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Obama Advisor David Axelrod Says “Good Reasons” to be Concerned About Joe Biden’s Reelection

Obama Advisor David Axelrod Says “Good Reasons” to be Concerned About Joe Biden’s Reelection

After Donald Trump’s decisive victory in the Iowa caucuses, and the idea of a Trump-Biden rematch looks all the more likely, former President Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod said it is unhelpful to dismiss concerns about President Biden’s poor marks in major polls, defending his recent criticism of the president’s reelection campaign.

Axelrod said in an interview with Politico that there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about Biden’s reelection prospects and that he finds it “aggravating” that people who air their concerns about the Biden campaign’s strategy are called “bed-wetters.”

Politico asked him if he was referring to Obama’s 2012 campaign manager, Jim Messina, who often shares his support for Biden through social media and punditry and has dismissed polls as this far out from the election as “silly.”

“I think that’s deeply, deeply unhelpful because sometimes there’s reason to be concerned. And there are a lot of really smart and committed supporters of Biden who have concerns,” Axelrod said in the interview, which was published last week.

“What you need to do is contemplate what it is that is concerning people and decide what is legitimate and what needs to be done. There are people who are really, really committed to Joe Biden who felt a sense of concern and urgency — particularly because Donald Trump is on the other side of this race. So I thought it was extraordinarily tone-deaf and unhelpful,” he said.

Axelrod, who is a political commentator on CNN and hosts podcasts, recently received a political pin in the mail with the message “Pricks for Biden,” Politico reported.

He has constantly defended his decision to point out challenges for Biden, especially when his suggestion in November was that it was the “last moment” for Biden to check if he should drop out.

“I know that people expect 100 percent loyalty, but that’s not my job,” Axelrod said. “It’s pretty obvious that there are challenges here, and it seemed pretty obvious to me when I suggested in early November that he think hard about what he’s doing. I was 99 percent sure that that would not mean anything, but I thought there was a 1 percent chance that he would actually rethink the thing.”

He prefaced his comments, like he has other criticism, by saying he thinks Biden has done great things with his first three years in office, pointing especially to the infrastructure law and leading the U.S. out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Biden campaign has largely responded to negative polling by saying that, this far out, polls typically aren’t predictive of voters in November. They have yet to respond directly to any of Axelrod’s comments.

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  1. Rick

    That is why the evil democrats will run Michael Obama and Gavin Newsom. The idiotic liberals will surely vote for them.

  2. Tim Shep

    What’s to worry about David? You will just fix the election like you did the 2020 election. The DNC makes the MOB look like a Boy Scout troop.

    • Frank stetson

      And yet Shep, you can’t prove it. 65 court cases lost. Who is ttupid enough to lose 65 times in a row? Half dozen recounts lost. Insurrection squashed. The only place we found election rigging is in the Georgia case underway where Trump’s entire legal team admitted they did it and they will testify against the head cheater: Donald J Trump.

      You want to find 2020 election interference and cheating. Just look in the mirror.

      Cheats on taxes
      Cheats in business
      Cheats on wife, all of them
      Cheats on charity for Christ sake

      Think he’s not cheating you? Smell the coffee

  3. Tom Peetz

    Something smells. Once a vote is in the system, it is almost impossible to determine how it got there. Having the heads of the FBI and CIA and other agencies say the Hunter laptop was “russian disinformation” when they knew it was genuine. Had the truth come out many of those who voted for Biden said they would not have. Having lost two prior bids for being president, and this time campaigns from his basement and gets the most votes of any presidential candidate ever? Calling the 1/6 riot an insurrection is quite a stretch. Where were the guns, torches, pitchforks? Rather look at th e BLM and Antifa destruction. Multiple lives lost, courthouse and police station burned, occupied parts of Seattle and Portland, OR, two billion in property damage, yet the press calls that “mostly peaceful”.


      Peetz: one absolutely can tell where votes come from.

      And for Hunter’s lap top, the series of events makes sense. When an October surprise like this come up, when the owner is a blind Trumplicant who is not certain it was Hunter is the originator, when the laptop first emerges from Bannon, Guiliani, and the Post, yeah, there will be questions about authenticity much less convicting Biden of treason in Ukrainian dealings. WIKI has a very good timeline, the players, etc. that pretty much clears the air as to your allegations. I think you may change opinion as you see the facts. Fact is the laptop should have seen the light of day, but probably not until vetted and from October 2020 to November 2020, that would never happen.
      Trump got his 2 cents from it, and was probably better off with inuendo than reality anyways.

      Even today, there is no linkage to Joe that proves crimes. There are numerous planted files from other camps on the laptop, it is still not a smoking gun at all..

      But fair’s fair and maybe we should have delayed the vote until we could have sorted out the laptop. Just like today, maybe we should delay the vote until we sort out Trump’s legal issues.

      And come on, Biden from the basement? How about businessman reality star democrat turns republican and gets all those votes? Strange times.

      1.6.2021 stopped the government from working via a violent attack on the Nation’s Capital at the Capitol building with 142 cops injured. How many cops did BLM injure? Did BLM ever stop our national government from working, stop an election from completing? How many BLM-ers convicted of seditious conspiracy? Any? These are both bad things, but very different. And all the criminals from either should be investigated, arrested, convicted, and put in jail.

      • Walter

        Lying bastard Frank at it again


    Nope, I know my Dad and Mom, sorry.

    But do you have an actual lie in mind or is this just your general “feelings, nothing more than feelings, trying for forget your feelings of love?”

    You folks needs some specificity in your lives.