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Obama: ISIS is the Pentagon's Fault

Obama: ISIS is the Pentagon's Fault

Military officials are taking issue with the president’s claim that he is waiting for a plan from the Pentagon to come up with a complete strategy to defeat ISIS. “What the f– was that,” one pentagon official told Fox News. “We have given him lots of options, he just hasn’t acted on them.” This Military official is not in the minority, as a recent poll showed 71 percent of America doesn’t believe President Obama has any strategy to combat the terrorist organization.


Col Ralph Peters (Ret.) recently outlined his criticism of Obama’s policy. “He wants to defeat the Islamic State, but he doesn’t want to hurt anyone,” said Peters. This inability to act appropriately has allowed ISIS to transform from a weak regional group to the wealthiest terrorist organization in history.


The Obama administration has dumped fortunes and weapons into the laps of the Arab states, despite histories of funding whichever radical Sunni group benifits their interests at that moment. Even as Pentagon reports showed strong evidence of such weapons falling into the hands of ISIS and al Qaeda, little diplomatic pressure was applied to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. In addition to militaristic indecisiveness, this diplomatic wavering was one of the largest reasons for the success of ISIS.


Some experts have been able to see a semblance of a plan. Charles Krauthammer told Bill O’Reilly Monday evening that Obame does have an ISIS strategy: “Just make it through to January 2017 and turn it over to the next president.”

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