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NYC Mayor Refuses to Relinquish List of Undocumented Immigrants

NYC Mayor Refuses to Relinquish List of Undocumented Immigrants

Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to start deporting illegal immigrants during his first months in office. 

Early on in his campaign, the billionaire promised to create a “deportation task force” within ICE to locate and remove the 11 million illegals currently living in the US. Trump later softened his stance, explaining that his initial plans would be “focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal aliens in America.” 

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he would not be handing over the city’s database of undocumented immigrants without a “real fight.” The alleged database contains the identities of more than 850,000 immigrants currently living in New York. These individuals have a “city municipal ID card,” but do not have legal immigration status.

The IDNYC card, first offered in 2015, is free and official proof of one’s identity. Applicants are not required to disclose their immigration status to obtain a card. 

The IDNYC card database includes names, dates of birth, and addresses. “It cannot be disclosed to federal law enforcement or immigration authorities without permission from the city’s human resources administration,” reports CNN.

Trump “can change some federal laws, but the Constitution protects a lot of the rights and powers of localities,” said de Blasio. The mayor insisted that “personal privacy is going to be respected” and cited a provision of the ID law that would allow him to scrub the entire list by the end of the year.

“As you know, there’s been an ongoing plan regardless of any electoral activity how long records are kept. Given this new reality we’re certainly going to assess how we should handle it,” de Blasio added. When asked about Trump’s plans to cut off funding to sanctuary cities – such as NYC – de Blasio replied, “We will do everything we know how to resist that.” 

Trump and de Blasio have never enjoyed a positive relationship. The mayor has accused Trump of being a racist and a fascist, and the billionaire has stated the de Blasio is “probably the worst mayor in the history of NYC.” 

De Blasio changed his tune slightly after Trump’s victory on Tuesday, telling his audience at City Hall that he would “happily invite him [Trump] to dinner to have a conversation.” 

“I take his platform and his vision very seriously,” continued de Blasio. “And I think it’s in many ways very dangerous. That being said, one has the distinct impression that some of that was just for show. So we’re going to find out.” 

Editor’s note: The federal government doesn’t need de Blasio’s cooperation, but the withholding of federal funds for “sanctuary cities” will be very real. Trump will win that fight.

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