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Obama Fears Biden Will Lose to Trump

Obama Fears Biden Will Lose to Trump

Joe Biden’s former boss has been expressing some real fear that the current President will lose his reelection bid against Donald Trump. Barack Obama has said that he has “grave concern” that Biden could lose in November and is doing everything he can to help. The New York Times was the first to report on Obama’s worries.

According to the Times, Obama has been in constant contact with White House Chief of Staff Jeffrey Zients and other top aides to offer advice and strategy insights ahead of November. He also talks with Biden regularly about the election or family matters.

A White House aide told the Times that Obama has “always” worried about Biden’s re-election odds. Obama actually discouraged Biden from running for President in the past, according to Biden’s memoir “Promise Me, Dad,” and considered former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to be the stronger candidate.

Though he has always backed Biden in private, Obama has been more hesitant to do so publicly, waiting until after the 2019 Democratic primary to formally endorse Biden. This, the publication wrote, stems back to a rocky beginning for their relationship in the Obama White House.

Obama “took time to warm to Mr. Biden” at the start of his 2009 presidency, the NYT says. Biden reportedly struggled with being second in command “from the moment he joined the ticket” and was often aggravated by Obama’s “elite and Ivy-educated” team.

Obama may be justified in his fears. President Biden’s approval rating now sits at 38%, which is just one point higher than his lowest rating of all time, according to a recent Gallup poll. This figure is lower than the last three presidents who lost re-election, those being Donald Trump (48%), George H.W. Bush (43%) and Jimmy Carter (54%).

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  1. Harold blankenship

    Biden must lose to Trump if we want to keep our country. The democrats are hell bent on destroying democracy and the constitution. The idiots even perverted Easter by making it into a tranny/ faggot celebration. So come on Frank. Cheerlead for your team.


    Now Harold, you have to know how upset Horist gets if someone mentions my name, as if they read my comments. Makes him whine, cry, and lie.

    Cheerlead? I am just so overjoyed that Bill Sheridan is reading, and beleiving, The New York Times. Welcome aboard the good ship MSM Bill.

    As to your fear of TDOV, it’s fallen on that day, every year, for 14 years, including the reign of Trump. Biden did nothing to bring it up during his Easter celebration. Many celebrated taking a shit on Easter, but Christians did not get upset about that confluence.

    I would think it highlights the Christian dilema about celebrating Christ’s resurection. Why does Easter move all over the place? Did the cruscifixion move too? Hey, being on the East Coast, I am always amazed how often the rain stops, the clouds part, and the sun shines through on Easter, no matter what date it is. Did it again this year proving that God smiles on the East Coast.

    And by the by, the Easter Art show is always, even under Trump, not religious and the Easter Bunny has always been in drag costume.

    Much ado about nothing. But thanks for the shoutout Harold although I do not speak for liberals, Biden, or the Democratic party. Biden’s comments have already been made and, like Bill S., you can read all about it in The New York Times, your new go-to MSM publication.

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson .. Wow! Your obsession with me is getting worse. It says a lot as to the depth of your obsession that you bring my name into another writers work gratuitously — which has nothing to do with me. And which i happened upon by chance, Seriously Frank, you need to get a grip. How about I give you back your goat and you try to work on you obsession?

      • Frank stetson

        See Harold, I told ya.

  3. Rick

    The Easter holiday/celebration is pagan and is the celebration of Ishtar a pagan fertility goddess; hence the eggs and bunnies. The counterfeit Sun Christ = Jesus is the one Christians worship because they were taught the lies, don’t know any better, and even if they find out the truth, most will stay with the lie. Christianity is all about sun god worship. That is why they have Easter sunrise service and why they do all of the other pagan things they do.

    If you love the true savior Yahushua, you need to come out of her and not share in her sins. Flee from the churches, which are all teaching lies and unprofitable things. If you love Him, keep His Commandments. It is not a joke, and I for one do not want to be told, I never knew you. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    • Dan tyree

      Does that mean us baptists too?

    • Don

      Who the hell is Ashushua, another devil imposter?

  4. America

    obama is worried cause he may not get a 4th term we all know hes running this show cause that idiot biden couldnt think of all the shit hes doing

  5. Americafirst

    What happened to my comment? Is it a violation of my Constitutional rights that you do not print it?


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