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Obama Era Classified Documents Found In Biden’s Possession!

Obama Era Classified Documents Found In Biden’s Possession!

As the left spent most of 2022 trying to hang former President Trump for an alleged trove of misplaced classified documents discovered at Mar-a-Lago, the White House has just revealed that at least a dozen “classified” documents from his time as VP have been recovered from a remote office of Joe Biden’s.

The cache of papers, including a “small number of documents with classified markings,” was discovered at the Penn Biden Center by the President’s personal attorneys on Nov. 2, according to Richard Saubel, special counsel to the White House. 

The attorneys found the documents in a locked closet while preparing to vacate office space at the center, which the President used from mid-2017 until he began the 2020 campaign. 

The National Archives were notified of the finding and took possession of the documents on Nov. 3, Saubel said. 

“The documents were not the subject of any previous request or inquiry by the Archives,” Sauber said in a statement. “Since that discovery, the President’s personal attorneys have cooperated with the Archives and the Department of Justice in process to ensure that any Obama-Biden Administration records are appropriately in the possession of the Archives.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland swiftly appointed US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois John Lausch to review the matter, according to CBS News, which first reported on the documents’ discovery on Monday. Lausch is one of two remaining Trump-appointed US Attorneys. The other is Delaware US Attorney David Weiss, who is leading an investigation into the President’s son, Hunter Biden.

Biden himself slammed former President Trump last year after FBI agents seized approximately 300 classified documents from his Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. 

“How that could possibly happen? How anyone could be that irresponsible? And I thought what data was in there that would maybe compromise sources and methods?” the President told 60 Minutes. “And it just – totally irresponsible.” 

Under the Presidential Records Act, all documents from a president’s administration and staff must be turned over to the National Archives. Now, it seems that Biden is either just as guilty as Trump, or has given credence to the former President’s defense team’s claims that “these kinds of mistakes are common during transitions” and Mr. Trump did not do anything intentional or malicious.

“When is the FBI going to raid the many homes of Joe Biden, perhaps even the White House?” Trump wrote on Truth Social on Monday. “These documents were definitely not declassified.”

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said that he would send a letter to the National Archives and White House counsel seeking information about the documents that were seized from the Penn Biden Center. 

“Under the Biden Administration, the Department of Justice and National Archives have made compliance with the Presidential Records Act a top priority,” Comer said in a statement. “We expect the same treatment for President Biden, who has apparently inappropriately maintained classified documents in an insecure setting for several years.”  

On the other hand, House Democrats quickly took to Biden’s defense. 

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Pete Aguilar defended Biden’s handling of classified documents discovered stored at the Penn Biden Center and called GOP outrage “Republican hypocrisy.”

“This is Republican hypocrisy in its finest,” Aguilar, D-Calif., said in a press conference Tuesday with party leadership collages. 

“We’re going to support the fact that the president is following this established protocol, that he did the right thing….” Aguilar said. He accused his colleagues across the aisle of not wanting to conduct “meaningful” oversight and that they are “just interested in opposing this president.” 

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  1. Sam

    Nothing will be done about it. The demoncraps are never held accountable. So who believes in our justice system?

    • Rick

      The FBI has the papers. They are the deep state, or at least part of it, so everything will be cleaned and the democrats will come out looking like angels, and the ignorant literals will believe it all.

      • frank stetson

        vesus Rick who only believes the blogosphere and his own delusions. “deep state,” what a joke. like there’s the cabal, the nwo, and the deep state. do they all have a joint convention? who’s on top, soros?

        you gotta ask yourself, are these evil entities so good that the Rick’s of the world can’t match em, can’t compete with them, can’t even find one? where’s Rick’s avengers? I marvel at the thought. Are the Rick’s that incompetent? nah, just delusional.

        there is no deep state, just the state. there is no nwo, just the world. and there may be many cabals, we call that people being people and getting together to do things together. got a problem with that?

        • Larry kuhn

          Frank loves to see his commie party embarrass America. His kind hates our country.

          • frank stetson

            All these white folk and just one lazy, shiftless Kuhn. Joe needs more diversity.

      • Bubbelove

        UPY, the FBI has Biden covered.

    • The Redhawk

      Chit should hit the fan and expose the Dfascists but with Garland and Wray on dimwit BiDum payroll tha story like his manico and border photo ops will get buried

  2. Randy

    I’m shocked that this got reported with all the MSM, FBI and DOJ protection that works round-the-clock for the Biden cabal. I notice they buried this story until now, well after the mid-terms. Sound familiar???

    • frank stetson

      Buried? They all reported it immediately, it’s running 24×7 on msnbc right now. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

      • larry Horist

        Frank Stetson. The presence of the documents was known to the press in November. They buried the story until now – apparently because it was spreading beyond the early limited leak or leaks. Biden knew of the documents BEFORE the election. They buried the story as long as they could. I call that “buried”.

        • Frank stetson

          You got a source on that Larry?

          I realize you are correct that the documents were discovered on November 2, immediately turned over to the archives, and the White House did not announce it until just now. In other words, you got screwed, but in the words of the great delivery, it appears to be legal.

          But I cannot find where the press knew about this on November 2 or shortly there after and withheld publication. Do you have the source of that?

          I guess the good news from all of this is maybe we will strengthen the document system to better protect in the future. Now it can be by Pardison. Thank you Joe.

          But beyond Biden holding out on the announcement, I don’t think you have any there there. Looks like mistakenly, held, locked up, discovered, and immediately returned.

          This is not equivalent to what Trump did.

          In any event, both should be investigated equally and appropriate legal actions should be taken were warranted..

          • pcwalt

            WHAT?! “it appears to be legal”? Presidents (e.g. Donald Trump when he was president) have complete authority to declassify. Nobody else (e.g. Biden when he was vice president) has that authority. Therefore Biden was in possession of classified documents. NOT legal.

        • Bubbelove

          Larry Horist – AND, why are attorneys cleaning out his office? That’s a big question.

          • frank stetson

            pcwalt, bubba, I said appears legal. For the Espionage Act to kick in there needs to be an aggravating factor like a Chinese guy with a bag of money…..

            Bubba is right, the reasons for the docs being there, being removed, moving, etc. are all valid investigation questions if we are looking for espionage.

            I said: investigate all and now you have a special counsel, guy appointed by Trump, to investigate.

            Trumps’ Cash Patel defense of “everything I touch is magically declassified and better yet, I never tell anyone that I did it” is a defense in public meaning no harm, no foul, for a lie. Especially from Republicans who like to elect recognized liars like Trump and Santos. Cash will go on the record before this is done and we will see but many others have said he is full of shit.

            Be careful what you ask for: the Mar A Loser case is much more serious, Trump shows guilt through his obstruction, the number of documents is way higher, the amount and level of top secret is much, much higher, and there were even Chinese guys with money all over Mar A Loser, not to mention gate crashers and scammers on the premises. Biden’s were locked up, Trumps were strewn about.

            My take is if they throw the book at Biden, good, but they will then need to throw a library at the Don. Not to mention finding the answers to all the same why’s and wherefores as Bubba notes, PLUS given the quantity, over 35 boxes, who helped and what did they know.

            I think a good question might be: did Biden set this up to put pressure on Trump’s case? Gives one pause to reflect the dementia needed to pull that one off.

          • pcwalt

            So, Frank Stetson, you know that all the witnesses are lying, and you somehow know the truth contra their testimony. Sure. And somehow the Presidential Memorandum released by Trump to several Executive Branch agencies in 2019 of his intention to declassify all documents related to Crossfire Hurricane and “Russia collusion” somehow doesn’t apply, eh? You have power with a wave of your hand and a few taps on the keyboard to create and negate reality and truth?

      • Byron

        reported immediately..? methinks you need to brush up on your reading comprehension…

        • Frank stetson

          Why? I thought the archives was called asap

          Show us what you mean

        • Not buying

          Frank, you’re at the very least a paid operative of the democrat socialist party. You cover for Bidens criminality on every post. Poor dumb bastard!
          Why is destroying the US so important to you and your ilk?? What’s in it for you?? Maybe, drop some pending charges against you or something similar?
          Others on here have given your dumbass the benefit of the doubt but you keep poppng off with ignorance and fealty to criminals. Oh well. At least you’re proof that ignorance is bliss.

      • Bubbelove

        Frank Stetson – They found this on November 2, 2022, and are now JUST reporting it, and you don’t think it has been hidden until now. They did not report it immediately.

  3. Upsidedownjack1

    Joe was/HAS just followed established protocol in KEEPING WITH THE LAW! Right? What about All of the Classified Papers of the Clinton’s? Or have Any been found from the Obama’s? YET! Sorry, I’m bad. Should have UNDERSTOOD the FBI, DOJ, And all the rest of the (democrat social communist) “law” enforcement SEE NOTHING, KNOW NOTHING, DO. NOTHING when it Comes to the COMMUNIST BASTARDS!

    • frank stetson

      Shit happens, papers get put in the wrong place, they are allowed to have some, but forget to bring them back. Generally, the archives reminds, they return. Sometimes, they are not id’d by the archives, like Joe’s, and someone finds them, like Joe’s lawyers, this time in a locked closet, and they call the archives to return, and they return them, like Joe’s.

      That is not what the Don did. Not in magnitude, no in secrecy, not in denial and then hiding them, not in multiple locations, not in the higher level of top secret like Don had, like ones that can’t go off prem, like Don had. So yeah. when you steal them, scatter them between locations, lie about having them, fake return some saying “that’s all folks,” and when the archives say: “no, you have more,” you lie again forcing a search warrant to be executed ——- yeah, that’s something different all together.

      But continue to make all things equal when they aren’t.

      Bottom line: arrest and indite all those breaking the law. I am pretty sure Joe gets parole, Don goes to jail. Not really, but the crimes are that different.

      • larry Horist

        Frank Stetson … I have noted that the cases are different, but that does not absolve Biden of having the documents illegally, Biden’s case is not that simple accident you describe it as — without any proof. We have top secret documents stored in a facility partially funded by the Chinese. That alone requires a serious investigation. So .. how is the Kool Aid tasting these days?

        • frank stetson

          Larry, how often have I said: “investigate all.” Did he have them illegally? Remember, he’s President now so it’s a different game. But investigate away. IF they throw the book at Biden, then your guy gets the library dropped on him like the Wicked Witch of the West. How’s that Kool Aid?

          FYI: China gave money to UoP, can you prove this funded this location on the dates of the documents? You may have a right church, wrong pew, bad timing issue with that allegation. But again, investigate away.

          I find your snarkyness totally ridiculous, I would respond in kind but you cry, you whine, and then you say: “I can’t paly with you anymore you meanie.” So stfu on the snark or I will respond in kind and you will cry like a baby one more time ENOUGH.

          • pcwalt

            There are several witnesses who say that Trump declassified the documents which were taken to Mar-a-Lago. Presidents have such authority. Biden did not before he became president. So Biden had custody of classified documents for approximately 4 years, *illegally*, even supposing he declassified them immediately upon his inauguration.

      • Miles collins

        Papers in the wrong place? Maybe people should rethink voting for democrats. ( no maybe about that). They are incompetent to handle the country’s security. Someday they’ll really fuck up and cost America a lot. From observation, they are hell bent on destroying the country. And Frank is cheerleading for them

        • frank stetson

          Oh come on. Trump outed our agents and ally agents to Russians in the Oval Office. Give it a rest.

          Intelligence community often withheld info from this guy because of the threat of him opening his stupid mouth.

          • pcwalt

            Ha, ha, ha! Really? cite your source. The thing I think you are referring to was the incident to which the mainstream media ultimately acknowledged that a President has the power to share any level of classified material with anyone of his choosing. And what Trump shared with the Russian diplomats *implied* information about an Israeli situation, which was so sensitive that the media found it necessary to blast to the whole world.

  4. James

    Impeach the Illegitimate presidency and administration of biden and harris for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution

  5. frank stetson

    what is the treason and sedition you speak of? Given he runs the government, sedition seems a stretch………. and I am sorry, but where in the Constitution do you find “papers locked in a closet” amendment?

    haters gotta hate.

  6. PATTY


  7. Darren

    Frank, you are the guy standing on the tip of the Titanic saying ” The Ship is not sinking, I never saw an Ice Berg ”
    Believe what you may, but holding this position does not give credence to intelligence.

    • frank stetson

      i would never say ice berg. it’s iceberg genius.

      • Rick

        frank is smart

        • Rick

          Don’t get a big head frank, it was sarcasm!

  8. frank stetson

    OK darren, let us know when your fiction of sedition becomes reality anywhere except the brain dead.

    sedition against biden for documents returned immediately upon finding them………good luck.

    you’d have better luck keeping the santos seat from becoming democrat. good luck with that too.

    • Sam

      That’s where the 4th box comes in

  9. Feank stetson

    Found highest classification mark now. Think we are up to three locations. Getting more serious by the day. Hope the investigation is speedy.

  10. Maria Monteagudo

    Frank, (Feank?) You have to be one of those 80 million voters aren’t you?

    Look at the country in only two years of this regime smart man!

    • Frankstetson

      And yet, still better than Trump.

      Sure, I voted for him..Won’t again. He’s getting too old.

      I’m glad we’re out of Afghanistan. Glad we’re not in Ukraine. Glad he lowered the deficit and slowed the debt increase. I like the infrastructure bill, the IRA (except for the name), cleaner air, cleaner water, less backslapping racists and supremacists, no tax increases, brtter gdp growth, gay marriage bill, most climate change legislation ever, low unemployment, lower inflation than ROW.

      It looks like under Biden. We are less getting our ozone layer back in shape. That’s quite an accomplishment.

      I don’t like how we got out of Afghanistan, scandals, fumble mouthing, the border crisis, my investment portfolio, inflation, and our current Covid response, which is to ignore it and set the record for lowering the nations life expectancy. I think less life is a pretty poor return on investment.

      So I can’t say that I can give him a stellar grade, but I certainly don’t see where he is totally fucking either. Unlike the last guy, at least he is focused on GDP growth, slowing, or lowering the debt and deficit, and that goes along way in my book. Trump spent us into the poorhouse. It’s like high blood pressure, a silent killer.

      Now let’s watch McCarthy, Jeffords, Comer, and Blitzen trip over themselves. Different game when u b in charge. I wish you the best in their plethora of investigations, but I fear it will just be a carnival of clowns..

      • Not buying

        You go go girl!!
        Keep up the spreading bull!
        Ignorance on full display.
        Man, you got it down!!

        • Frank stetson

          Yeah, it’s bull like Biden’s 2021 gdp growth was twice any full years growth in ANY Trump year and 9 points higher than Trumps 2020 gdp growth rate. Even with his recession, Biden’s 2022 will probabl beat Trump too.

          Suck on that one Not Buying.

          There’s always Trump video cards. Guy offers value stuff. For grift victims.

          • Not buying

            You should probably get back to that little boy you have locked up somewhere as your personal sex slave! Perv!

  11. Frank stetson

    What a strange thought. Based on personal experience?

    These folks that can’t discuss but feel obligated to spew hate are just the best losers. Tell us more Not Bi, let us see how really clever you are. Come on, whatttya got? Anything really deplorable?

  12. Not buying

    With the way you keep telling others to ‘suck’ this and ‘suck’ that it sounds like you have all the experience.
    I knew another girl like you named Frankie some years back. She talked like you. Frustrated, cherry-picked facts, misplaced loyalties. We all knew there was something not right with her. Found out a few years later that she got busted for possession of child porn. After serving her prison sentence she came out and announced that she was now a he and started her transition.
    With all you have in common and all the similarities, we just naturally figured you must be her. Don’t be ashamed! Be proud of your new life.
    Good luck with all your transitional surgeries!

  13. frank stetson

    wow, you live the fantasy, that’s for sure. given your analysis, “we” would have to conclude you’re a………person with absolutely nothing of value.