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Obama Creates Muslim Civil War

Obama Creates Muslim Civil War
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Saudi Arabia is mobilizing for war. The nuclear deal that will lift tough sanctions on Iran has drastically changed the geopolitical dynamics within the region.

Fearing the ever-growing strength of the Iranian regime, which is now poised to receive advanced weaponry from Russia, the Saudis are preparing to deploy special forces to Yemen, and potentially widen the use of Saudi and allied Sunni air power in Syria.

State-run newspapers in Saudi Arabia were highly critical of the Iran deal. The “Riyadh” warned that the lifting of sanctions will allow Iran to “persist in its expansionist policies and extend their influence in the Arab region” and “spread conflict.” Given the amount of Iranian troops in Iraq, Syria and Yemen prior to the 100 billion dollar influx of money, there is certainly justification behind these fears.

 “Yemen is the red line for Saudi Arabia. We will see military escalations in Yemen in the coming days in order to prevent what Saudi sees as an Iranian foothold in the Gulf,” says Mustafa Alani, director of security and defense studies at the Jeddah-based Gulf Research Center.

The Sunni/Shiite conflict has been brewing throughout the centuries, and we are unfortunate enough to live in a time where the combatants of this primitive, fanatical conflict have weapons of global destruction. 

M.A.D ( Mutually Assured Destruction) was an acronym used to describe the scenario in which America or the USSR launched a nuclear strike at one another. This guarantee, more than any peace talk, is the key reason for the current existence of the two countries.

In a fanatics mind, however, mutually assured destruction might just be collateral damage in achieving ideological goals.

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