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Obama's Greatest Betrayal of America Yet

Obama's Greatest Betrayal of America Yet

Trip advisory alert: If you’re an American falsely incarcerated in a foreign land, do not expect help from your home nation. 

Under the terms of our new Iranian nuclear deal, the Islamic Republic will be allowed to keep its nuclear facilities, get relief from a range of international sanctions and maintained and increased their research capabilities. With all the compromises made by President Obama, we are no closer to the release of four American being illegally held in Iran. 

Iranian President Rouhani said “God has accepted the nation’s prayers” with the deal. Given the immense excitement from the Iranian government, many are wondering whether or not President Obama could have used this negotiation to return 4 imprisoned Americans to their families in the States. 

To call this deal a success – with its massive allowances and while four Americans still rot in Iranian prison – is  an affront to each and every American. 

When journalist Major Garrett asked President Obama about the appropriateness of  celebrating the Iran deal while Americans remain illegally imprisoned by Iran, the president shamed the reporter and told him “ he should know better “ than to ask such a question. 

Iran would not have turned down billions of dollars, nuclear capabilities and access to re-enter the weapons market if President Obama insisted upon the release of the Americans, so on. In the last seven years this administration has done its fair share of unsavoury activity, but to use American lives as some kind of bargaining chip for future negotiations might very well be the most egregious. 

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