and are quoted as saying “We are thankful for his efforts.  The rise of the Caliphate is imminent, we look forward to the day when all of the Middle East and indeed the rest of the world are united in peace, under the benign influence of Sharia law.”

Leaders of the Republican Party declined to comment, thus far.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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  1. DAV

    I’m glad it was just a joke but if it was true, it wouldn’t surprise me- as crazy as the world is getting now.