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NYC: Crime Increases After Cuts to Police Force

NYC: Crime Increases After Cuts to Police Force

Shootings increased dramatically in New York City last week following the NYPD’s decision to eliminate a controversial plainclothes anti-crime unit.

“I think it’s time to move forward and change how we police in this city,” said NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea. “We can do it with brains, we can do it with guile, and we can move away from brute force.”

Shea said the decision had nothing to do with George Floyd, but was a “policy shift coming from me, personally.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has already promised to cut the NYPD’s budget to invest in youth employment programs, praised the decision: “Your city hears you. Actions, not words.”

The plainclothes unit was disbanded on Monday, June 15th. By Saturday, there had been 28 shootings and 38 victims (compared to 12 shootings during the same week last year).

“This is what the politicians wanted – no bail, nobody in Rikers, cops not arresting anyone,” said one official. “All those things equal people walking around on the street with guns, shooting each other.”

Shea’s decision is a “cold calculation” that an increase in crime is worth fewer civilian deaths at the hands of police, says Eugene O’Donnell, a Criminal Justice professor at John Jay College and former police officer. “The calculation in the big cities is, as long as it’s not at the hands of the police, you can have carnage.”

The plainclothes unit, which involved some 600 officers, was routinely criticized for its aggressive tactics and racial bias; it received ‘a disproportionate percentage of complaints.’

Keep in mind this is an elite team sent into the most dangerous situations, utilized specifically for gun arrests and stopping violent crimes. Of course these officers are going to be involved in more police shootings than other cops. And of course, the unit’s removal will lead to an increase in shootings.

If New York City decides to follow this route, they deserve whatever happens.

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    May be so but this is way too early to draw a conclusion based solely on this sample.


    Two people will have 1 interaction 100 people can have 10000 interactions. Cities with millions of people have a lot of potential bad interactions. Due to the virus, people in quiet neighborhoods are interacting with family much more than usual. The domestic abuse reports are way up.

    There are many experiments on crowding. Rats were given all the food and water needed but when crowded started killing each other.

    In the heat, people tend to get ticked off with each other easier.

  3. Rich

    “NYC: Crime Increases After Cuts to Police Force” . . . . Only morons of the Left couldn’t figure this out BEFORE the cuts.

  4. Johnny Diamond

    The defund the police will hurt minority neighborhoods. The elite white liberals will hide in their super secure buildings on the upper east side with cameras, doormen and armed private security. Oh yes the police will be on speed dial to keep the roughians away. A complete joke.


    COMMUNISM 101.

  6. Beach

    NY and CA–the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah!!

  7. Cecil

    good luck losers