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NY Times uses Out-of-Context Quote to Pit Cruz Against Trump

NY Times uses Out-of-Context Quote to Pit Cruz Against Trump

Last week’s rumors had us excited that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump might join forces. The New York Times was quick to dispel those hopes, even going so far as to use out-of-context quotes to suggest a growing animosity between the two candidates.

I can’t say I’m surprised that the left-wing Times is trying to drive a wedge between Cruz and Trump. Just hours after Republican strategist and CNN commentator Alex Castellanos outlined his plan to destroy Trump, more specifically, to “shiv him in the ribs,” the Times published a questionable article featuring out-of-context quotes from Cruz’s campaign manager in an attempt to stir up conflict. 

“Although Mr. Cruz has declined to criticize Mr. Trump, the senator’s campaign manager sniffed at Mr. Trump’s much larger crowd in Mobile, Alabama on Friday night,” says the article. 

The jounalist, Trip Gabriel, spoke to campaign manager Jeff Roe over the weekend during Cruz’s campaign event in Iowa. The piece continued with an out-of-context quote:

“I’d take these 2,500 people over 12,000 in a football stadium in Alabama any day.” And later, another out-of-context quote: “These people are coming to be part of a movement.” Trump’s supporters “are going to be part of a show.”

Why would Roe say such a thing when it’s so obvious that Cruz is in full support of Donald Trump? Breibart News spoke with Jeff Roe and discovered that the article was nothing but a false alarm. The campaign manager answered “for sure,” when asked if his quotes were taken out of context in the Times. He explained that the event in Iowa had a specific purpose and was meant to draw an audience of “movement Christian conservatives.” 

“We are identifying, unifying, and activating movement conservative, which is necessarily a more targeted audience. And we achieved that goal and were happy with the results. That’s why I said we’d take our audience,” said Roe to Breitbart. 

Despite the facts, other conservative candidates are excited about a potential battle between Cruz and Trump. According to an anonymous operative working for a rival GOP candidate, “The Cruz campaign is no longer able to hide their frustration with Mr. Trump, who refuses to get with the Cruz playbook and just go away.”  


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