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NRA Files for Bankruptcy; Moves to Texas

NRA Files for Bankruptcy; Moves to Texas

The National Rifle Association (NRA) filed for bankruptcy last week. It also announced plans to move from New York – where it incorporated as a nonprofit in 1871 – to Texas. The departure from New York will distance the NRA from the state’s Attorney General, who is suing the organization for tax fraud.

“The NRA’s claimed financial status has finally met its moral status: bankrupt,” writes Attorney General Letitia James. James seeks to dissolve the organization and blacklist its executives based on claims that CEO Wayne LaPierre and other officials used up to $63 million in donations to purchase expensive clothing, lavish vacations, and other luxuries. “While we review its bankruptcy filing, we will not allow @NRA to use this or any other tactic to evade accountability and my office’s oversight.”

16 Republican Attorneys General backed a countersuit.

In it, the NRA claims that James’s lawsuit is for political gain and thus a violation of the First Amendment.

The group’s relocation to Texas will “enable long-term, sustainable growth…in a state that values the contributions of the NRA, celebrates our law-abiding members, and will join us as a partner in upholding constitutional freedom,” explains LaPierre. He added that the organization’s 5.2 million members should expect “no major changes” in the short-term.

The NRA’s decision to file for bankruptcy in Texas instead of New York also means it is more likely to have a judge that respects the Second Amendment.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy helps companies delay lawsuits, restructure operations, and reduce debt. But it can lead to dissolution. The NRA’s decision to file for bankruptcy “means they’re definitely trying to preempt the litigation,” explains John Pottow. Pottow is a bankruptcy law professor at the University of Michigan. “They’re worried they’re going to be sued.”

Former NRA executive Joshua Powell backs James’s lawsuit. Powell says the group stoked fears of imminent gun restrictions to raise money. They then allegedly used that money for no-show contracts, private jets, and other luxuries.

“She’s only at the tip of the iceberg,” says Powell. “When she sees below the iceberg, what she’ll find is decades of fraud, corruption, no-bid contracts to the tune of not tens of millions but hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s far worse than, in my opinion, what she has on paper at this point.”

Further complicating matters is Dave Dell’Aquila.

Dell’Aquila is a major NRA donor who is challenging the group’s bankruptcy filing in an attempt to hold LaPierre and other executives accountable for wasting millions of dollars in donations. If the complaint is successful, it could prevent the NRA from discharging a substantial portion of its debt.

Dell’Aquila initially sued the NRA in 2019 after Oliver North, the group’s former president, accused LaPierre of ‘receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in clothing, private jet travel, and other benefits.’ This lawsuit has been put on hold due to the bankruptcy proceedings.

Author’s Note: The NRA is strong, but can it survive the Biden Administration and a Democratic-majority Congress?


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  1. Dan Winright

    Dumbocraps have us in a clockwise spiral.

    • cj wood

      amen, no doubt, MSGT USAF Ret

    • Micala

      Not really. If you check the stats, there are MORE GUNS IN AMERICAN’S HANDS than in our Military — and the numbers of guns just keep rising! If there was a Civil War, Americans would not be defenseless and the majority of those gun owners know how to use them!

      Don’t let Biddyboy’s clueless acts intimidate you — he is a clown 🤡 and most Americans ignore his actions! We the People will NOT LET THAT CLOWN DESTROY OUR COUNTRY NOR OUR FREEDOMS! He can try, but if no American obeys, what can he do?! NOTHING!

      Besides with Americans now chanting loudly “F-ck Joe Biden in Football games, at Concerts, and along the streets, Biden has lost all credibility. He truly is a 🤡 !

  2. Diane Bradshaw Ashworth

    Under Sleepy Creepy President Joey (as he said many times that was what his dad and grandfather called him), so many restrictions on gun ownership are going to be enacted that it will be almost impossible to purchase one. God forbid, but if one of the biggies in his administration gets mugged or assaulted by a nutjob carrying a weapon, we’ll see a change in attitude and hopefully, policy.

    • Micala

      Too bad Sleepy himself doesn’t get an eye full of a gun, up close and personal! No shooting him, but showing him the advantages of owning a weapon!

      Then you’d have to discuss the OTHER ULTIMATE WEAPON WHICH KILLS MANY MORE PEOPLE THAN GUNS — AUTOMOBILES! Would ole Sleepy try to confiscate all automobiles? Yeah probably. According to most deluded democrats, they can do anything they damn well please!
      Time to change that up for them…fast before they totally destroy our Nation!

  3. Dan Mccall

    Bye, Bye to the America many of us once new.

    • Micala

      Not if real Patriots stand up and fight back to protect our FREEDOMS! If Americans choose to be lazy and do nothing, they deserve to lose their Freedoms AND THEIR COUNTRY!

  4. Brad tipton

    Right now I believe that Biden, Harris and the Dumbocraps are matching Obama as the best gun salespersons the firearm industry has ever had. Firearm and ammunition sales are higher than ever. All the new gun owners will have a voice now and in the future. I urge everybody to join the NRA to support the Second Amendment and defeat these clowns.

    • Dan Tyree

      The 2nd amendment is stronger now than it’s been in several years. And every state has pro gun organizations. Let’s support and strengthen them. And also refuse to be disarmed. It’s all about survival. Don’t think that the leftist enemies of liberty and freedoms aren’t armed. Even chuck Schumer has a New York gun license.

    • Dan Tyree

      The 2nd amendment is alive and well. And the so called leaders know it.

  5. Joe S Bruder

    Yeah, not so fast… New York has already filed lawsuits against the New York based NRA to dissolve the “non-profit” because of fraud. They can’t just pick up and move to another district to avoid that. It’s an empty threat. Bankruptcy laws don’t protect from fraud charges. After the NRA is dissolved and its leaders are prosecuted, then a new organisation can pop up somewhere else as a completely new entity with new officers. But it won’t be the NRA. Just like they required Trump to keep his fraudulent charity open long enough for an orderly shut down, they’ll do that here too.

    • Dan Tyree

      Just be sure to sign up when the new organization gets started. It’s not about corruption. It’s about disarmament. The record number of guns sold isn’t going to be turned in. The 2nd amendment is the enemy of the left. But there’s also many liberals that hunt and have carry permits. The surge in gun sales also were in blue states.

  6. Joe

    The Corruptocrates have been trying to destroy the NRA for a lot of years.