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NY Post: New York Private Schools Teaching Explicit ‘Sexuality’ to 4 year olds

NY Post:  New York Private Schools Teaching Explicit ‘Sexuality’ to 4 year olds

In a startling revelation, renowned private schools in New York City have raised eyebrows by introducing woke gender-identity programs and controversial “sexuality curriculums” to children as young as four and five years old. An in-depth analysis of their publicly available materials conducted by The New York Post has exposed this concerning trend.

The prestigious Dalton School, situated on East 91st Street in the Upper East Side, boasts a program called “First Program” for grades K-3. Astonishingly, the curriculum explicitly focuses on teaching concepts such as “races” and “gender expressions.” The school unabashedly promotes these instructional materials on its website, emphasizing the importance of addressing issues of fairness, gender equity, and social justice from the earliest years of education.

Critics argue that these programs may be going too far, potentially compromising the innocence and emotional well-being of young children. A former Dalton parent, who preferred to remain anonymous, expressed their lack of surprise, stating, “Dalton has been sending home books about whatever the latest topic is to First Program kids for years, all the alternative lifestyle books—so I would have no doubt that they would glom onto anything like that.”

The Collegiate School, located on Freedom Place South in the Upper West Side, is also following suit. Kindergarten students at Collegiate actively participate in diversity, equity, and belonging education, where they are encouraged to explore their own identities and appreciate the value of diversity. The school’s gender and sexuality curriculum explicitly teaches that “there is no right or wrong way to be a boy or a girl.” Concerned parents have voiced their dismay, lamenting that such early exposure to these topics may render children emotionally fragile as they enter their teenage years.

Meanwhile, at Riverdale Country School on Spaulding Lane in the Bronx, Lower School Head Dr. James Duval proudly asserts in an introductory video that the institution places great emphasis on social justice and equity. Remarkably, their “health, wellness, and sexuality curriculum” commences as early as Pre-K, delving into identity, anatomy, and puberty, among other subjects. Critics argue that exposing children to these topics at such a tender age may be inappropriate and potentially robbing them of their innocence.

This disconcerting trend of sexualizing younger and younger children has alarmed insiders, who argue that it stems from a core belief that children are inherently sexual beings from birth. Paul Rossi, a former math teacher at Grace Church School, now employed at the Bronx charter school Vertex Partnership Academies, expressed his opposition to this ideology, stating, “Having a social-sexually coded identity means that you, as a baby, can start to be taught about sexual behaviors and awareness.”

These initiatives have also attracted scrutiny for potential external influences. Corporate interests and leftist nonprofits, including the Human Rights Campaign and the American Civil Liberties Union, have actively joined forces to promote gender ideology among young children. Critics argue that this push aligns with a broader “radical ideology of expressive individualism,” as described by Jay Richards, a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

The staggering cost of kindergarten tuition at these private schools, exceeding $60,000 per year, raises questions about the motivations behind these initiatives. Concerns have been raised regarding the massive financial incentives, including potential gains for pharmaceutical companies involved in puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. Richards notes, “Any patient that receives gender affirming care, that’s a lifelong customer for drug companies.”

The New York Post reached out to Dalton, Collegiate, and Riverdale Country School for their comments and perspectives on these controversial programs but received no response at the time of publication. The silence from these esteemed institutions leaves concerned parents and critics wondering about the justification and potential consequences of introducing such explicit and sensitive topics to impressionable young minds.

As the push for gender ideology in early education continues, it remains to be seen how society will grapple with the potential long-term effects on children’s development, emotional well-being, and understanding of their own identities. The clash between those advocating for comprehensive education on diversity and social justice and those voicing concerns about the preservation of innocence and age-appropriate learning has ignited a contentious debate that shows no signs of abating.

In light of the evidence presented, it is increasingly difficult to dismiss the notion that the introduction of these explicit gender-identity programs and sexuality curriculums to young children constitutes a form of child abuse. The innocence of these impressionable minds is being compromised, and their emotional well-being is at risk. By blurring the boundaries between childhood and adult themes, these elite private schools in New York City are robbing children of their right to a carefree and developmentally appropriate education.

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  1. Pat

    That is worse than child abuse! What’s even worse is it appears parents are much more interested in the upper echelon name dropping of the school their child is attending rather than the horrendous curriculum their babies are being taught! All should be jailed for neglect and child abuse!! To think any rational minded person would believe sex, diversity, and all that mind boggling stuff is of any use to a little person is just beyond belief. I am appalled! No wonder suicide rates continue to climb at alarming rates for younger and younger children!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I don’t understand these people, everyone knows that it causes major problems when you teach sex to kids before they are ready.

  2. frank stetson

    Whether you support this or not, in this day and age, it would appear important to be up-front, transparent, and open from ALL schools to parents as to what you are teaching in this regard. In this case, private schools, if they did that, then parents could vote with their wallets and there would be no issue.

    For CS and TPS, same should be true; for CS same outcome — parents can wallet vote. For TPS —– I dunno, decide via high-noon showdown in the middle of the street? Referendum on what to say about little johnnies lunch-time hard-on? Seriously, I would hope we could set state-wide governance in this regard.

    I know this for certain: if you taught me at age nine, the word vulva, my world would be different :>)

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Frank, are you really trying to be an apologist for this? Do you honestly believe good is being done here?

  3. frank stetson

    No, Joe, I am not an apologist; just noting the fact that there are no real guidelines here except the politization of sex education, as if we have not been here before and that we need guidelines, from the States, on where the boundaries are. I don’t think the ragged right is anymore correct or wrong than the looney left, but really —— how about defining some rules: TPS and CS should be the same, but not even sure, myself, what governance the State has over private school curriculum..

    Am I horrified about teaching sex ed, gender identification, proper use of pronouns, =-=== not really. I just am no expert on how much, how soon. But probably should teach different things, different ways, at different times. But no matter what, transparency, openness, honesty should be offered by our professionals and, on these subjects, extra care should be given in that it’s an emotional hot sport in our culture right now.

  4. Lorraine e blazich

    Children are perceived to be just sex toys by perverts. I’ve known both men and women who were sexually molested when they were children and the pain and mental anguish stayed with them for the rest of their lives.